Like it or not we either add to the darkness of indifference and out-and-out evil which surround us or we light a candle to see by.

We can surely no longer pretend that our children are growing up into a peaceful secure and civilized world. We've come to the point where it's irresponsible to try to protect them from the irrational world they will have to live in when they grow up.... Our responsibility to them is not to pretend that if we don't look evil will go away but to give them weapons against it

"What did she say " my wife asked 

"That she didn't want to come " I said 

"Sali doesn't want to come? Are you sure" she asked

"Yes hun " I said

"I think she is up to no good I don't trust her " she said 

"It's been 6months bana izu don't you think your sister or the headteacher could have called her" I said 

"Let's go we see her tomorrow" she suggested 

"Ok honey " I said 

The first few weeks sali would be calling none stop just telling us to come get her bit now she is refusing ..we got up early showered and went to nakonde..

"Mama " I knelt before her 

"My son " she tapped on my shoulder.

We took our sit.  .

"Beauty " she called 

Beauty came out ..

She greeted us .

"You are here for sali " she asked

"Awe sis we just came to see you people" my wife said 

"Since when " she asked

"Come on beauty " my wife said 

"If it wasn't for sali being here I doubt if you could have even visited" she said so bitterly

"What was all this " I asked myself 

Salifyanji showed up looking Happy and she has gained alot ..

"Daddy" she shouted

"My princess" I said hugging her 

"Dad let go I also hug mum" she laughed

She hugged her mum and sat next to me..

"How are you " my wife asked 

"Am fine as you can see what are you doing here" she asked 

"We missed you " I said

"That's nice " she said 

She got up...

"Don't worry about her

she is doing just fine she doesn't go out or even  do anything bad ." Mama said 

"Any scandals" I asked 

L"ike I said she has been a good girl if she isn't home the caretaker's son helps her with school work" mama said 

I was now OKatlest she didn't do anything crazy while she was here.

"You are happy here " I asked 

"Very happy " she smiled .

"But remember when you are done with school you are coming back home " I said 

"Yes father " she giggled 

We said our goodbyes and left ..

"I guess she is happy" I said 

My wife was busy starring outside the window..

"Honey are you okay" I asked 

"Yes sweetie " she said 

"But your mind seems far away " I said 

"Am happy salifyanji has changed sweetie atlest you won't die young" she teased 

"Yeah " I said parking the car in the garage. 

Izu welcomed us.


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