We’ve all been in positions where we felt out of place or not accepted for whatever reason. For me that’s been my life. I’ve always been that person that stood out. And what makes you an outcast is what makes you unique and you should harness that. Being a black sheep gives you creative license to do sh*t differently

I was the black sheep of the family nobody loved me (am kidding) I was always in trouble I guess I was good at it ..my father loved me so much even when I disappoint him.I feel like you can’t judge a book by its cover that’s always been the story of my life. I can walk into any restaurant and people would be floored to learn that I know what I do about wine let alone that I ran one of the best wine programs in the world.

"You were having sex with a girl sali sure '' mum cried 

"Look stop with this tears " I said 

"Sali sure at school behind the toilets" mum said 

"Look mum If you are done am busy " I said getting my phone 

"Let me show you that you won't embarrass me again " she said getting a stick 

"Don't even think about it " I said 

"Salifyanji what have I done surewhere did I go wrong with you? " she asked

I tried walking out but she grabbed me and slapped me  

"You will not walk out on me when am talking to you " she shouted .

I still walked away ..

Yes I was found having sex with a girl am not a lesbian though she came on to me I couldn't resist

"What happened " Nina asked 

Jane started fingering me when we were in class I got high I couldn't say no " I said facing the ceiling .

"Why couldn't you wait till you knock off " she asked 

"Please " i laughed 

"What has your father said about it " she asked 

"I haven't seen him after going to his office" I said 

My father was the headteacher at the school I was at.. you see how embarrassing it is .. but I didn't care it's my life I have always told them to take me to a different schooloh yeah I have been there I got suspended ..

"Are you insane sali " dad yelled when we got home.

"Am sorry " I said playing with my fingers

"You are sorry last week it was a boy now it is a girl " he shouted 

"You will have a heart attack"I said 

"Don't even go there " he said 

"Dad can I go " I said 

 "Go where "izu asked (elder sister) 

"Mind your own business" I said 

She tried to slap me but dad stopped her. 

"You always spoil this idiot " she said 

"Look as you can see important people are talking " I said 

"Which important people you good for nothing always embarrassing the siwale family " she said 

"Izu can you leave please" dad ordered 

I rolled my eyes 

"This should be the last time you are embarrassing me " dad said 

"Yes papa " I said kissing his cheek 

I went to my room ..

I got a text from my friend that he was outside.  

Where are you going" mum asked 

"Am going to see Nina " I said 

"It's 17pm " she said 

"Am coming mother " I said 

I went out and it was mutale and some girls.  

"I thought your father won't let you out " he said 

"I got my ways " I said 

"There is a house party are you game " he asked

"You know am game " I said 

We went to the same house party and it was packed ..

"You want some weed " he asked 

"You read my mind " I said smiling 

He gave him the weed and I started smoking ..

I decided to go outside and I found some people having sex . 

"I thought you won't make it" she whispered 

I smiled 

"We didn't finish what we started " she said kissing my neck 

"You know am not a lesbian right " I said 

"I don't care " she said 

She kissed me ..

We just heard police officers shouting. .

"What the fuck " I said 

"Get everyone" they shouted 


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