Sometimes the past can be painful and full of terrible things. However it affected you the important thing is that you're here now. Focus on healing and your future because you can definitely have and deserve a good one just as much as anyone else.

I know it's easier said than done but I like to remind people that they are worthy and can recover from things such as trauma even if it's a difficult long process. There are still places I cannot walk past though we only walked here those two days. When I walk I look for places we did not go. What a turnout of events at the beginning of life was the end of another at the highest point of joy was the beginning of the worst pain a human being could ever go through. It was simply the mystery of birth and death.

"So I will keep on waiting for you to forget your past " he yelled 

"Babe come on " I said 

"Come on what are you the only one with a past  hun" he asked 

"Am not but it hurts " I said 

"Hurts what we have been together for years and all you do when I bring up me coming to see your people its story after story " he said 

He was upset and I could tell the way he was coming out ..

"Babe " I tried touching him but he stopped me 

"Just leave " he ordered 

Ken loved me but I was still hurt what my sister did to me ...

I met salifyanji's father first before my sister did but

since her was way older than me my family was against our relationship ..I had a miscarriage and my sister got pregnant for him and now they are married.

"Hey princess " I found sali Washing her clothes 

"Hey aunty " she said with a smile 

I went inside I joined mama .

"You seem to be tired " she said 

"Am not ken and I had an argument" I said 

"About marriage" she asked 

"How did you know" I asked 

"That's what you two argue about " she said 

"Mama I don't know if I will ever let go of my past "I said 

"You never know until you try if you lose ken you will never find another man like him " she said 

"I know mama " I said 

"Go back and make things right " she said .

I took a quick showergot dressed and went to his house .

"Babe " I said getting in ..

I found him on the floor drinking 

"Babe "I said 

He looked at me his eyes were swollen 

"I will marry you" I said 

"You will " he asked 

"Yes babe " I said 

"Thank you " he said kissing me .

I sat on his laps and kissed him 

He moaned. 

We made love on the floor .

"Am thinking of coming to your place this weekend with my uncles" he said 

"Let me first inform mum" I said 

"Do it fast I want to be waking up next to you " he said 

I giggled 

I went home and informed mum ..

Weekend came and Ken came with his people ..they paid 

"You will be leaving mama alone " sali asked 

"No I won't " I said 

"But you are getting married and you know men " she said 

"No I don't you tell me " I said 

"It's nothing" she laughed

"Sali who is lying to you " I asked 

"No one aunty " she giggled 

"I hope you are not sleeping around" I said 

"Naah " she shrugged her shoulders 

So sali would have been my daughter ..life is funny 


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