A lady with a bottle shaped figure walked in she was so beautiful she dyed her hair gold it was short ...when people say God took time to create some people that's what they meant by this one 

I could see they lips moving but couldn't hear what they were saying than she pointed at me .

She gave a come here sign .

I walked to them there was something that didn't add up. . the bad feeling was just making me nervous my eyes would feel like crying but why was I becoming emotional 

"Hey am told you wanted Mwape's address " the lady with Gold hair asked 

"Yes please " 

"Who is she to you ?" 

"She is my sister " I said 

"You must be Lulu right? she talked highly about you and I can see why you are pretty " 

"Thank you "...

Pretty she says? I don't even know if I was pretty or not 

She asked me to follow her she checked in the book and wrote it on the paper 

She gave it to me and I went to the same place .

 "Mufuna ba gelo baumu (you want the girl in this room )" a guy who looked gay asked 

He had painted nails and was wearing a crop top .

I nodded 

"She hasn't come out for days now or maybe she left" he said 

"I doubt if she left cause they said they haven't seen her for a week now " I said 

"Check than " he said walking away 

The minute I held the door knob the door swing open why would Mwape leave the door open? .

When I opened the door there was a bad odor coming from inside the house like something died in there 

I covered my nose .

"Mwape " I called 

There was no answer

When I opened the bedroom door I screamed 

"Mwape " I said trying to touch her she was stabbed .

I moved closer she was wearing a black jean and blue T-shirt 

"Mwape no please don't do that ?" I cried 

People started coming the house .

"Mwape please " I cried 

"Don't touch her " a man said 

"Mwape napapata don't do this to me you are my only family " I said 


One  Lady took me outside so that I can let the police work cause one of them called the police .

"Why is life unfair the only person I had in this world is gone " I cried even more 

The lady who took me outside rubbed my back as I cried .

"Are you Lucia ?" The police officer asked 

I nodded 

They gave me an envelope 

It had my name on it .

I took a seat on a chair outside as I opened the letter 

As I opened it I could feel people starring at me ..like they were waiting for me to read the letter out loud .

To Lucia 

My baby sister my ride or die my pride and joy I sound romantic lol 

by the time you will be reading this they might have killed me but its okay I was already prepared for this there is a card hidden in my red bag the account has k50000 that's the money the girls wanted

I stole it from some guy who later died because he took some sex pills when we stole the money put everything in your name the password is 6578 withdraw the money start your life over go back to school cause that's why you have always wanted .

In my same  red handbag there is k5000it is wrapped with a white cloth use it for something for your life Lucia you are strong my baby           I. Love you and don't cry okay am in a better place hope so .. I don't want to be in hell lol .

"Mwape why did you leave without saying goodbye sure" I sobbed 

In as much as I should be happy  to have k55000 plus the one that rapist gave me .. But you know Mwape was my sister even though she chose the wrong path of  life I still loved her I just wished she went with me to look for a decent Job she would be here with her crazy laugh .

It will be hard to believe that she was no more .

I got the red bag and I was asked to come clean out the place as soon as the place was disinfected .

Mwape was the only child and when her parents died everything she was left with her uncles grabbed them and they started mistreating her that's how she ran away she was in grade 7 when she ran away . 

I went to the house I was so devastated I put everything away and went to the main house to start cooking .

"Where did you go " the madam asked 

"Am sorry I was called that my sister just died" she said 

I felt a slap on my cheek 

"This is not a toilet where you come and go every time you want this is my house you hear me " she said 

I nodded 

"You better finish cooking my husband Is coming very soon " 

How do these people sleep at night knowing everything there are doing is evil ... Now I understand when people say "for better or worse " 

As usual I cooked dished out for them .

I went to take the food to the gate man 

"Am living today please don't oversleep" I said 

"No problem " 

I ate my food and as always I waited for  the big idiot to come and to my surprise the time he comes he didn't show up .

I packed everything and I left the uniforms on the mattress .

Benson helped me find a taxi I went to a hotel while I figure out what I will do next cause I had a lot of money to my name yes k55000 plus the money Mr kabwe was giving me  was a lot to me .

I needed to go back to school imagine a 18year old starting grade six ..

I closed my eyes and I remembered how my father used to sing for me .

"I wish you were here daddy now Mwape is gone and I pray she is next to you " I said wiping my tear 

He loved singing his voice was that of an angel I wish he could take me with him maybe he would have been singing for me all those nice song .

And now Mwape is gone even though I didn't speak to her for a week .. I loved her 

It was really going to be hard to accept her death .

I don't even know how my life will be from now on ... But all I wanted was the best for me and if I had opportunity I would get every man that touched me arrested .

That night I didn't sleep i kept on counting and recounting the money its like I was confused and not believing that I had that money to my name ..

I think I prayed a thousand times asking God to confirm if its real that I had all that money.


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