Its almost two years now no sign of her my life has been hard without her I feel like a part of me is gone . Daisy has been on my neck that I never protected her. Protect her from what something i never had an idea about I got home so excited to see her like always I got to her room and she wasn't there the room Where she always studied from .. I tried calling her but her phone was just ringing from the house .

Months later we started putting posters all around Lusaka till we put them all around Zambia we got a call from one lady from mpongwe who saw them when we got there they already left . "mom will be coming back " she said  .. I nodded 

She brought some food and I ate some . " have you seen yourself in the mirror or I should bring it you need a fresh cut look at your hair you need a haircut " she yelled 

I took a shower and I sat on the couch as I watched some TV my phone rung and it was a private number .


"Hello" me 

Hey " her 

Mapalo babe is that you babe where are you " I asked as I went to the other room where they were an IT specialist there who can track her phone .

Yes sir dumi" her 

Am not sir dumi babe am your babe where are you my love " me 

Am very far sir I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me " her 

Babe just come home okaywhatever it is we can talk about it babe I miss you so much please come home okay " me 

Sir dumi am not coming back please move on with your life you deserve better " her 

Mapalo see babe were you kidnapped or something ?tell them how much those people need I will pay them " me 

Its not that sir dumi am happy here please move on" me 

Tears were now streaming down my face .

I wiped it with my other hand.

Okay I will move on when I see you I just want you to tell me face to face than I will move on " me 

Its not possible " her 

Daisy grabbed my phone .

Mapalo please come back okay Dumi is a mess my love we can talk about everything if he did something wrong please forgive him and come back home okay if its not for him come back for me my love " daisy said 

Miss Daisy its not him he never did anything wrong please forgive me but am not coming back " her 

I got the phone from daisy .

Babe please

please forgive me but am not coming back " her 

I got the phone from daisy .

Babe please tell me where you are I come see you than text me where you are I will come right now I just want to see you " I begged 

She hung up .

Damm it " I yelled 

"Did you manage to trace it " daisy asked 

" the number is private and it's not Zambian either because we don't have private numbers here the person behind this is a genius " he said 

" there is something fishy bro I think mapalo is scared about something " daisy said 

"I think she is kidnapped or something" I said 

The days went by we couldn't trace the number and mom arrived  .

" this girl must be special look at you dumisani " mum said 

Mum was 50 years old but thank God for money she looked like she was our sister she catwalked to the kitchen. 

" my pain has arrived " daisy said 

" she is your mother " I laughed 

She rolled her eyes  .

Days turned into weeks till we finally Gave up I knew one day she will show up but I was getting tired of looking for her don't get me wrong I still love her very much I love her more than I loved anyone in my life before I will always love her and I pray she is Safe it seems she is safe she called the second time and assumed me she has moved with her life she went as far as to tell me she was very happy with her new man .

" you are going out " mum asked 

"As you can see mother and when are you going back to London " I asked 

" you are already tired of me sonny " she asked 

"Yes how am I going to bring my dates homewith my mother here " I asked 

"Am actually leaving tomorrow am already tired of this place" she said 

I was happy she was leaving I went to my dinner with a beautiful girl we have been talking for sometime now and I was starting to have feelings for her I didn't want to get all excited but I wanted to get over mapalo .

"How was your date " mum asked 

"You scared me and what are you doing in the dark by the way " I asked 

"I wanted to be a creepy woman " she said laughing

"Whatever mother am off to sleep " I said 

I went to my room showered and said my goodnight to my date .

"Its a new beginning " I said to myself  

I woke up and I was thankful for a new beginning and a new journey I was saying goodbye to all the memories of mapalo even if there were the hardest to forget .

"So you are finally forgetting her " mum asked 

" Dumisani are you being for real let us find her than we can have the final say we need to talk to her " daisy said 

"And than what Daisy a person who doesn't want to tell us what's going on someone who keeps pushing me away yes it hurts but I can't hold on to someone who doesn't want to be held life is a journey am getting old am 28 I want to have kids Daisy I thought mapalo was the one but she doesn't want to be with me " I said 

"Dumi I know you are hurting ... I interrupted her " am not hurting Daisy I just don't want mapalo's name to be mentioned here if you want to mention her name go do it at your place " I said leaving them .


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