Waking up every morning was the hardest but I had to cause who will sell these things for me I was all alone in this world .I cleaned my little house it was just me and my mother (adopted mother but she died two years ago .

I took a bath it was freezing outsideI had to bath cold water I had no option than to bath ..

Am that kind of person who has cried a lot and am just tired of crying am that kind of person who got tired asking God questions I just got tired I didn't have answers at the end of the day ..

I got the bucket of fritters which I made last night I needed to go order some water to sell.

I got to the shop where we get our satchet of water .

"Bana musonda tabalaisa kashi(she is not yet here)"I asked

" ba mapalo namwedesha fye balaisa nombaline fye ( you just came early she will be here very soon)" bana Janet said 

After 30minutes she opened her shop we got our water and went in the street of Lusaka to hustle . 

By the time it was 14hrs I was already done with my sells .

I sat under a tree and just starred at the cars passing .

I wished one day I would drive a car of my own but yeah a girl can also dream right?  

I just blame my mother for giving birth to me she would have just aborted me why did she decided to leave me in this world I was sick and tired I know I will never do good things for myself I will never be a good person my life will be like this till I die .. If I die who would even mourn me huh?

"Ba mapalo that man over there is Calling you " john shouted 

I was known in the street of Lusaka many people loved me I don't know why.

I dusted me dress and rushed to the man he was in his car and he looked rich .

"Yes sir " I said with a smile he looked at me like he was scanning me or he was trying to find something to tease me about I bet it was one of those rich people who look down on others .

I kept starring at him cause he called me and I didn't know what to say .

"Jade give the girl the money we go" the man in the passager seat said 

He removed the money and gave me .

"Sir you didn't buy anything from me " I said 

"Remember the guy ran over the bucket of fritters two weeks ago I came here to apologize and offer you this money I didn't mean to make you cry" he said .

So its this goat who made me cry for two days ?  I faked a smile and got the money I counted the money and it was k500 those fritters were worth k77 but why all this .

" sir this is a lot I can't take this " I said 

" look I made you loose money that dayI have been looking for you and I wanted to apologize you can add to your business " he said 

"Thank you so much " I said fighting back tears.

The man drove off I took the money bought a 25kg of flour baking power sugar cooking oil and charcoal .. The charge I got a pack of quarter chicken I needed to treat myself to nice things .

My adopted mother loved me so much she did everything in her power to make me happy I went to school up to grade 12 I passed very well but never collected my grade 12 results because I owed the school a lot of money. 

" today ba mapalo we are eating well " Jane my friend said as she sat next to me she looked really great she had a Blesser who took care of her like me she was abandoned by her parents

they are somewhere in the world enjoying her parents were high school sweethearts they got pregnant  couldn't handle the humiliation so they left her with the mother's sister . 

"Imwe leave me alone I work hard " I said cutting tomotoes .

" I can see mapalo my Blesser will be throwing a huge party this weekend his son who is gorgeous by the way is turning 27 so can you accompany me " she begged 

She knew I hated parties and moreover I didn't have clothes to wear I didn't have money to but a dress for one day ..

" I know you will start saying I don't have clothes to wear blah blah blah "she rolled her eyes while saying those things well she was right .

" so now you know what I will say and what next " I said making soup I didn't want to make a lot cause it might go bad and i did have a fridge to put the soup and it might be awkward taking a pan of soup to my neighours place .

"I got you babe okay " she said I just nodded I didn't want to say no she has been begging me to go with her to partied but I always refuse .

I had my supper Jane refused to eat she had a date with her Blesser  

Sometimes I wondered why I didn't have a Blesser or maybe a boyfriend am so lonely

I slept and woke up at 4:50am I never set an alarm the alarm was in my head .

I did have a small phone it belonged to my late mother it never receives any calls I only use it for games or flashlight .

I bathed got dressed have my breakfast and off to work .

Today being Wednesday it was a slow day ..I finished selling around 16 the money I made I deposited in my mobile money account I was raising money to go pay the school so I can get my results maybe I can find a better job than this don't get me wrong I do love what I do but I wanted to find something better for myself .

"Mapalo balya ba guy who gave you money he is fine " john said 

I just got up and smiled ." nomba ba mapalo tamule twasuka ( mapalo you ain't answering me ) " he asked 

"Ba john namipapata nalisa mwamweni ine ndelolesha bamukabene( john I beg you since she have you ever seen me am admiring someone's partner?" I asked him with a straight face I don't why this guys found in the streets like doing this every time a guy greets you or compliments you than he is your guy or he looks great .

"Ba mapalo twachilaseka fye naimwe (it was just  joking )"he said laughing .

I didn't answer I just continued with my business .

"Ba mapalo one day mukesa ati ba john bamudala Aba ( one day you will come and say here is the Mr) " he shouted   everyone who was passing now look at me like I did something .

But to come think of it ba john always makes comments about me dating a rich guy the guy is ever drunk what does he know about dating ..moreover which guy in his right senses end up with a girl like me .

"Alo mapalo suzachinja nzelu so nichani aaiii ( you won't change your mind like that )"  she said with a disappointed face.

"Jane just go morever you will be spending some time with him shaa " I said 

" I will never forgive you I bought you a killer dress that maybe just maybe you could have met your prince of over there " she said 

 I chuckled


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