I knew when the wine has worn off it was back to her old self the wine was the one speaking even on our wedding night she did the  same thing.

When we were done with the shower sex we took it to the bedroom .

We had some few rounds till she dozzed off .

I got dressed and went to meet up with Noah .

"What took you long ?" He asked 

"Wifey "

"Wait you two ?"

I nodded 

"Thank God the plan worked " he said 

"I don't know if its the plan boi you know Hazel it was the wine its like our wedding night part two" I said 

He took a deep breath 

"Maybe I should divorce her " I said

"Don't think like that" he said 

"Let me set her free " I said 

We continued chatting till finally had courage to go home 

I stayed in the car for a few minutes .

I got out and went inside the house .

She walked out with my T-shirt .

She pecked my lips and grabbed my hand .

She took me to the dinning area and asked me to sit .

"I want to start over I nolonger want to live in a loveless marriage " she said 

I looked at her .

"Look I know it has taken you by surprise but I want give it a try " she said 

She got up and kissed me you know for 5years I have craved for her and now my craving are being fulfilled .

"Let's eat first " I said 

"No " 

After eating she couldn't get her hands of me and I loved that .at some point I thought I was dreaming .

When I woke up she wasn't next to me .

I went to take a shower.

I got dressed and she walked In with a tray of food .

Ever since we got married Hazel has never cooked for me .

"Morning I thought I would surprise you with breakfast in bed " she said

"I didn't know you will surprise me with breakfast " I said with a smile 

"Sit "

I took a seat and ate while we made small talks .

My phone rung and it was my PA

"I have to get going " I said getting up 

"You haven't finished your food " she said 

"I have a meeting at 9am " I said 

"I will see you later than " she said 

I perked her lips and left .

I thought this was a dream but it wasn't I was glad she wanted to give this relationship a chance 

I hope it stays like this .

I got to the office and the meeting began after an hour it was over .

"You can't even tell me the good news " Nana said 

"What good news ?" I asked with a smile

"That wifey is back to  normal" she said laughing 

"I sent you a text you didn't see it ?" 

"I wanted it from your mouth " she said laughing

"Am sorry she back to normal hope she will stay like that " I said 

"Anyway I wanted us to go for lunch " she said 

"Am married " I laughed 

"Get lost I want you to meet my girl " she said 

"Woow okay " 

I packed up and walked out .

We went to KFC and had lunch the girlfriend was really funny I swear I have never laughed so much in my life. 

I even took them for shopping since Nana helped me out .

"Thanks kido " I said hugging her 

"If she trips again please call both of us " Nana said

"I will do that "

I went to the office and continued working .

I later passed through town to get Hazel something beautiful I used to get her something but she was refusing accepting my gifts so I stopped .

But now I had a reason why I should spoil her .

I have never been so excited being home .

"Welcome " she said with a smile 

"How was your day ?" I asked 

The boys came running to me and took me to they room.


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