I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.I just wanted to hold you in my arms I have never felt like that for anyone before jenny stole my heart I just couldn't believe that a small girl like her can steal my heart people say love at first sight sometimes it ain't real but this one I felt it in my guts that it was real ..

what's making you smile like a teenager who just saw his first love letter " he asked

the prince himself what can I do for you " I asked

I can't come see my friend '' he said

last time I checked I wasn't your friend " I said

come on because of that incident you want to throw away our friendship " he asked

Charles that small incident changed my life " I said

look am sorry I didn't mean to make you steal those thingsbut the good thing is you weren't arrested " he said

you are funny " I said

cut the crap I miss you my friend " he said

whatever Charles " I said

let me make up for all the drama I put you through in the city " he said

fine " I said

I Locked up my house and he took me out..

you didn't choose a girl " I asked sipping on my drink .

I didn't like any one " he said

all those beautiful ladies and you didn't like even one " I asked shocked

I want to fall in love and get married not those arranged marriages " he said

a prince fall in love " I laughed

am human too that's one thing you should know " he said

I know but love doesn't exist if you are a prince" I teased

to me it will there was one girl I saw she wasnt  part of the girls dancing " he said

so you look for her " I asked

yes this girl was beautiful do you know the meaning of beautiful " he said

I smiled

we had our drinks and decided to take a tour in the village

my parents died when I was 13 so meaning 5years without my parents they were involved in a road accident but I was blessed with 2siblings who were financially stable I was advised to go stay with them in the city but I refused being in the village felt like I was close to mum and dad . Jenny showed up with her friend they were from fetching waterthey were busy giggling ..

hey Philip " Jenny said

hey " I said

so no greeting for me " chama made a comment

hey Darling " I said

get out " she laughed

I will see you around have to go " jenny said

okay bye " I said

as the girls were walking away from us I noticed the prince couldn't stop starring ..

prince Charles " I said snapping my fingers

oh hey " he said

were you salivating " I teased

you think I can't we you see such beauty " he said

you like one " I asked

I kept my fingers closed

we you see such beauty " he said

you like one " I asked

I kept my fingers closed hoping it wasn't my jenny

yes that girl " he said

which girl " I asked

the one in a blue dress " he said

no no no "I screamed in head

I want her " he said

that girl is small " I said

Charles was two years older than me

age is just a number see that ass I can tap it all night long " he said biting his lower lip

let's go man " I said

do you know where she stays " he asked

I shook my head no

but how come you know her " he asked

we met a week ago " I said

you don't know her place " he asked

Charles not everyone here is a prince we are not lucky like you " I said

meaning " he asked folding his hands

my prince " some ladies passed us

you see " I said

I still don't understand " he said

Charles if you like someone you just go to they house and they guardians don't say anything let me who is a nobody go the way I will be chased " I said

he laughed

find out everything about that girl " he said

okay ..

I went home I kept on thinking about jenny I needed to make her mine before Charles get her away from me ..

I wrote a letter to her with the help of a friend of course .. the only mode of communication is a letter .

" dear Jennifer

how are you by this lovely momentme am fine just the pain of missing you Jenny am in love with you..am sorry if you think this is too much come by the tree that big tree we talk around 15.

yours lovely Philip.

i kept on waiting anxiously to see her I went by the big tree around 15 and I couldn't see her it was becoming dark ..

am sorry mum kept on sending me " she said

its okay I also got here " I said

I got your Letter I don't understand what you meant " she said picking some stone and playing with them

I meant every word " I said

am only 15 I don't know what love is " she said

let me show you than " I said

am scared " she said

why you scared " I asked

to get pregnant " she said

you and this pregnancy issue " I said

am scared " she said

I won't do anything that you wouldn't like and that will get you pregnant " I said

she faced down she got some sticks and started playing with them ..

deal " I said

she nodded

that's my girl " I said

the prince likes you " I said

why " she asked

its because you are pretty " I said

I don't like him " she said

who do you like " I asked

she smiled shyly

who do you like " I asked again getting closer to her

I like you " she said in a low tone

you like me " I asked

she nodded

can I do something I promise you will like it " I said

she nodded

I pecked her lips

she jumped

what is that " she said wiping her lips

its called a kiss

she continued wiping her lips with her dress..

you will get used and you will be asking for more " I said

no I will never " she said

I smiled

goodnight take care of your Beautiful self " I said

goodnight " she said

I went home and found charles outside

my prince " I said

get a life " he said

I laughed

did you gather any information about that girl " he asked

really you come to my house this time for that " I asked .

yes " he said

I was busy " I said

with what Philip " he asked

my life " I said

its a girl right " he asked

yes its a girl '' I said

who is she " he asked

you will know her one day " I said

you are becoming too secretive " he said

bye prince I need to cook " I said

get married " he said

one day " I said

I will come tomorrow " he said

sharp my guy " I said

I don't know what he will do when he discovers we are in love with the same girl


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