Two years later 

 A lost has happened in this two year I found a teacher who taught me three grades and by the grace of God I passed  and I also passed my grade twelve exams its crazy right I know but when you are determined to do things you will do them . Like they say you are  born to be a leader not a follower always remember that .

Let me take you back abit on what happened when I left Mrs Kabwe's house . 

I spent two nights in a hotel just thinking about my next move what will I do with the money how will I survive by myself I was used having someone by my side but now I was all alone .

The third day after running away I went to get Mwape's corpse so that I can give her a benefiting burial she deserves one after all the suffering and she ended up being murdered I which she wrote those girls names before dying but she didn't .but deep down I knew it was those two girls cause they acted abit suspicious .. When they heard about Mwape's death they pretended to be hurt and you could see them fake crying .

I asked all the kids who knew her from that house we all used to live in to say goodbye to her and all of them accepted because she was loved .That's how we said goodbye to her .

Last year I went to put a tombstone on her grave just so I don't forget were she got buried I always visit her everytime I miss her or I want someone to talk too that's why I couldn't move away from Lusaka .

It was really hard letting go of her and just accepting her death .

I bet you wanna know what i did with the money ?The money I started a kaloba (loan)business and I also opened a boutique it was really doing great ..

The way I was making money I would think or people who think am a satanic I was also thinking that i was one without knowing ... But when I taught about it I said to myself that it can only be God if God decides to bless you he blessings you sometimes you can just say God please take a break from blessing me .

I bought an apartment for myself I also bought a car not an expensive one just one that could help me move around 

                 #Back to REALITY

I just started school though its distance learning I wanted to be a lawyer so I get all those stupid men who take advantage of young girl can pay  but I ended up doing accounts because of my business

"Boi ain't you done we go have dinner on me " that was my new friend I met her at school she was also doing distance learning she owned her own saloon Her name was Nelly .

"I was just balancing these books " I said 

"Am hungry madam get up "she said 

I chuckled I got up and packed everything

I got up and packed everything everytime I look at where I am today I always thank Mwape even though she is dead she is always with me 

"Lulu " Someone shouted when I just got out of my car 

I turned and it was one of those street kids who used to sleep with me 

"Mabvuto nichani " 

He moved closer and squeezed my ass .

"Still sexy I miss you (speaking in nyanja)" 

"Respect yourself I will get you arrested " I said wanking his hand 

"Okay sorry give me a k100 and I will never bother you " he bite his lower lip 

I removed a k200 and gave him 

"Good girl " ....

I clicked my tongue

If it wasn't for Mwape I could have moved to another city cause this nonsense I didn't want it any more 

I could feel Nelly eyes on me and I know she had questions 

We got in the restaurant and took a seat 

"Why was that dirty boy touching you like that ?" 

I took a deep breath

"Lulu don't tell me you sleep with him?" She asked putting her hands on the mouth 

"No I mean I used too " 

"Lulu " 

The waiter came and got our orders .

"No not now while I used to be a street kid and for you to have a roof over your head when you reach a certain age you have to sleep with the big kids " I said 

"Oh my God Lulu I didn't know am sorry " 

"Its okay its part of me I live with " 

The waiter bought our food 

"Sorry to ask but where are you parents?" 

"After my father died my mother got married to a man who used to rape me when I told her she said he was making me into a woman"

"Is your mother stupid? Sorry i didnt mean it like that but was she crazy ?" 

"I don't know anyway let's not talk about it just know I ran away from home and I will never go back " I said 

She held my hand and rubbed it .

"Am sorry " 

I smiled

"That was an amazing meal " 

She waved at the waiter .

"The bill please " 

"Your bill has been taken care off the man over there has paid " he said 

"Oh let's go we say thank him Lucia" she said 

We walked to the Guy's table he was busy on his phone chatting

"Excuse us sir " Nelly said 

He looked at us 

"Thank you so much " Nelly said 

The man's  eyes were just fixed on me that I became uncomfortable 

"You are welcome " he said while looking at me 

"Lulu let's go " Nelly said holding my hand

 I turned when we reached the exit and he was still looking at me 

"I know why he paid " Nelly teased

"Let's go " I said 

She chuckled and hummed to a song .

"Behave I don't need a man " I said 

"He is cute though" she said 

I laughed and got into my car .in as much as I wanted a man in my life I wasn't ready to be with any man now I don't know if am scared or maybe am not just ready .

When I got home I took a shower and i started studying ..

I was destined for greatness I knew my future was bright .



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