I was at peace being here I don't know why I think I was in love again maybe I was still in love with mapalo yes my heart yeaned for her everyday I don't really understand this kind of love mwila drives me crazy am always thinking about her sexually every time am near her its all about sex nothing more we don't have anything in common .

" Mr mike " I said getting up 

" The one and only Mr Nkosi " the man said with a smile .

" so let get to business " I said 

" let me call my wife to bring us something to drink " he said  the man was loaded the house just the cars and everything .. The kids came running I admired kids and I have always wanted to have my own .. He sent one of the kids to go call the wife .. We started talking and a woman opened the door when I looked at her it was mapalo's friend she looked at me and she was so shocked . " Mr Nkosi how are you long time " she said with a smile .

 "You know my wife " mr mike asked 

"Yes that's mapalo's friend remember the one she mentioned some years ago " she said

" so where is mapalo " I asked  

They looked at each other and smiled .

I was Waiting for an answer .

" mapalo is at school she is having her final paper today " she said 

I smiled .

Jane excused herself as we talked with Mr mike he wanted me to be his family lawyer he made me make a will for him the man was loaded that he even failed to divide most assets amount his family but before a week I was done he went through it and signed it I left a copy with him while I got the original .the all one week that I was here I have never seen mapalo even when I wanted her so  bad I could wait for her outside for hours but she never showed up .

"Jane please even if its just once I promise I will never bother  her I just want to know that she is fine " I said 

"She is fine don't worry "she said 

" I want to see with my two eyes " I said .

She got her phone and dialled a number . 

" you can wait for her she will be here in the next 30 minutes the driver will go pick her up " she said 

I nooded .

She gave me a glass of juice after like 45 minutes .. Mapalo showed up  

"Aunty Palo " one of the kids shouted .

I just heard whispers and than she walked it I got up and hugged her she didn't even hug me back but I didn't care she was safe .

" hey how are you she was safe .

" hey how are you I have missed you " I said 

She smiled and took a seat I knelt in front of her while I held her legs. 

"Am fine sir dumi what are you doing here " she asked 

" I came here to work for Mr mike I didn't know you were here tell me why did you leave " I asked 

"Why do you want to know Dumi huh? Even if I tell you there is nothing you will do about it " she said 

Atleast I will know what I did " I said 

She took a deep breath and stood up .

"Mapalo" I said 

" your father wanted to kill me " she did 

I laughed 

" you see " she said

" why would my father what to kill you and for what "I asked 

" I don't know you crazy girlfriend ordered it " she said 

"Which girlfriend " I asked 

"Oh so you have many " she asked 

" now I have  but which girlfriend " I asked 

She walked out and came back with her friend .

Babes which girl wanted to kill me " she asked her friend 

" her name is selinashe told your father to kill mapalo or she will be expose him for something he did " Jane said 

" you ladies are crazy my father can't do that you don't have a proper explanation for why you left now I understand I was just a meal ticket for you you only wanted money from me now I know you never loved me" I said 

" you see what I told you he will never believe me he will never  choose between me and his father blood is thicker than water " mapalo said

Jane walked out when one of the kid started crying .

" so it was your plan all along to use me and come here with your friend I thought you loved me " I said 

" believe what you what Dumi you will never believe me " she said

" show me the evidence if its true I will get my father arrested with no doubt " I said 

" we don't know where Jane's phone iswe didn't come with it here " she said

"Just tell me you are happy here with some guy not that nonsense you could have just told me Dumi you ain't my type am just using you I don't love you " I  said

She turned and looked away 

" I loved you and  all you did is lie against my father really if you wanted his money why didn't you agree to be his side chick " I asked 

She slapped me .. " you will not disrespect me like that I love you and I still do am telling you the truth and all you can do is tell.me that " she cried now I felt really bad for I said.. I tried holding her but she stopped me . " you better leave and I am sorry if I used you ." she said 

Her phone rung I looked at it cause it was put next to me and I was saved "babe" 

"I think its finally over " I said 

"Just leave you have a girlfriend waiting for you" she said 

"Am sorry I was just angry okay please forgive me " I said

" she wiped her tears and walked away ...I have never cried so  much in my life I pulled myself together and walked out . I stood outside as a guy hugged her and kissed her they got into the car and left . Mr mike's driver took me to the airport and I left to Zambia I guess the Dumisani and mapalo love story is over .


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