I loved Hazel despite her getting married I knew that she will leave her husband in due time .

I watched her as she walked in the house she always spent her Fridays with me and I enjoyed her being around .

"Hey beautiful " I said with a smile .

"Hey love " she answered 

"How are the boys ?" I asked as I lay down next to her .

" They have gone to serenje for they school trip " she said 

"So hubby is home alone ?" 

"He traveled as well " she said 

She looked down as if something was bothering her .

"Are we okay ?" 

"We as if am carrying a baby " she laughed 

"You look sad " I said 

"I just want out of this marriage so that I can be with you " she said 

"It will be soon as soon as am settled I will tell you to file for divorce " 

I loved Hazel but marriage was never in my mind yes I want to spend the rest of my life with her but I feel marriage is forever what does forever mean?

She got up and went to the kitchen and started preparing our food that night she seem so distracted as if she was thinking about something ..

"I hate coming here on my pees " she said 

"Am sorry honey but I love it when you are here " I said 

"I love you " she said 

"And I have loved you for 10years now " I laughed 

"And I appreciate you for doing that " she said and cuddled with me 

She fell asleep .

And after preparing my lecture for Monday I went back to bed again and slept .

In the morning I checked and she wasn't next to me .

She came out all dressed.

"You at leaving ?" I asked 

"Yes my love my mom just called that she is coming home " she said 

"Can't you lie to her or something " I said 

"I can't babe I haven't seen her like 2weeks  and I don't Want her to start nagging me " she said

"If she lives today please madam come back " I said 

She pecked my lips and left

She wasn't herself it was like something was bothering her and she didn't feel like sharing .

Maybe she was pregnant ..

No-no she can't be pregnant I remember she put that implant on the hand .

And she didn't want to have another kid with the husband .

The question you would ask is why did I allow her go get married ? 

Because I didn't want her to have an off relationship with her family Hazel respected her family and she loved them so much .

"Today he is alone " my busy Ian said 

"Yeah  she left that her mother is coming " I said 

"Boi I don't get your relationship with Hazel she is married for Christ sake " he said 

" I know and am cool with it" i added 

"Cool.with her husband having sex with her ?" He asked 

"She doesn't sleep with her husband" I said giving him a glass of juice 

"How sure are you can you stay with a woman for 4years plus and look at her which man can not touch a woman especially his wife his wife for Chris sake " he said 

"Hazel is not like that " I said 

"Why isn't she like that?" He asked 

"Because she is loyal to me " I said 

He laughed 

"I know her boi she can't do such thing " I said 

"Keep thinking like that that girl.is always fucked by her husband and you don't know it because both of you have sex " he said 

"Let's just change the topic let's talk about something else " i said 

We continued watching the game between Manchester city vs Arsenal .

Was Ian telling the truth ? 

But come to think of it which man can stay years with touching his wife and those two have been friends ...

In the evening Hazel came .

"Hey babe " she said sitting next to me .


"Mum left and I decided to come over " she said 

"Have you been having sex with your husband?" I asked 

"Wait what ?" 

"Don't act shocked Hazel you can't sleep on the same bed with a man and can't touch you " I said 

"Tommy you know I have never slept with himonly on our wedding night " she said 

"I don't trust you " 

"Since when? its like am not needed here "

She looked at me and walked out .


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