When I see something I like I always get it .. And I saw that Lulu girl and I was interested .

I wanted to have her and that was my thingwhen I like something I must have her .

Nothing would stop me.

"How was the chilanga mulilo " Sonny asked 

He was my buddy .

"Fine there was a lot of food I forgot I was the groom I ate a lot " I laughed 

"Who wouldn't? I wish I was there the way I would have eaten chikanda " he said

"I bet you would have enjoyed it and you would have forgotten that you are my best man" 

He laughed 

My names are Logan remember the guy who paid for the ladies yeah that's me I was getting married I just had my chilanga mulilo .. But am still hunting and now I see a girl I will be hunting . I was a predator always looking for a prey .

The next day I went to see if I can find that girl the only name I had in mind was Lulu .

"Where are you kitty cat" I said  looking around 

I walked back and I saw her friend it was like God heard my prayers when I saw the friend .

"Hey how are you ?" 

"Hey " she said looking like she didn't recognise me at all but who would it has been days since that day .

"You don't remember me do you?" 

She shook her head no 

"At the restaurant you were with your friend " 

"Oh yes I remember you how may I help you ?" 

"Am actually looking for your friend " I said 

"Hope she didn't do anything wrong "

"No she didn't " 

She looked at me I guess she was waiting for the answer to why I was looking for her friend .

"I was asking for her number " I said 

"Hope there Is no problem kah" she asked getting her phone 

I shook my head no .

She called her just to confirm if I can get her number and she accepted 

"Thank you " I said 

She smiled and left .

"Okay Lulu let's see what you can offer this man " I said saving her number .

I got home and wifey to be was already there 

"Hey babe " she said with a smile 

Honestly I didn't know why I was marrying this one but I guess because she refused to sleep with me and I had no choice than marry her I hate girls who like "I can't sleep with a man because am a virgin" so is your virginity made of Gold ? 

She talked highly of her virginity who I wanted to break and leave her but baby girl was too smart.

I perked her lips and removed my shoes 

"What are you doing here ?" I asked her she was busy typing something on her phone 

She continued typing than she looked at me .

"Done " she said putting her phone. Away

"Done what ?

why are you here weren't you told not to be alone with your man?" I asked

She took her teaching seriously I can't be alone with her or she would think we will end up having sex If it was up to me I would have slept with her but its not up to me.

"I was texting the tailor for our outfits" she said 

"Ketty the wedding is in 2months time why the rush ?" 

"Babe he wanted to see the design we chose " she said 

"Okay boss " 

"That's why I texted him " 

I nodded

She got up and walked away than came back with her bag 

"Why did you come in my house if you will only catwalk around and go " I said

" I came to check up on you " she said 

"Not even cooking for me "

"You will eat in our house " she said 

"You are heartless you have never cooked or cleaned for me" 

"That's how you know am wife material girlfriends cook clean or have sex with their boyfriends but am wifey will do everything when we get married" she said 

"Okay wife material "I said 

She laughed  she perked my lips and left .

The way I will murder her If she disappoints me with her nonsense .

I got my phone and decided to call Lulu I really needed 

A woman right now I was sexually starved 


Lulu -hello

Logan - hey beautiful

Lulu -okay 

Logan - this is Logan the guy who got your number from your friend

Lulu - oh hey how may I help you?

Logan - i want to see you  tomorrow can I please take you out for  lunch? 

Lulu - oh ... Okay than 

 Logan- I will text the location 

She hung up after agreeing 

"Jackpot people  I got you my love " 

I liked Lulu from start and she looked like those girls who will make you have fun and forget that you are having fun .

Since am going to be married in two months time a little fun won't hurt anyone right  ? 

"You look happy "  

"I have a girl who will satisfy my sexual appetite" I said 

"You are bad news"  we both laughed 

"Let's watch some soccer " 

"I saw madam at the mall" Sonny said 

"She was here just to shake her little ass and go home " I said 

"This one has frustrated you till marriage "he said laughing 

"Imagine and if she just do rubbish things I will make sure she suffers " I said 

The game started 


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