#MWILA ( Dumi 's new girlfriend)

I can't believe I was dating Dumisani Nkosi the most happening bachelor in town yes I am Selina's friend I have always liked Dumi from the first day I was introduced to him I was just surprised that he didn't remember but that didn't matter I started doing my research after Selina was taken back to the mental hospital cause she was losing it she beat up a kid at the mall for just asking her to help her find her mum . 

" I can see you are in love " Tina commented 

" I never knew that  bump into him will turn into this beautiful thing" I said holding my pillow

" what if his ex comes back " she asked 

I frowned she had to change my mood all of a sudden why didn't she say something else .

" am sorry mwila but last you mentioned he was madly in love with his ex am just looking out for you " she said 

" madam advisor did I ask for your advise huh whatever happens happens I dot care if his ex comes back the girl said he should move on with his life now he is with me " I said 

 I don't know why other people ain't happy for us who are in love .

In the evening he called me that I should go to his house I knew it was sex time .. I made sure I smelled really good down there and I shaved . I wore a really cute black dress every personI mean every lady should have a black dress  .. I got there and he stood there looking like a snack .

"You look great " he said 

I giggled like a little girl .

We went inside and he prepared dinner for us .

"Oh this is beautiful" I said 

He pulled the chair for me and I sat .

We ate while making small talks we were getting to know each other . 

We cleared the table and we sat on the couch as we cuddled while having a glass of red wine .. There is just something about red wine and making someone crave for sex we made love from the living room till his bedroom .. We made love till 03 in the morning . the guy knew his way to a woman punani he did things to me that no man I mean no man has ever done to me ..

 Everything he was done I kept on craving for more I guess he also wanted .

We slept and when I woke up he was still sleeping . I looked around a I saw a picture of the ex next to his bed ..  " he is mine now " I said to myself .

I got his T-shirt and wore my panty I went to the kitchen and I started preparing breakfast . I was in love my mind kept on playing the moments of yesterday night I found myself getting wet down there I felt like waking him up.

" something smell good in here a meal preparing a meal " he said biting his lower lip .

I wanted to tell him I really wanted him but I didn't want him to think I was a addicted to sex .

He kissed my neck while playing with my boobs I kept on moaning . my bay girl became more wetter .. " I want you " I whispered 

 He switched  off the cooker and made me bend over I kept on moaning . my bay girl became more wetter .. " I want you " I whispered 

 He switched  off the cooker and made me bend over he got a condom and wore though I wanted him raw inside Me. He entered me and I moaned softly he started with a slow pace till he increased the pace I cum I think five times he made me sit on the kitchen counter and he licked me this man knew his way to a Woman's heart .  I called his name he made love to me again till we both got tired .

" I need my breakfast now " he said spanking my ass .

I was so weak   this guy was amazing .

" Dumisani " someone shouted the person showed up the lady was a goddess she was just amazing do you know the girls you see in magazinez or the ones zamtel uses yeah that was the one .

"Where is Dumi and who are you " she asked 

This lady was rude no greeting?

" hey young lady where is Dumi " she asked again 

"My man is upstairs " I said 

She looked at me and walked away .

"Dumi ". She yelled 

I was done making breakfast  so I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation .

"Daisy why are you shouting my name as if this is your house " he said 

" whatever that's why you weren't answering my calls last night because of the lady in the kitchen " she said 

"I was busy"he said 

I walked out with a tray of food and put it on the dinning table .

" am done baby " I said with a smile 

Dumi held my hand..  "Baby meet my twin sister Daisy Daisy meet mwila " he said 

" am really sorry for the rudeness I thought you are someone else my bad am really sorry " I said 

She faked a smile you can even see it that it was fake .. But I didn't care as long as am with my man I was okay .

"Daisy be nice " he said 

"Am sorry am really having a bad day nice meeting you " she said 

I knew she didn't like me its all cool .we had breakfast while the sister was watching a fashion show . she left after an hour ... "Your sister doesn't like me " I said 

"Daisy is like that she will like you in due time she has seen me get hurt a few times so she is protecting my heart " he said 

The all weekend we spent indoors making love watching tv and cuddling .

I hated seeing another woman when I woke up I deliberately pushed the pic and it broke .

" oh my gosh baby I didn't mean to " I said 

"Its fine babe and I needed to remove it " he said 

My heart was jumping ..

We took a shower together than he took me home while he went to work .

"How is your punani " she teased 

"Its awesome the guy knows his way girl " I said getting my work clothes 

I was an accountant so i don't depend on a man .

I went to work I couldn't concentrate I kept on thinking about Dumi the good part was it wasn't that busy .

When it was lunch I called Dumi so we could have lunch and he agreed. 

" I will be traveling to Zimbabwe for a week I have a client over there " he said 

"A week without you am gonna Miss you " I complained .


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