Okay what just happened did I just kiss her .. I went to daisy she was fast asleep I wanted to talk to mapalo but I guess will talk in the morning that kiss took me to places yes I was tispy but hey .

" am glad you are up I thought I have to drag you out of that room " I said 

"I don't know what I drank but it has really messed me up but I need you to drive me to the airport" she said 

"Have your tea first " I said 

Mapalo walked in .

"Morning everyone " mapalo said 

"Morning " we said 

After breakfast we went to get Daisy's stuff and took her to the airport .we waited till the place got out of the ground the we left the drive home was crazy we didn't speak ..

"Mapalo we need to talk " I said when we got home we didn't even got out of the car 

" am sorry brother dumi I don't know what came over me it was stupid of me to think like that  please forgive I will never disrespect you like that you have been good to me I should have been grateful not doing that " she said playing with her fingers  

I didn't know what to say but I just have to brush it off .

We got inside and she went in her room .

2weeks passed and things were back to normal though I couldn't get her out of my mind it was like I was falling in love with her ..

" I never knew mapalo was that hot " mark said going through her Instagram page.

" she is and why are you stalking her " I asked grabbing her phone 

" I don't know why you don't ask this girl out anyway I get it brother sister bullshit " he said 

 "Whatever mark" I laughed 

I went home I was super tired mapalo walked out of her room looking fire . 

"Evening bro " she said with a smile 

"Evening and where are you going" I asked 

 "Someone asker me out " she said 

"Who is this someone and why did he ask you out on a school night " I asked I was so pissed inside but I had to control myself 

"I don't have class tomorrow moreover its just for an hour " she said 

"21:00hrs you should be home or else I will be calling like crazy " I said 

She pecked my cheek and left .. I went to the gym than took a shower I ordered pizza I wasn't going to cook alone .. I wanted to call mark but his pregnant girlfriend  was around . I ended up watching soccer alone it sucks being single . . mapalo walked in looking irritated .

"Okay what happened " I asked  putting my box of pizza down 

"The guy was broke he took me to the most expensive restaurant and he told me to order what I wanted can you imagine the food was costing k450

the guy only had k100 I ended you paying the rest it was more like I took the guy out  " she said

I laughed . 

Someone knocked and she went to open it .

"Good evening sir " mapalo greeted "

"Evening young lady " he said 

Dad walked in the living room mapalo excused herself .

"You have great taste " dad said 

" can I help you dad cause when you come here there is a hidden agenda so shot " I said 

" I need you to help some guys out of a mess " he said 

I knew he had some problems with some guys .

He explained what he wanted me to do and paid me k20 000 .

"You need to stop getting me involved in your illegal things its like I went to school just to be your personal lawyer " I said 

I have paid you so do your job " he said leaving the room ..

I started working on the same case I thought I will relax but no dad and his guys decided to get in trouble .

I slept very latewhen I woke up mapalo was about to leave for school .

"Hey you wanted to leave without saying goodbye " I asked 

" you were fast asleep didn't want to disturb your sleep " she said 

" okay than will see you later " I said 

She left and I showered than started having my breakfast I received a video call from daisy .

" tell me what you got for her " she said with sleepy eyes .

" who " I asked 

" its mapalo's birthday today dummy she turned 24 "

"she never told me " I said 

" I have told you now go get her something special " she scolded 

I called one of my good friend who was a chef to come over and prepare dinner for us .. I had to look for her friend's user name of Facebook and told her to keep mapalo out for a while . 

Daisy called one of her friend's to get mapalo some gifts .

I went to get those guys out (dad's people ) by 14 I was done I made a picnic outside where we could watch the sunset okay why was I going all off for this girl .

My chef friend was done and he left after preparing everything I transfered some money in his account .

 I showered wore something comfy I video called daisy ..

She was so impressed " I never knew you are a romantic kind of guy make sure you tell her that you love her " she said 

"Daisy bye " I said 

Mapalo came and I acted as if I didn't know anything she took a shower and I told her to wear something comfy we were going somewhere .. She wore her short jumpsuit and some house shoes .I covered her eyes and took her to were I set the picnic .. I removed my hand from her eyes . " this is all for me I thought you forgot " she said 

We seat there and watched the sunset it looked so beautiful I couldn't stop staring at her . she kept moan once she had a beat . 

She cut her cake and fed me .she licked her fingers .

This is beautiful thank you " she said 


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