I followed her and she showed me around the house she told me to be sleeping in the quarter behind it was one roomed house the toilet and bathroom was outside because the gate man was also using the same toilet .

"Do you have clothes that you want to go get ?" She asked looking at me

"Yes ma'am"

I bet you would be asking what language she was using she was using abit of nyanja and a lot of English .. Which I understood because dad used to use English when talking to me and I was grateful and during my stay with some of the street kids I learnt a lot from them ..

Her name was Mrs Kabwe she had two kids who were in  boarding school .

She walked out and after a few minutes she walked back to the kitchen with a uniform .

"This is what you will be wearing everyday" She said 

"Thank you ma'am " 

"You can go and come back tomorrow " she said 

"Thank you " 

She was about to walked out than she stopped .

"You will be getting a k1000 for your salary " She said 

I nodded 

"You can go now shu shu " she said using her hands to chase me 

Why was she chasing me like a dog or a cat ?

I walked away and I went to the house I mean the house we shared with the street kids

"Where have you been ?"Mwape asked 

" I went you look for job and I found it "I said 

"You are joking?" She said all smiles

Despite our different choices in life Mwape was genuinely happy for me even when I got pregnant she was there for me by my side she took me to all my antenatal classesshe was also there when I gave birth she even hustled really hard to buy baby clothes .

"Am not am starting tomorrow " I said 

"Am happy for you but you need to escort me to the hospital" she said 

"To get the injection?" I asked 

"Yes you also need an injection because I don't know what you will be doing there "   she said 

"You don't trust me really " I said folding my hands 

"Baby girl this world is a cruel world you have lost a child before and I don't want you to go through that again you know how my kid was ripped away from me from that useless man because I got pregnant for him " 

Mwape got pregnant for a man  actually he was a married man they have always wanted a child and when they found out that Mwape was pregnant it was a prayer which was answered when the baby was born mwape had no one to help her fight for the child ... Months later she heard that the same family travelled out of the country with her son ... She was so devastated 

"We will go no excuses " 

I chuckled 

We got up and went to the hospital we got the  injection for 5years it was the implant 

I don't know why I got it but anywhere you might not know .

The next day I packed the little clothes I had and moved in with the family .

I changed into my uniform and started cleaning the house I started with the living room then went to the kitchen since there was no one in the house I prepared lunch for them as instructed by the madam .

I set the table and went to clean up the kitchen .

I was busy humming to a song when someone spanked my ass that I jumped 

"Nice " he said biting his lower lip .

I looked at him with so much confusion .

"Babe this is Lulu she is the new maid " the wife said walking in the kitchen 

"Hey Lulu" he said with a rather disturbing voice .

I greeted him back .

They walked out of the kitchen and I remained there with so much confusion and asked  God hoping its not the things I have been running away from .

The weeks that followed the husband would make silly moves like touching my boobs or touching my butt which made it really uncomfortable for me.

"Open the door " I heard a whisper 

Who could that be asking me to open the door this late?

I got up and opened the door 

It was Mr Kabwe .

"Sir do you need anything ?" I asked 

"Can I come in ?" He asked 

I made way for him and he got in .

I took a seat on the mattress a sat next to me .

"Look I like you okay and I will give you everything you want " he said 

"Thank you  sir but again no thank you " I said 

He caressed my thigh 

"Sir please stop " I said trying to stand up but he was to strong

"Why should I stop princess

a sat next to me .

"Look I like you okay and I will give you everything you want " he said 

"Thank you  sir but again no thank you " I said 

He caressed my thigh 

"Sir please stop " I said trying to stand up but he was to strong

"Why should I stop princess I know you are enjoying me playing with  thigh" 

"Sir please " 

He didn't listen he got on top of me just like my father I mean my step father he took advantage of me .I watched him as he ripped my clothes I tried to fight him but  he was way stronger than me

Have you ever heard people say "battery yapwa" that was me at that moment I felt drained and I questioned myself i looked at this man  who was busy sweating on top of me .

I felt useless as he wiped his sweat and I asked myself a lot of question ... Those question I know might be answered .

You know on the street it was because I had no option of being there I had to sleep with those boys for protection and for a roof over my head but now him my boss taking advantage of me because I work for him Lord is it fair ?

He got up and wore his jogger .

"You were so sweet " he said trying to catch his breath

I just looked at him while I covered my naked body .

Is this how my life will be Rape after rape or its just how my story is written .

"Whoever wrote my story please erase it and write a different one am tired please " I cried 

Sometimes I wished my father was around maybe my story would have been different I  wish my mother didn't get married again I would have been happy with her at home I guess I would have been in college by now speaking good English not this English that I use .

I cuddled myself to sleep that night I said a prayer and I wished God can hear me its like my prayer is unanswered for a reason or God is just avoiding me .

"Lord am begging you to please take me today this pain is just too Much"

Lord am begging you to take me I can't take it anymore its like you don't  want to rewrite my story you just want me to continue suffering I don't even know if my mother is alive or she is dead but I hope she is dead together with her useless husband if they are dead I hope they are in hell If they are in Heavenpersonally I will come drag them out by force .

Oh sorry God I forgot what I was praying about just take me its like this world doesn't want me anymore ..please God Amen 

That night like every night I wished my father came to get me maybe being at my father's side would be easy I know most people say there is a reason why we are here .. But what reason am I here ? To be raped is that a reason ? 

Even if God hated me that much is that how you treat your children .. I know this world is a wicked world but sometimes Lord have mercy on us .


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