Just looking at him I developed butterflies is this what I was missing ?

We had supper than we retired to bed .

As usual I woke up early prepared breakfast for him I needed to remove the implant cause I wanted a baby yes I wanted a girl lol .

When he left i took bath than went straight to the hospital .

I got it removed . Went in town to get a detox drink and I took it for a few days yes I was having sex with my husband 

"Awe its like you are a relish that has been missing for days " Sandy teased 

"Get out " I laughed 

"Where have you been ?' She asked 

" sandy its only two weeks " 

"That two weeks its a long time " 

"Iam a married woman" I said

She laughed and clapped her hands 

"Am leaving dummy " I said 

"Am happy that you have finally had your sense pit back " she said 

I rolled my eyes .

"I got the implant removed two weeks  I want another baby " I said 

"Awe Alexander will loss his mind " she said laughing .

I left her place and went home 

Hubby was already back .he was taking a shower  I removed my clothes and joined him .

"I missed you " he whispered 

I kissed his back I wanted to be pregnant like asap .

He turned and he fucked me really hard .

"You want me to fail to walk " 

"That's the plan " he said 

I laughed .

We had supper and slept .

When I woke up he wasn't next to me 

"I have an early meeting will see you later " the note said 

I went to the kitchen and made myself a smoothie 

"Madam pali abantu pase (there is someone outside)" the maid said 

I tied my robe properly and walked outside 

"Hey" Tommy said 

I didn't even know why he was here 

"How may I help you ?" 

"Am sorry babe look I was mad " 

"Okay " 

"Hazel come on don't act like that " 

"How am I acting huh ? ...

"Look I get it that you are upset I would also be upset " 

"Tommy please leave my house " 


I rolled my eyes

"Babe please " 

"You didn't trust me when I told you that I  never slept with my Husband "

"Am sorry " 

"Just go Tommy " 

"Have you forgive me ?" 

"I will think about it " I said 

He walked away and I went inside .

Minutes later Alexander walked in 

"Hey babe " 

"Why was he in my house ?" He asked looking at me 

"Nothing important " 

"What do you mean nothing important that's your boyfriend right ?" 

"Come babe can we drop it " 

"Hazel why was he in my house ?" 

"He came to apologize okay " I said 

"Apologise for what ?" 

"Something happened that's why he was here " I said 

"Hazel please explain to me " 

"We argued  and now he cane to apologize" I said 

"The day you said you wanted us to make this marriage work was the day you two argued?" He asked 

I nodded 

 "I get it now " he said walking away 

I followed him .

He looked broken and I didn't know what to do .


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