If you learn to really sit with loneliness and embrace it for the gift that it isan opportunity to get to know YOU to learn how strong you really are to depend on no one but YOU for your happinessyou will realize that a little loneliness goes a LONG way in creating a richer deeper more vibrant and colorful YOU. Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them not the merits of who receives them.

I wasn't sure of what was wrong with her its either stomach pain or her leg or her neck or her eyes lol.

babe what if I have a dangerous disease and i was going to die" she said

would you calm down the nurse will bring the results "I said holding her hand

am scared " she said

am also scared " I said

Why are you scared you ain't the one sick " she said 

the nurse walked in.

doctor here are the results" the nurse handed me the results.

thank you nurse " I said

I opened the results and I couldn't believe my eyes .it can't be possible.

babe what is it" she asked

you are pregnant" I said

huh pregnant how is that possible" she asked

we had unprotected sex a thousand times " I said

but I counted I was having unprotected sex on my safe days " she said

it has happened there is nothing we can do about it " I said

so you are saying we keep it she asked

yes " I said

I can't " she said tearing up

why can't you

you want an abortion" I asked

I can't do this Caleb; my parents will kill me getting pregnant outside wedlock " she cried

babe " I tried touching her but she stopped me. she stormed out of my office.

I tried going after her but she was too fast.

when I knocked off I went to her place.

where is she " I asked

I haven't seen her since morning " jas said

I have been trying to call her but her number is off " I said looking around.

is everything okay Caleb " she asked

I sat on the floor.

Caleb " she said

she is pregnant " I said

what how " she asked

what kind of stupid question is that jasmine?" I asked.

You are a doctor shouldn't you know that unprotected sex lead to pregnancy " Jasmine said 

I got up and drove to my house. I didn't know where on earth am going to find her. all I cared about is her safety nothing more.

I tried calling her again but still her phone was off.

Ninshi? (what)" mum asked

your dreams have come true " I said

what dreams mwila " she asked

my girlfriend is pregnant" I said

Lesa natotela awe natemwa mwila wandi (Lord thank you I am happy my mwila) " she said

yeah " I said

where is she " she asked

you arent upset that she got pregnant outside wedlock" I asked

as long as am going to hold my grandchild it's fine " she said

I couldn't tell her that she was planning to abort I know it's hard on her but killing a baby is not the solution.

I kept calling her but her phone was still off.

I played music in the study while thinking.

Caleb" she said with a shaking voice

I looked at her. she broke down in front of me I got up from my chair and hugged her so tight.

am scared too babe but we can get through this " I said

am not ready to be mum " she said

am also not ready but we will get through it " I said

I love you " she cried

I love you more " I said

how about my parents" she asked?

one step at a time amor" I said.

#4months_ later

why do you want to drop out you have a year to go " I asked?

I get sick everyday " she said

but you can still be going to school " I said

babe I can't manage moreover you heard my step mum she made it clear she wont pay for me " she said

I told you that I will be paying for you "I said

Caleb just stop okay am not your responsibility" she said

excuse me I got you pregnant you are my woman and you are here saying that rubbish" I yelled

okay am sorry. " she said

whatever " I said

look it's just too much work and a lot of money " she said

you will let me know what you want " I said

I want ice cream and a glass of amarula " she said

I will bring the ice cream'' I said

she laughed.


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