It has amazing these past few weeks with Logan and I couldn't even stop thinking about him .

He made me happy and I was always looking forward to seeing his face everydayI was falling hard for this man that sometimes I felt like I was missing something special .

The weird thing he never spends a night at my place .

But I respected his decisions I didn't want to pressure him about me visiting his house .. 

"The way you are missing in action i wanted to call the police on you " Nelly said 

"My bad I was with my man" I said  blushing 

"Awe sure "she said rolling her eyes

"What ?" 

"Babes I don't want to sound jealous to you but don't you think this your relationship with this Logan guy is too fast its been like a a few weeks and you guys are already having sex " she said 

"Am not a virgin" ...

"I didn't say that "...

"So I should wait till when to have sex with him ?" 

"You should have waited for a while babes I know you want to be with someone but I think this Logan guy is a no " 

"Nelly can't you be happy for me its like you don't want me to be happy" I said 

"Babes you know I want you to find happiness the thing is I have never seen you going to the man's house to see him do you even know where he stays ?" ...

"He stays in Lusaka west " I said 

"Lusaka west and the address ?" 

"Nelly come on " I said 

"Come on what Lucia look I don't want to look overprotective but am really scared of this your relationship there is just something that ain't adding up " ... 

"Stop being over protective am a big girl " I said 

She took a deep breath and looked at me 

"What ?"...

"I hope you didn't tell him about the house and everything you own wait until you guys are a few months in the relationship " she said 

"I didn't tell him anything yet "

"Good anyway can we go?" 

"Where again?" 

"There is a woman who is coming to Make some payments at the salon they wanted everything to be done at the salon for her kitchen party in a few weeks " 

"And why am I going again?" 

"Don't you want to get your hair done again ?" She asked 

"I fogot " 

"Forgot? when you kept on troubling me " she said 

"My bad babes " I said laughing

I wore my slippers got my car keys .

"Can I pay to you the money or what?" 

"You can send than send proof of payment to my accountant " she laughed 

"You are useless when you know you are the accountant " I laughed 

"Just send " 

I sent her the money we left .

In as much as she was my very good friend we never played with each others businesses

we never played with each others businesses if she wants clothes or a loan she will surely pay in full and that's what I loved about our friendship we support each others business .

I started getting my hair braided the lady and braidmaids walked in .

"They paid without hesitation " Nelly said 

"That's good right ?" I teased

"Yes now I hate costumers who come.with  complaints " I said 

"I also hate that "

I got my hair braided and drove back home .

I called Logan but his phone was off .

"That's weird"

I took a shower than prepared supper 

I ate than slept .

"Daddy it hurts " I cried 

"It will stop hurting okay "

"Mummy daddy is hurting me "

"He is making you become a woman don't you want to be a woman like me ?" 

For years now I kept on having the same dream about my step father raping me .. at first I thought maybe I just missed my mother but now I think I will never get over the trauma .

"I was trying your number and a wasn't going through" 

"Am sorry babeI forgot phone at work "he said 

"Okay I missed you " I said wrapping my hands around his neck

"I missed you more I love your hair " 

"Thank you babe " 

We shared a kiss 

"I will be travelling next week " he said 

"Travelling to where ?" I asked 

"To Kasama " 

"For how long ?" 

"Just a few weeks I wish I can go with youcause I will miss you so much " he said 

"Next time my love " I said 

We spent the all day indoors and just chilled .

He asked me about the apartment like Nelly advised I lied that everything belonged to my sister who was away 

The following week Logan left to kasama I misse him so much that it hurt his phone wasn't going through he mentioned that the place he was going to had no Network .

"Where did your say Logan went too ?" She asked as she gave me a glass of juice .

"Kasama " 

"Are you sure ?"

"Can I be lying ?" 

I took a sip of my juice and put the glass on the coffee table .

She looked at her phone than at me .

"What ?" 

"Babes Logan ain't in Kasama he is here in Lusaka " 

She showed me her phone .

"Why would you date a man who is engaged?" 

"I swear I had no idea " I said

For the third time or forth time in my life I felt the pain of a lot of things coming back I felt the betrayal that my mother made me go through in the hands of that man she called her husband I felt the disgusted hands of all those men who took advantage of me and one person I didn't expect would hurt me like this and he did .


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