I have been thinking about helping that girl my heart keep beating fast cause I needed to know why a beautiful girl like her was on he streets I don't have a feelings for her I just wanted to help her .

" you know that I have been standing here am just hearing you talking to yourself about helping someone " dad said 

My dad was south African he married a stubborn bemba lady this woman was a hard nut to crack my dad and her were divorced it was better this way cause the house was always on firemoreover dad was always cheating on her .

" oh hey Mr nkosi I didn't see you there " I said getting up 

" how can you see me if you keep on talking to yourself " he said with a straight face 

"There is this one girl I met on the street who I wanted to help I want to take her to school " I said 

"Oh another one of your projects " he said with a smirk 

"Me helping those girls ain't projects dad for Christ sake why did I go to school if I can't help those who can't afford to go to school moreover its my money I worked for it " I said looking at him

"Anyway whatever I wanted you to help out a friend of mine he was accused of money laundering and now he is being taken to court " he said 

" who is going to pay me" I asked 

He got his check book and wrote the amount if you see dad getting involved like this its either he is part of this money laundering thing or the man is doing dirty works for him . I was one of the best lawyers in this country and any case that comes my way I never lose I have to do it for the money dude I can't be paid a lot of money and lose a case like really.. From my clients money I was able to build a lot of houses and bought cars  the houses I have put them on rent and I  managed to build my own law firm I have hired a lot of lawyers.

" so you won the case dude you always scare those other lawyers " mark laughed .

I laughed as well .

" so you  have decided to give her a scholarship or what " he asked as I look for where to park the car  .

" yes but I have to hear her stories I don't want a crook after I help them they run away " I said 

We got out of the car and started looking for the girl I didn't know some people are hard to find .

I managed to spot the guy she is always with .

"Mudala(mr)"I shouted 

The guy turned and smiled he looked drunk .

" mulishani ndifwayako ulya mumwanakashi musangwa nakwe( how are you am looking for the girl you always found with)" I asked 

"Oh mapalo loleleni apa naisa(just wait here am coming)" he said 

We started chatting with mark 25mints later he shows up with the girl .

" the dude is fast" commented mark..

"Ba boss namulenta (boss I have brought her)" he said 

I got a k50 and gave the guy and he walked away .

"Hey mapalo how are you " I asked her 

"Am fine sir ba john said you are looking for me I hope I haven't done anything wrong " she said 

"No no I wanted to give you this on Monday come to my office I have an offer for you " I said 

She got my card I removed a k100 and she refused than walked away .

"Dude did she just deny money ? Dude I love her" mark said holding his waist .

But seriously who Denies money with this economy ..no no .

I got home took a long shower played my favorite songs when I was home .

 Got a glass of whiskey as slow music plays I read through my next clients files .

" you know what you need a wife dude I hate coming here and your house dogs welcomes me " she naggs 

" you are welcome sweet sister and you know we are the same age right you act like you aint my twin Daisy nkosi " I said 

Daisy is a model fashion designer. And she was also an interior designer she  did it all if you may say

if you may say even though dad wanted her to be a doctor .

"Am still young and tell people am your young sister " she said 

"Our young ones are abroad so stop dreaming" I said 

She rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue .

" I thought you might be in new York for the fashion show " I said 

" its next month dummy you don't get what I explain" she said 

"Whatever I have a girl who I want to give a scholarship tooand I want you to go meet her " I said 

" why the last time I met one of your students or whatever I was almost killednot this time no "she aid 

" daisy this one is different she looks innocent and she is tom(young brother)'age mate " I  said

Monday came but she didn't show up Tuesday came she didn't show up .. Was this girl for real I was trying to help her and she is acting up .

"Where are you going big brother " she said with a mocking voice.

" I work daah I have a court hearing at 9:40am than am going to see that girl she never showed up " I said getting my laptop .

I went for the court hearing and it was over at 10:30 ..

I called daisy since she wanted to meet mapalo I don't know what for .

" it took you long enough to get here why do you do that " I asked 

She clicked her tongue ..

We parked and started looking for mapalo . 

I didn't even see the guy I always ask after an hour of waiting she finally shows up she was with an old woman . 

"Mapalo " I shouted 

Daisy looked at the direction mapalo was coming from .

" good day sir good day madam " she said with  her bucket of fritters on her head .

" how are you mapalo I was waiting for you yesterday " I said 

"Am sorry sirI lost your card and I didn't even read through it to know where your office was" mapalo said 

" how much are those fritters " daisy asked 

"K1 madam" she answered 

"Let me taste one first " daisy said getting one fritter all my life daisy never I mean never bought anything from the street unless she liked the person but even if she ate it . " woow this is amazing baby girl can I have some more I want to have it with tea " daisy said 

" mapalo can we go somewhere we talk" I asked 

She looked around and she gave me a sign that she was still busy .

" look I will buy all of them I have some women who I give food somewhere here " i said 

She nodded I gave her the money and got the fritter though daisy got most of them I gave them kids who always pass in the streets begging for food .

We drove to KFC ordered some food and took our seats .

" tell me about yourself " I asked her .

She faced down .. Daisy got her hand and rubbed it .

"Am 23 am not sure if am an orphan or not my real mother abandoned when I was a baby I grew up with a woman who picked me up from some bush" she said 

"Am really sorry did you finish your grade 12" I asked 

"Yes sir I got 11points  we didn't collect them cause we owed the school some money" she explained  

" okay write all your details here and than I will go collect them next week Monday we will see which school can accept you since you are a month late " I said 

"Thank you so much sir thank you God will bless you " 

She wanted to knee but Daisy stopped her .. I got her a new phone since she said the one she has wasn't working .she couldn't stop thanking me .

I told her to stop selling fritters I know that's what she got used to but she needed a fresh start .

" I donot know why I like her maybe we could be besties " she teased while eating her fritters .

" can we know " I laughed .I dropped daisy off than drove to the office .. 19:00hrs I went home ..

I took a shower than started watching soccer .

After watching I called mapalo .

" hello sir " she was sniffing 

"Mapalo what's wrong " I asked 

"They stole everything I have sireverything my mother left for me " she cried .

" give me your address am on my way " I said 

She gave me her address and I called daisy .

I picked up daisy and we went to see mapalo.. We reached there and we found a lady rubbing her back . daisy rushed to mapalo and gave her a hug now daisy was acting really attached to mapalo .she said her goodbyes to her friend the girl looked familiar like I have seen her before .

Daisy decided to take mapalo in since she is always traveling and it would be better if she stayed with her .


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