hurting your parents is the worst thing a child can ever do I prayed to God to forgive me for all my wrong doing ..

leave my house " dad yelled

taata (dad) please am sorry " I said

you are sorry Jenny you got yourself pregnant and you are saying you are sorry " mum said

mayo(mum) am really sorry I don't know what happened "I said crying

you have disappointed me " mum said

I looked at dad he was already in tears I have never seen my father cry before ..he touched his chest as he couldn't breath properly ..

bashi mutale breath slowly " mum said

ba mutale and my other siblings came

what is wrong " ba Alfred asked

bring his inhaler" mum said

my brother brought his inhaler and he was fine he was breathing properly..

what is going on " ba Alfred asked

I want this girl out of my house " dad said

what did she do " chileshe asked (fourth born)

she decided to get pregnant " mum said

what " ba Alfred yelled

ba jack ba mutale was just starring at me ..

ba mutale moved closer to me and gave me a hard slap my brothers have never in they life hit me even once if anyone tried to beat me up at school or anywhere they would gang up and beat the person up ..

I truly broke my family's heart..

mutale leave her " mum said

all these years I invested everything in you I couldn't sleep properly at night because I wanted you to become someone in future and here you are " he said

ba mutale am sorry I will never do it again " I said holding my cheek

you will never do what again?" ba jack asked

get pregnant " I said

I want this piece of trash out of my house " dad said

daddy please " I begged

mutale take her to the man that did this to her " dad said

she will go by herself " he said

they packed my clothes in my school bag and chased me like a dog ..

I don't want to ever see you again here " dad said tears streaming down his face ..my dad was indeed hurt ..as I walked the streets of my village

and chased me like a dog ..

I don't want to ever see you again here " dad said tears streaming down his face ..my dad was indeed hurt ..as I walked the streets of my village I couldn't stop crying people starred at me but I didn't care ..

will find a way " he said

how Philip dad doesn't want me near him " I said

its okay my love " he said

I crawled in bed and cried myself to sleep I was woken up by a female voice ..

hey " I said stretching myself

is it true " she asked

I nodded

but why would dad chase you like that " she asked

I don't know chama" I said

what is Philip saying about this " she asked

he said we will find a way " I said

hope his way is a better one " she said

I really hurt my family chama " I said

what happened to using condoms " she asked

I don't know why he didn't remember" I said

you are the key " she said

it has already happened there is nothing we can do about it " I said

she hugged me ..

Philip's family went to pay for my damage but they were chased like dogs by my dad ..the family decided to get us married through the court non of my family members attended ..

our results are out " she said

did you get yours " I asked

we can go together " she said

I rather not " I said

come on just go get " she said

what's the use " I asked

Jenny why do you hate yourself like this " she said

chama we will go " I said

go girl " she said ..

we went to get the results and we both got 8points I wished I could show my family ..

what is it " he asked

I have a terrible headache " I said

have you taken some pain killers " he asked

no " I said

let me give you " he said

he gave me some panadol and I slept when I woke up I was so hungry and my back was killing me ..I started preparing some food ..the pain in my back increased every minute .

I slept on the floor but nothing worked .

you are bleeding " he said putting the plastic down

huh " I mumbled

let's go " he said carrying me

he took me to the clinic ..

am sorry but you had a miscarriage " he said

miscarriage " Philip asked shocked

yes " he said

how " Philip asked

due to stress and she wasn't taking care of herself " he said

Philip was quite I guess he was hurt aswell .. bana chansa came and did the cleansing process.. he didn't talk to me for a week .

you are my husband why are you treating me like this you are not the only one who lost a baby " I said

you killed my child so that you can go back to your family " he said with so much anger in his voice

Philip I miscarried the baby its not my fault " I said

you just wanted to go back to your family " he said

Philip I love you and why can I kill my own child " I asked

can I know " he said

I would try to touch him.but he didn't let me he was so hurt about the loss of his baby ...

we are moving to Lusaka " he said

when " I asked

next week " he said

Philip am sorry " I said

its okay this will be the new begin for us " he said pecking my lips

I was glad he was getting better .


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