A true romantic will break the rules for the right reasons. He will not conform to the ideals bestowed upon him by society. Instead he will fight for a climate of freedom that allows him to pursue and obtain his heart's true yearning. He will appear incorrect in his upright form but such perception only through the eyes of those travelling under the hypnotic notion of social paradigms. Do not judge he who is breaking the rules rather try to understand his motivations. If his intent is pure then his fight is not in vain

I wanted to win her heart I kept on sending her gifts but she didn't like me still ..

my prince " the guard said

you found her " I asked

yes my prince but I found her with someone " he said

someone who" I asked

he was quite

you want me to fire you " I asked

he shook his head

tell me " I said

Philip my prince " he said

he must be talking about me " I said calmly

no my prince " he said

than what " I asked

he was busy eating the girls mouth " he said

eating " I asked

yes my prince " he said

what the hellhow can Philip betray me like that " I said

I was upset

where are you going my son " mum asked

am coming mother " I said

can we talk it won't take long " she said

mother will talk when I get back " I said

okay " she said

I went to Philip's house I knocked and he came out shirtless

my prince " he said with a smile

don't my prince me " I said

what is it " he asked

Philip what are you doing with my girl " I asked

girl which girl " he asked

don't act like you don't know what am talking about " I said

no I don't " he said

Jennifer " I said

she isn't your girl " he said

I told you to talk to her for me " I said

look prince Charles by than she was already my girl I didn't want to tell you cause I didnt want you to be disappointed " he said

am now disappointed " I said

am sorry I love the girl but you don't know you anything her " he said

what can you offer that girlI will be the king soon you are nobody " I said

why do you what a girl to bring misunderstanding between us " he said

that girl will be mine " I said

good luck with that " he said

as we were going home we met her friend on our way ..

she passed us

no greeting " I said

you are talking to me "she asked

yes " I said

oh hello " she said

how are you " I said

am good " she said

I need help " I said

with " she asked

am kindly asking if you can call your friend for me " I said

I don't think its a good idea " she said

please " I begged

OK wait " she said

we waited for her and they showed up after a while ..

I smiled and Jenny didn't look happy to see me .

hey princess " I said

jenny is my name " she said

you are my future princess " I said .

OK keeping dreaming " she said

I love you Jennifer " I said

she laughed

am serious " I said

look prince or king just go

just goI have better things am doing " she said

what do you see in him " I asked

see in who " she asked

Philip " I said

you won't understand " she said

he is a player he will never make you happy did he tell you he has a girlfriend in the city " I said

that's good to know " she said

am being seriousask him about Sharon " I said

she smiled and walked away

I went back to the palace found mum still waiting for me

am here mother " I said .

Charles my son why didn't you pick any girl from those who were dancing " she asked

mother I didn't like any of those girls " I said

you need to get married " she said

I know there is a girl I like " I said

continue " she said with a smile

she is beautiful mum you will like her " I said

when are you goingto bring her over " she said

soon " I said

I need to meet her " she said

I will bring her " I said

okay my boy " she said

she is a shy person I doubt if she will agree " I said

we go to her and see her " she said

the next day my mother and I prepared to go see Jennifer..

when we go there we found a young man outside .

your Majesty " he said

good afternoon " mum said

afternoon how may I help you " he asked

we have seen a beautiful flower her am we are here to see her " mum said

what do you want " an older man asked

taata(dad) they have seen a beautiful flower here " he said

in my compound " the man asked

yes " mum said

you are mistaken not here " he said

Charles is this the place " mum asked

before I could answer Jennifer walked in the compound

that's her mother " I said

you were right she is a beauty " she said

this is my daughter " the man said .

she is the one " mum said

where do you want to take her" he asked

my son wants to marry her " she said

before I count to 10 I should find you both gone " he said

we haven't gotten to that " she said

my child is only 15and you want this old man here to take advantage of her " he asked

no sir its not like that " I said

I said leave " he yelled

we will come back again " mum said

we left

don't worry you will marry her" she said

I love that girl " I said

don't worry that girl is yours " she said

now the father " I said

that's not a big deal " she said


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