All you really need to know for the moment is thatthe universeis a lot more complicated than you might think even if youstart from a position of thinking it's pretty damn complicated.

mum didn't talk to me for a monthand to make matters worse chansa got married to another girl..

you heard that the prince was back in the village " chama said as we were coming back from school

oh that's good " I said

you will attend " she asked

chama why would attend that ceremony " I asked

cause he will choose his wife " she said

why would I attend again "I asked

to see who he will choose " she said

I rather not go '' I said

you will I can't go there alone" she said

OK I know you won't let it go " I said

she laughed

chama and I have been great friends since 4th grade and we always want to be rich ..

mummy good afternoon " I said

she clicked her tongue

Mummy because of marriage you will act like that " I asked

she gave me a very bad look

sometimes I wonder if am really your daughter " I said entering the house .

every child can have those thoughts .

daddy evening " I greeted

my girl " he said

daddy mummy is still upset with me " I said

why " he asked

about the marriage thing " I said

let her be " he said

I just nodded

I served dad's food and went to my room I did my homework and slept .

it was a Saturday I woke up very early did my house chores and went to collect some firewood

what are you doing here all alone in this early morning " he asked

am here to collect some firewood" I said stammering

you know people get raped here " he said

now I was scared like very scared

collect your firewood fast before some more men come " he said

I picked up my firewood fast I was picking while looking behind but he looked harmless ..I tripped and fell he rushed to where I was and helped me up the minute he touched me I remembered bana chansa 's words

" if a boy touches you than you will become pregnant "

oh my gosh " I thought to myself

I picked up the firewood and tied it together I ran away

no goodbye " he yelled

I kept on running

am pregnant mum will kill me dad will be disappointed in me " all those thoughts kept running into my mind

where am I going to start from explaining " I asked myself

why are you crying " jack asked (third brother)

am crying " I asked

who beat you up " he asked

no one ba jack " I said

you better tell me I don't want anyone to mess with my young sister " he said

its mum " I said

what has she done " he asked

ba jack she doesn't talk to me " I said

because she wants you to get married " he asked

I nodded

forget about that woman she is demonically possessed " he said

I busted into a laughter

am serious don't let her ruin your life ba mutale is working hard for you to have a better life " he said

I know ba jack " I said

just forget about her " he said

I got up and prepared breakfast I wanted to go with chama to see who the prince will choose ..I didn't want to tell my brother that I was pregnant

he will kill me .

we got to the ceremony and the girls came out the Prince was just busy looking at the girls dancing.

if we didn't want to get rich we could have been there as well dancing our waist out " she said laughing

I laughed

that guy standing there is starring at you " she said

who " I asked

that guy there " she said pointing at him

you are not suppose to point " I said

I was giving you signs but you didn't pay attention " she said

the prince started looking at our direction he whispered something in the guards ear

I think we need to go " I said

why " she asked

the prince is looking at us " I said

so we are not the only ones standing here " she said

look around we are the only girls standing here "I said

oh shotlet's go " she said when she realized it was us he was looking at us

we left and that guy from the forest was following us ..

hey guys wait " he yelled

let's go " I said

let's hear what he wants to say " she said

chama let's go " I said

she stopped moving

you are stupid you know that " I said folding my hands

she laughed

chama was annoying sometimes but I loved her I didn't tell her that I was pregnant I just kept it to myself

where are you girls going " he asked

home " she said

you couldn't wait till the prince chooses his wife " he said

not interested " I said

he laughed

I have to go " she said

you are leaving me alone " I asked

you are not alone " she said

I rolled my eyes and frowned

you can go I won't eat her " he said

I know " she laughed

you ran off in the morning what's up" he asked

no reason " I said playing with my fingers

he tried touching me and I took two steps backwards

I don't eat " he said

am pregnant " I said

you are pregnant congratulations " he said

you are the one who made me pregnant " I said

sorry " he asked

you heard me " I said

are you okayI never touched you " he said

you did in the morning " I said

I only helped you up " he said

that was the time you got me pregnant " I said

he laughed

what" I asked getting upset

who told you that when someone touched you you would get pregnant " he asked

my mother " I said

your mother is crazy you can only get pregnant when someone removes your pants and have sex with you " he said

what's sex" I asked

you will know it one day or I can show you " he said

no " I said shaking my head

am Philip by the way " he said

Jennifer " I said

you are funny Jennycan I call you that " he asked

I nodded

he escorted me home..


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