I stared at him and my body became so weak there was just something about him before I could say anything he kissed me so slow I kissed him back and it felt so good he made me lay down and he got on top of me we kisses till we were out of breath. " let's go inside its cold here " he said he helped me get up and we packed everything and we went inside we started kissing like kids from the kitchen and finally we got in his room he removed my jumpsuit you know I love  miss Daisy  for getting me this cute pants .

" have you ever done it before " he asked with his eyes closed .

I shook my head no . "we can stop " he said 

I held his  hand and told him to continue . the time he broke my virginity I was in so much pain that I couldn't walk properly could my legs were shaking .

We slept in each others arm when I woke up he wasn't next to me ... I got my jumpsuit and wore it I removed the beddings which were stained with my blood and put the in the washing machine .

" hey was looking for you " he kissed my neck 

" I wanted to wash my blood " I said .

He made me turn and kissed my lips  . 

"I have class " I whispered 

He groaned I giggled ... Taking a bath was the most longest bath ever I was in so much pain .. I went to class Mr dumi I mean dumisani drove me to school he pecked my lips and left the all day I was in a good mood after all my lectures I went to see ba john .

"Ba mapalo look at you I told you God will bless you now you see " he said 

He looked sick .

"Are you okay ba john (in bemba) " I asked 

"Ba mapalo this have been hard I stopped drinking along time ago and now I even found a job now am homeless they chased me out of that house I used to stayed in'' he complained .

" you can shift in my old mum's house here are the keys..that house is just okay " I said I don't know why I moved with the keys 

"You are indeed a blessing like your name " he said 

 I got ba john some food stuff we went to clean the house and I bought him a small mattress dumisani gives me money like every money at least I can help someone .

I got home there was a lot of chatting and giggling .

"Evening " I greeted everyone and walked away .

I removed my laptop and I started writing my assignment .

" hey babe " he said smiling 

That smile melted my heart I was so in love with this man .

"Come here " he said 

I got up and he held my hand .. There were like seven people in the living room .

"Guys meet my beautiful girlfriend mapalo I was so in love with this man .

"Come here " he said 

I got up and he held my hand .. There were like seven people in the living room .

"Guys meet my beautiful girlfriend mapalo babe meet my friends " he said he was tipsy though but he called me his girlfriend his girlfriend I blushed 

Everyone greeted me with so much joy ... 

A lady handed me a bottle of beer .... " no no she got school " he said 

Can I go now " I asked 

"Yes but get your dinner in the microwave " he said kissing me ..

I got my food and I ate from the kitchen when I was done I went to write my assignment I didn't even know how I slept but when I woke up dumi was next to me holding me I checked the time and it was 6:59am ..

"Babe wake up you are going to be late " I said 

"Am not working today " he said .. When you have All the money in the world you can skip work if you want. 

I got up prepared breakfast for him I had mine bathed than left for school .. When my class was over I went straight home .

"Daisy stop being a pain when are you coming " he asked 

" we are done with the London one so only remaining with Paris " daisy said 

"Babe come meet your future sister inlaw" he said 

" I hope its someone I like not those girls " daisy said 

"Come say hi" 

I walked slowly and stood next to dumisani he kissed my cheek .

Miss daisy screamed .I don't know if it was a good scream or bad one .

" I knew it aww you guys are just cute " she said all smiley 

"Whatever let me attend to my babe will talk later yeah " he said getting off the kitchen counter .

 I sat on one of the kitchen stools I stood between my legs  he kissed me and every time this guy kisses me my all body becomes numb it like he has put me in a bottle .

 " let's go to your room " I said 

"Why I want here " he said 

" in the kitchen no no no " I said .

"Than fine we won't do anything " he said 

He went to the living room and started watching TV I was really wet and I wanted him so bad . 

I wasn't going to beg though . I passed the living room and he was busy watching TV .

I bathed but still I wanted him I didn't even put on clothes I just went in the living room  sat on top of him .

"Okay " he said 

He made me ride him like a horse he taught me lol cause I had no idea about this sex thing .

" I need to get you morning after pills "he said 

We went to the pharmacy got morning after drunk it and we are good to go .

The thing I loved about dumisani is that he never wanted to interfere with my education if he knew I had a test or exam he will not bother me with sex .

" dude you are lucky us we are stuck with old fathers" she said 

The thing I loved about Jane was from the money her sugar daddy gives her she opened three boutiques in her name she saves the money .

She even managed to build her own house put It on rent and never told the people she stays with that she has a house cause she didn't know how they will react .

" he broke your pride right " she asked 

I nodded 

Details please " she said getting excited


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