"You look tired were you running " I asked her 

"You need to leave  like  now or you will be dead " she said 

I laughed at her .she removed her phone and she made listened to every conversation .

"You need to leave like now " she ordered 

"But what did I do to that girl " I started crying 

"Mapalo no need to cry you just need to leave " she ordered 

I put on my tracksuit got a few clothes in my bag pack some money and we left Jane didn't want to remain cause Mr nkosi will know that she was the one who told me . 

The good part Mr nkosi never knew Jane's family or where she stayed she told him that she was an orphan .

"Am tired where are we going " I asked her 

"I don't know babes as long as you are safe its cool " she said 

I remembered my mother had a farm in mpongwe she took me there once it had a small house when we got to kapiri we got food stuff and proceeded with our journey .

I started looking for my phone ..

"What are you looking for " she asked 

 "My phone " I said 

"I removed it I didn't want to risk our chances if dumisani starts calling you his father might have put a tracker or something that man is dangerous I have witnessed him killing people in cold blood " she said as we settled in the little house it was so dirty no one visited this place for years and now  it was going to be our new home .

I will miss dumi I don't know how I will survive without him here ..

The bad part I didn't even know his number by heart .. I could have used Jane's small phone to call him but Jane was right we shouldn't risk our lives .

"To think that next year I would be done with school " I said 

"Its going to be alright babes am sure we will find a way " she said 

"The way the girl looked determined in getting dumisani I doubt if she would let him be she seems to be in love with him " she said

I don't know why Jane would risk her own life to save me I swear it was amazing and I was so grateful .

The months that passed was really hard I missed dumisani so much that sometimes Jane would just rub my back as I cried .. " there are poster of your photo all over mpongwe town " she said 

"Why is that " I asked 

"I think its dumisani who Is doing this but if someone saw us here they will definitely call him " she said 

''We need to leave asap " I said 

We packed everything before we left we bought all the medication we needed just in case we got sick I wore a black hoodie to cover my face .. We kept on traveling till we reached Zimbabwe I don't even know how we got there but we are there .

"Who do we know here " I asked her 

A black BMW stopped and a tall cute guy came out Jane hugged him okay this girl was connected even here .

We were introduced and he took us to his place if I say the man was loaded I would be lying the man  had money his house was like the state House he has security all over the house .

" so someone is looking for her " the man asked looking at me 

"Yes Mr nkosi " she said 

How is she trusting a total stranger and telling him about my business. 

" girl you messed around with the wrong man he will have to find you but here you are safe Mr nkosi and I are soul enemies he killed my girlfriend I promised to revenge her death " the man said 

He was introduced as mike

I promised to revenge her death " the man said 

He was introduced as mike Jane met him on tinder and they became good friends the man was divorced he explained how he was the reason his marriage didn't work because of the type of business he was doing he went on and said its really important to give your partner all the attention they deserve not only thinking about yourself when you say those vows you promised each other everything . we made him stop cause he was becoming emotional .

A year passed and he made me enroll in some school in zim and I was grateful for him don't get it twisted he was in love with Jane who later on discovered she was pregnant for him . crazy right I know but she seemed happy though like his previous marriage he was busy but Jane was glad that I was with her all the way I did a year plus for school I was an exchanged student. We stayed a year without smart phones Jane had to order things online and send them to Zambia for her boutiques the stores didn't die so don't get it twisted lol ... She trusted one girl who used to inform her about everything .

"Madam that man came again like this week twice " she said 

" Mr nkosi Jr " Jane  asked

"Yes ma'am the man looks worried ma'am if you know where the girlfriend is just try to talk to her to at least call him " she said 

 ''Send the number on WhatsApp " Jane said 

The girl sent the number .

"Here I think you should just call him and let him know that you are okay " she said 

"What if the number is tracked down here I don't want to put you and mike in danger " I said 

" Mike has an IT guy who can make the number private and can't be traced " she said 

The all week I kept debating if I should call him .

One day I called but I couldn't speak I just cut the line .

Its hard for me to talk to him I have stayed away from him close to two yeas without talking to him .

" still having second thoughts " she asked 

"I think I shouldn't call him what if I make it worse the guy might be getting over me and now this " I asked 

"Mapalo than tell him to move on look babes as long as Mr nkosi is alive you are dead that girl holds something the may take him down I don't know if Dumisani ever finds my phone he will get his father arrested but I know a child cannot let his father go to jail Dumisani is one of the best lawyers you will ever find  we both know that he will never lose a case so think about it the girl will be happy of Dumisani is set free from you " she said 

She left the room and I hugged myself how did I end up being the most wanted by the most dangerous person on earth because of his son ? I was just a selling fritters and Dumisani decided to come in my life .

" hide baby don't come out okay I promise I will protect you they will never harm you I promise you just hide " he said .. I was having a dream about Dumisani .


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