Its been two month now and I was really happy I didn't worry about anything money or what Mr dumisani always spoils me and miss daisy . sir dumi wanted me to get me my own place but miss daisy refused .she got me new clothes .

" so you mean that's Mr nkosi's son ..." She asked 

"Jane what are we talking about her " I asked 

" my sugar daddy that's the son dude that man is loadedhe is a rich bachelor " she said 

I looked at her because I didn't care about him being rich he helps a lot of people and am grateful I was one of them .

" you are welcome " I said getting up .

"You can't even give your big brother a hug " he said I hugged this man smelled really good  .

We talked about schools while Jane was just drooling over him .I rolled my eyes and laughed .

"I thought his father was your dream man" I said ..she helped me prepare food for miss daisy I was surprised that Mr Dumi was here .

"Please where can that old man take me " she laughed ..I shook my head we made small talks than she left even if miss daisy said it was alright for her to spend a night she refused .

Miss daisy walked in while I was dishing out the food .she was holding a wine glass she loved her wineI have never seen a woman who loved wine like her .

"So who is the boy you are crushing on and has anyone asked you out " asked asked taking her seat  ..

" no some college boys are only after your body I just wish some men were like brother dumi now awe sure " I shook my head .. She sipped on her wine and smiled .

" you want a man like Dumisani " she asked with a smile ...I nodded 

She looked at me and sipped on  her wine again..

"Sister spill it " I laughed 

"I knew it that you had a crush on Dumi I saw how you looked at him in fact how you look at him.he is a fine man yooh " she said 

"What are my girls talking about " Mr dumi walked in before I answered he put his hand around my shoulder .  I was now having a crush on him . we had out supper while the twins were busy joking .. "Are you okay " Mr Dumi asked .. I didn't realize that he was talking to him till he tapped my shoulder ... "Sir " I answered  

" she has a crush on a boy "miss daisy said 

" he is the one destroying your mood like this " he asked 

" no sir sister daisy is just teasing " I said 

"Really " miss daisy laughed 

"Look at me you can have a boyfriend but I don't want someone to come between your studies I want you to fully concentrate on your education boys will distract you " he said his tone of voice changed . I nodded 

I cleared the table and did the dishes than went to my room .. Miss daisy really got into my head by asking that question why did I wish I had a man like Mr Dumisani yes the man was hot like fire he had the idris body he was perfect in my eyes though he was born here went to school outside the country but he knew some of our local languages I bet its because of his job but I would die to be in his arm those lips imwe sure what is happening sure I need to stop

and moreover even if I had a crush on him he wouldn't even date a girl like me without a proper background.

"Daisy will be traveling for two month and you can't stay here alone so you will have to stay with me than when she is back you can move back " he said 

I looked at miss daisy who nodded . "why are you even looking at me as if you are scared of me " he asked ..I shook my head 

I walked out just heard say " why is she acting weird is she on that time of the month" 

I packed my clothes and went to the living room . " I will be video calling you everyday I will be showing you where I am " miss daisy said .

"I wish I can travel with you " I told her .

"Awww my poor baby are you afraid that Dumisani will realize that you are in love with him " she winked 

" its all your fault I never looked at him like that you made me start feeling things I have never felt about anything now am scared of being close to him I don't know how to act anymore " I complained. . she laughed ." its not funny sis I don't see sir Dumisani falling for a girl like me the girls who he is found  with are his class " I said 

" you never know " she winked 

"Can we go I have a court hearing on Monday I need to prepare " he said with eyes fixed on the phone .

"Bro today is Friday why don't we go out party some my flight is at 10" miss daisy said 

 He agreed we took my bag to his house I changed into a cute black dress it shaped my body really well even if I don't know were my real mother is but thank you for this bottle shape body  and some flat shoes because I was never a fan of heels though miss got me a lot and would teach me how to walk in them . sir Dumisani was all casual he looked like a snack a hot snack .. Miss daisy wore a black short and a white crop top with vans. When we got go the club  I started dancing I don't drink so dancing was the a only thing I could do .. I danced till some guys joined me .  miss daisy busy chatting with a guy she was busy giggling .. Sir Dumisani was just busy on his phone . I wanted to enjoy yooh I didn't want to think about anything apart from dancing .

The guy I was dancing with was a great dancer and he smelled really good I loved guys who smelled good.  He held my waist as we danced like crazy .

  "We need to leave" sir Dumisani said 

" but we are enjoying please one more dance " I begged .

"Sir please just one dance " the guy begged as well 

Dumisani agreed I smiled ..

He went to the counter and a lady started throwing herself at her I found myself fuming with anger .

" your boyfriend is a good guy letting another guy touch his lady like that " the guy said 

Oh he isn't my boyfriend " I said 

 We exchanged numbers and he promised he will call sir Dumisani was now enjoying the lady's company .

" hey you are ready " he asked

I smiled 

We looked for miss daisy who was making out with some guy she was so drunk and we got really worried if she will make it for her flight . we all went to mr Dumisani's place .. I helped miss daisy in bed . " you have lipstick on your cheek" I said 

He took a seat and gave me a kitchen paper to clean his face he closed his eyes .. My ancestors kept on saying '' kiss him " and stupid me I kissed him at first he didn't respond and he responded after a few minutes I have never kissed a guy before but I always practice on my hand .he held my waist and kissed me so slow he smelled like whiskey but it felt great in my mouth . "dumisani " miss daisy shouted .

I couldn't believe what happened . I walked away .


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