An abuser can seem emotionally needy. You can get caught in a trap of catering to him trying to fill a bottomless pit. But he’s not so much needy as entitled so no matter how much you give him it will never be enough. He will just keep coming up with more demands because he believes his needs are your responsibility until you feel drained down to nothing.

I just couldn't believe Philip would hit me and top of it all he had the audacity to sleep with his bossin the name of making me have a better life .

I got out of bed and prepared myself for class it was my first day ..

my love " he said

I ignored him

my love it was the work of the devil I promise never to hit you again" he said

okay " I said walking away

today was my 19th birthday I felt grown for my years ..I missed my family so much I wish I could see them even once .

why you sitting here alone " he said

don't know anyone here " I said

I also don't know anyone but am here " he said

I smiled

am Tim and you are" he asked

am Jennifer " I said

nice meeting you Jennifer " he said showing his perfect dental formula ..

I will see you tomorrow I have to go " I said

where are you going " he asked

home I remembered I haven't washed my husband's clothes " I said

he nodded

I just wanted to be home alone ..when I got home I got the shock of my life he sat a romantic dinner it was 17 so I can call it dinner right?

happy birthday my love "he said

oh my gosh " I said

come " he said

I went to take a seat I couldn't believe my husband can be this romantic after our dinner we went and made love like it was our first time. .

my love your phone is ringing " I yelled

but he didn't respond

after our dinner we went and made love like it was our first time. .

my love your phone is ringing " I yelled

but he didn't respond I picked up the phone ..

hey baby" the girl said

sorry its not your baby" I said

oh who is this " she asked

am his wife " I said

oh shit " she hung up

Philip came out of the shower ..

your baby just called " I said handing him is phone ..

sorry " he said

your baby just called Philip you are married for Christ sake when are you going to learn to keep your zipper closed " I asked

you will show me some respect " he said

respect for what you just no different from a dog " I said

he punched me

I held my cheek as tears streamed down my face. .

you are my wife you have No right talking to me like that" he said

I got up didn't say a word I just slept I woke up with a terrible headache I took some painkillers took a shower and prepared for school ..I had to cover my bruised cheek with a scarf ..

the weeks that passed my husband was giving me cold shoulders ..

why get married at 18" Tim asked

I got pregnant and my parents didn't want anything to do with me " I said

that's sad and your baby " he asked

I had a miscarriage" I said

he rubbed my back it felt so good to have someone to talk too..we went to my place to do our assignments since it was near to the school ..

Philip walked in

you are welcome my love" I said

thank you " he said looking at Tim

my love this is my classmate and friend Tim" I said

hello" Tim said

hi" he said

Tim could sense some tension ..

I have to go " Tim said

so soon" I said

yes we will finish tomorrow " he said

OK let me see you off " I said

I escorted Tim and gave him a hug .

how was work " I asked as I entered our bedroom

so you have started bringing guys here when am not around " he asked

Philip he is my friend " I said

the one you sleep with " he asked

I won't be insulted like this " I said trying to walk out

he grab me and pushed me to the wall

I screamed ..

what kind of an animal are you " I asked

you have even the power to talk " he said

he came closer and punched me in my stomach

you are useless " he said

I cried

I crawled at the corner and cried ..

who turned my sweet husband into this monster. he didn't come home for a week. I became so worried that I had to check his brother's house

its been long since I saw him I wanted to come this weekend to pay you a visit " the brother said

i thought he was here" I said

no " he said

OK" I said getting up

is he the one hitting you " he asked

no " I said

you can talk to me " he said

he isn't the one " I said

OK" he said

I wanted to tell the brother the truth but I didn't want to be in trouble


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