When you truly love someone you don’t find faults in your partner you don’t even look for answers. You have blind trust on your lover and fight for him / her not against your partner. Therefore these quotes about fighting for love instead of doing mistakes. Now starting accept faults and overlook the excuses.

I can't believe we just finished our last paper " I said

who can ever believe that we would finish school " chama said

girl its a dream come true " I said

how did the issue end last week " she asked

it's not yet over my father said it would be discussed when I finish my exams " I said

so he waited all these years for you " she asked

you didn't hear that he impregnated someone " I said

yes I heard but I thought they were just rumors " she said

they ain't rumors its true but the dude has refused to leave me alone " I said

he has Patience " she said

imagine " I laughed

the past two years the Prince and his family have been on my neck my father suggested that if he really wanted to marry me he should wait till I was done with school..

hey " Philip said

hey " I said closing the door

I wasn't expecting you " he said

you are waiting for someone " I asked

that's not what I mean ?" he said

what do you mean? " I asked

why do you like arguing ?" he asked

I rolled my eyes

you look beautiful when you do that princess " he teased

I hit him playfully

I will kill you both before he even marries you " he said

you know I can't marry that man " I said

so you will be 18 what do you want for your birthday " he asked

I want you " I said

you have me " he said

we shared a kissguess what am no longer scared of being kissed ..

he kissed me and this time our kissing was different he caressed my thighs I was wearing a dress so it was easy for him he started unbuttoning my dress

I held his hand

what? " he asked

am scared " I said

I promise I will be gentle " he said

I faced the other way

sweetheart please " he said

am scared it will hurt " I said

I promise I won't hurt you " he said

he removed my dress and he removed his clothes when he removed my pant I knew there is no turning back ..

are you ready " he asked

I nodded

just open your legs wild for daddy " he said

I did as instructed the minute he enter I felt like someone has cut my girly part with a new razor blade ..

I will be done soon " he said ridding me like a horse

I cried till he was done ..

am sorry my love " he said

I just got dressed I didn't say anything

my love where are you going? " he asked

I didn't answer him I walked out of the door and I promised myself that I was never coming back to this place ..I got home went straight to my room ..

I slept early when I woke up my all body was paining ..

why didn't you want to eat " mum asked

I wasn't hungry " I said

mutale wanted to see you yesterday " she said

okay I will go to his place " I said

OK are you okay " she asked

yes mother am fine " I said

the story of the prince how far '' she asked

ask dad " I said

I did my chores and went to ba mutale's house ..

mulamu(in-law)" she said with a smile

how are you " I said

am fine you can come in " she said

I just wanted to sleep I was in pain ..

Jenny " ba mutale said

ba mutale mum said you wanted to see me " I said

yes " he said

I was quite

since you are done with your exams I wanted you to tell me what's next " he said

college ba mutale " I said

what do you want to study? " he asked

nursing " I said

okay there is a nursing school in town I will go and ask the requirements " he said

OK " I said with a smile

I never want to disappoint my brothers especially my elder brother

especially my elder brother he has sacrificed a lot for me to be here today .

look losing your Virginity hurts but you will be fine when you continue doing it " she said

chama am not going there " I said

come on the next time you will do it it will not hurt " she said

am never doing it again " I said

will see " she said laughing

the next night I started my periods ..

I refused to see Philip for two weeks ..

just see him " she said

chama are you his spokesperson " I asked

Jenny when I saw him yesterday I felt bad he has lost weight " she said

am I the reason why he lost weight " I asked

you are the reason and you know that " she said

I don't care he can die if he wants " I said

Jenny sometimes learn to have a heart " she said

because of Philip I should have a heart " I asked

just go see him" she said

fine " I said

I put on my slippers got some Vaseline and put on my lips ..

back in my time we never knew about makeup or anything we only knew how to apply on Vaseline on our body lol.

I knocked there was no answer at first I knocked again he opened he looked a mess .

my love " he said

hi " I said

come in " he said

the house smelled of beer ..

you have started drinking " I asked

am glad you are here am sorry I will.never do that again " he said

I smiled

please my love don't hurt me like that " he said

I gave him a tight hug

you are my super story " he said .

we cuddled till we fell asleep in each others arms when I woke up it was dark outside ..

oh my gosh mum will kill me " I said putting on my slippers

can't you spend a night here " he suggested

hello do you know my mum" I asked 

I stormed out of the house without saying goodbye to him ..

I didn't know what lie I was going to tell my parents when I got home I didn't find anyone I started preparing supper for everyone ..

and they showed up after I was done dishing out ..

where did you go " mum asked

I was with chama " I said

you are lucky " she said

you know this girl is always with chama " dad said

I know " mum said

that was close I took a deep breath ..

I decided to pay my man a surprise visit ..I found him sleeping I pecked his cheek

uuummm my love " he said

sleep let me just clean up here " I said

OK " he said

I started cleaning and found love letters from different girls I know remembered the prince's words

" he is a player "

my everything " he said

who are these girls " I asked

oh those are just old girlfriends " he said

old girlfriends how many have you dated " I asked

a few " he said

a few " I asked

he nodded

the prince was right you are a player " I said

player " he asked

yes " i said

Jenny I changed my ways when I met you " he said

oh please " I said

my love ... I interrupted him

am out and don't come looking for me again" I said

Jenny stop acting like a baby " he said

remain you who is mature " I said storming out .


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