To the rhythm rhythm yeah yeah

Your loving takes me higher

You set my heart on fire

When you touch my body

Got me singing like Mariah

There is no denying

Your kisses keep me flying

When you touch my body

Got me singing like Mariah

Singing like Mariah

T-Raw on fire

If you're looking for that fly love

I'm your number one supplier

Wanna try it buy it

You wanna ride with the hottest in the city

Set your heart on fire

Yeah I do it I do it do it

Ain't nothing to it

If you wit it

I know she wit it

So come and do it

Got that pretty that pretty pretty

Your so sidity like Aliyah Mariah Carey you stay winning🎵

"I couldn't stop thinking about Jonathan the sex was amazing ..oh my gosh I jumped up and down ..

"What's going on " granny asked 

"Nothing" I said 

"Your father

said he is coming this weekend" she said 

"Why " I asked.

"What kind of stupid question is that " she asked 

"I have two terms to go and he still want to come " I said 

"Maybe he wants you to go back " she said 

"No why I don't want to go " I shouted 

She smiled

"What " I asked

"It's because of that boy right " she asked 

"Which boy " I asked 

"Jonathan" she said 

"Granny leave me alone" I said 

"I see the way you look at him " she said 

"I like him but don't tell Dad when he comes " I said 

"Why would I do that moreover I was just joking he isn't coming" she said 

"You are not good granny " I said 

She laughed 

"Mama why does mum and aunty hate each other " I asked

"You know sisters " she said .

"I argue with ndanji and izu but it's not that serious " I said 

"Don't worry " she said 

It seems big cause aunty doesn't like the mention of mum's name " I said 

"Put those groceries away " she said 

I argue with my siblings but the relationship between mum and her sister is just beyond argument ..

I was about to call mama and aunty that supper is ready .when I overheard them ..

"Why didn't you tell her that her precious mother stole the love of my life " aunty said 

"It's better these kids don't get involve " mana said 

I entered the room ..

"Hey baby " aunty said 

"Food is ready " I said 

"Thanks baby " aunty said 

So aunty dated my father oh my ...

This life is funny .

"I missed you " I said 

"So soon " he laughed 

"Am going than '' I said 

"Am kidding " he said 

I smiled 

"What " he asked 

"I don't want this to end " I said 

"What makes you think it will end " he asked 

"What if I go to college " I asked 

"Look let's enjoy this okay " he said 

He pecked my lips . 

He took a Deep breath ...

"What's wrong " i asked 

"Nothing babe "he said 

"You know you can tell me right " I said 

"I need to look for k500 to go and apply for school atlest bursary " he said 

"Don't worry I will give you " I said 

"What !! where are you going to find that kind of money" he asked 

"When dad came he left some money for me and I didn't use it only used it for my sanitary towels and lotion" I said .

"You are the best you know that " he kissed me 

"I need to go I will bring the money tomorrow" I said 

"Ok babe I love you " he said .


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