I woke up and there was no one in the kitchen it was clean yes cause she always cleans the Kitchen in the evening but what was odd was she didn't cook breakfast .

"Lucia " I shouted 

There was no answer 

"Lucia " I shouted again 

Still there was no answer .

I went to check outside she wasn't 

 I went to her quarter I found the uniforms on he bed .

With a note .

  " Thank you bye "

Bye to where ?

Bye to where she can't leave ..No ... No ...

"Not her as well"......

I went outside the quarter and called Benson .

"Am coming madam " he said 

He showed up after 2minutes

"Where is Lucia ?" I asked 

"Madam she left last night " Benson said 

"Left to where and how does she leave without saying anything why did you allow her to leave ?" I asked panicking

"She said she couldn't take the pain anymore "

"Did she explain the pain " 

"No madam " 

"You should have stopped her Benson sure " I said 

"Madam she is gone there is nothing we can do " ....

I walked back to the house with my mind everywhere

Benson knew a lot about our lives my husband built a house for him and was giving him allowancesjust for him to keep quiet if he leaves he will snitch on us and we would be both arrested .

What hurt the most is every girl I bring here my husband rapes them .

The last girl before Lucia there was a girl named Ruth she was a chubby girl my Husband did his stupid games where he would hit her and all those crazy roleplay little did he know she wasn't breathing but he continued raping her when he noticed she couldn't move he started panicking ..

We paid a nurse to lie that she died from heart attack .

I remembering not knowing what to do because it was so devastating she was so young .

Till today her face plays in my mind when she died he promised never to rape any more girls I give him sex anytime or anywhere he ask for it I give me but I don't know what its all about I don't know what sexual appetite he has I want to know if its for a dog or chicken...

When I got pregnant with my first child my husband asked if I could hire a maid because I couldn't manage doing it by myself I thought okay he is my husband he loves me

I need to hire someone .I did and this man would sleep with the woman .. The woman left just like Lucia 

"Where is breakfast ?" He asked walking in the Kitchen.

"She ran away " I said having my cup of coffee

"Why ?" 

"Can I know what you did to her Kabwe why can't you keep your manhood in one place ?" 

"I didn't do anything Sweety " he said trying touch me 

"Its not fair she is a young girl infact they were all young am sick and tired of all this " I said 

''Babe I didn't do anything " 

"So that day she was screaming she just decided to scream should I employ a man now or you will still fuck him ?" 

"Come on " 


"Am not that bad " 

I laughed 

"Am not" he said with his hands in his pockets

"Really you killed that girl she was only 17 years old " 

"It was a mistake " 

"Mistake we lied to her family because you are afraid of being arrested and now because we feel guilty we send them money every month" 

He took a deep breath 

" How many girls are we going to hire? Every girl that comes here you rape them don't you think those girls are humans? " I yellled 

"Look babe am done raping girls I swear " he said 

I rolled my eyes 

"Don't give up on us babe please " 

"You are pathetic kabwe I don't know how horny you are I don't even know if you don't fuck Benson " I said 

"Don't say that " 

"Am hiring a man and that's it period one would think I starve you sexual but you are just horny " .....

I walked away to take a shower i cried so much that my eyes hurt 

Why can't we just find people who are normal to love .

I  drove to see my mother I really needed some peace of mind I needed to leave this man but I couldn't leave him Kabwe helped me in so many ways he took me to school and did everything that i ever wanted to do...I bet he wouldn't divorce me because I knew a lot of things about him and he would do everything possible to keep my mouth shout ... Our first year of marriage I caught him raping his sister and you know how devastating it was his own sister ... The sister left and we have never heard from her again .

Many people think am heartless because am supporting him am not supporting him am just scared I leave he might do something crazy to me .


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