"This girl is a  thief " Victoria yelled 

"Victoria please leave my house " I said 

"Give me my wallet and watch " 

"Where are they?" 

"Let's search in her quarter " she said 

Sammy was just shocked she didn't know what was going on .

We went to her quarter and asked Victoria to search and she found them 

She slapped Sammy 

"You see I told you " she said 

"Victoria apologise to Sammy right now or leave " I said 

"Apologise for what ?" 

"Okay fine Sammy slap Victoria " I said 

"No sir its fine " Sammy said

"kay fine apologise " I said 

"For what ?" She asked

 I asked them to follow me I got my laptop and showed them.

I showed them how Victoria sneeked in the quarter and she came out .

"Now apologise " I ordered 

"You are both useless " she said leaving 

"You are the one useless " 

She clicked her tongue and left

I hugged her 

"Its okay " I said 

"What did I do to people " she cried 

"She is just a bitter woman " 

I held her two cheeks in my palms 

I looked at her and I don't know what came over me I kissed her .

"The kids " she said pulling out 

I checked the time and it was 4pm  

She walked out without looking at me .

"Dada " Riley called 

I picked her up and gave her

her bottle we started watching cartoons together 

I didn't see her till evening when she came to ask what I wanted to eat .

"You can prepare anything and make it for four people " I said 

"You are receiving guests ?" She asked 

"Naah you and the kids plus me " I said 

"We have eaten " she said 

She excused her self 

When she came back she was done cooking .

She got Riley she fed her and gave her her night bath .

"You are going to ignore me ?" I  asked her as she put Riley in her crib 

"No " 

"Than what " I moved closer to her .

"We can't how will people look at me " she said 

"Which people again " 

"Nobody " she shrugged her shoulders .

I kissed her and this time she didn't even have any excuse to let go .

"Riley " she said 

"Let's go to my bedroom than " I said 

We walked to my bedroom and we continued kissing .

"Am not ready " she said 

I pulled out .

"When are you going to be ready " I asked 

"I don't know " she said 

I nodded 

She walked out 

"Huh" I said throwing the pillow at the door 

I went to take a shower because I have never felt like this even for my fiancée I just wanted her  .

I took a bath but still I was high as f**k 

I just wanted her .

"I don't want to fight I just want us to be like back than " she said 

"Victoria I asked you to never come back here "  

"I just want us to have a drink like old days come one " 

"Fine " 

She got two glasses and poured the wine in it .

We toasted she excused herself while I took a sip .


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