I have know pure love in Jenny but I don't know why I keep hurting her like this I picked up the letters some girls in this village sent those letters a year ago and I never replied I swear ..when I love someone I love for real and jenny was the only woman that I loved like this ...sometimes I behave like she is my cocaine and am suppose to take her everyday .

have you talked to her " Luke asked

she doesn't want to see me " I said

why keep letters of women you don't even have anything with " he asked

I also don't know " I said

if you love this girl go and get her " he said

man you don't understand when I say she doesn't want to see me " I said

I will go get her for you " he said

you promise " I said

yes just burn those I will be back with her " he said

thanks man I owe you " I said

I fixed the place up and I waited for Luke..I dosed off just waiting for them ..

wake up " he shook me gently

I opened my eyes slowly she was standing next to Luke she folded her arms

my love " I said getting out of bed

she was quite

I will see you guys later man fix this " he said

thanks man " I said

he left and jenny was just starring at me

my love you can take a seatt" I said

my house was a 3bedroomed house ..

my love please " I begged

she sat down on the edge of the bed .

I knelt in front of her ..

my love am sorry for hurting you I can't blame it on anyone am just sorry " I said

you are done " she said

my love please " I said

look Philip you have hurt me enough " she said

like I said am sorry mama" I said

she got up I grabbed her and planted my lips on hers

let go of me " she said trying to push me away ..

I didn't let her goI continue kissing her until she gave in we kissed till we moved to the bed and I knew where we were heading with this

and I knew where we were heading with this she moaned as I played with her breastsshe moved her waist when I played with her nunu she moaned even louder I entered her and she started moving her waist she felt so good ..

I have really destroyed you " I said trying to catch my breath

meaning what " she said laughing

you used to be a shy girl when I met younow you are a crazy girl " I said

get out " she said

I love you jenny " I said

me too " she said

you too what " I asked

what you said " she laughed

we did another last round and she went home ..I missed her already ..


you have really gained " chama said

that's what I was telling her but she denied " I said

get out " she said

she got up really fast and went to the bathroom

she has being vomiting like this since morning " chama said

is she sick " I asked

I don't know " chama said

jenny came back ..

my love what is it " I asked

I also don't know " she said

Luke is a clinical officer he can see what's wrong with you

am fine " she said

don't be stubborn " chama said

I went to get Luke since he wasnt working chama had left and jenny was fast asleep ..

hey wake up " I said

she opened her eyes

hey sleepy head " Luke said

hey " she said with a faint smile

I want to do some simple tests on you than I will get some samples I can bring the results tomorrow " he said

OK " she said

he did some tests and he didn't look happy

are you okay " I asked

do you guys have unprotected sex" he asked

yes" I said

she is pregnant " he said

huhwho me " she asked

yes " he said

I can't be " she said

urinate in this and I will bring the results tomorrow " he said

Jenny came back with the urine and he left with it ..

am dead my brother my father oh my God" she said holding her head

its going to be alright " I said

my brother oh my God " she said

she got up and left as well I was praying that it wasn't true but on the other hand it would be great news me a father..I couldn't sleep that night I kept tossing around all night long ...

when morning came I wasn't excited even one bit ..Jenny came around 10we wait for Luke ..

he showed up later ..

so" Jenny asked

you are 3months pregnant " he said

she sat on the floor

my love its going to be alright " I said

I just turned 18 last month and you are saying its going to be alright " she said

my love l..she i interrupted me

don't you dare " she said getting up

what happened to using condoms" he asked

live is better and sweet " I said

so you are happy about this " he asked

yes am going to be a dad" I said

you are crazy " he laughed


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