''Look she loves you but she doesn't want to admit it you guys have been together for 5years I can't stay in the same room with a girl am already in love with her Hazel is in denial I saw how she was looking in our direction by the time we will be done she will be begging for you " she said with a smile 

"I don't know why you decided to be gay there is a guy out there drooling over you " I said 

"I don't f**k with D**k " She said getting out of the car 

I laughed I drove the house in cheltsone .

I took a shower and slept .

I woke up and it was aready 6am .

I took a bath got ready and went to the office .

"Your wife is here ?" My PA said 

I checked the time and it was 8am 

I texted Nana if she can come through and she agreed. 

She walked in and she looked beautiful .

"How may I help you ?" 

"You are all changed good morning " she said taking a seat 

"Hazel how may I help you ?" I asked 

"Am here to let you know that the boy's trip is this weekend and we are suppose to pay for it " she said 

"I sent you some money few weeks ago" I said 

"Alexander that money I paid the works remember

that's what you suggested. " she added .

"How much is the trip " I asked 

"K500 for two " she said 

I got my phone and I sent her the money 

"Sir miss Nana is here to see you " my PA said 

"Please let her in " I said 

I could feel Hazel's stare .

Nana walked hi she greeted hazel and  came to give me a hug. 

"Am leaving " Hazel said 

"Okay " 

She walked 

Nana let out a laugh .

After a few hours we went to meet up with Noah he came with Sandy.

"What did you do to my friend ?" She asked 

"We didn't do anything " Nana responded .

Sandy received a call . She decided to put it on speaker .

SANDY - hey love

HAZEL - where are you am at your place

SANDY- we are out having an early dinner

HAZEL- with Noah

SANDY - no I mean yes but we also have company

HAZEL - company who ?

SANDY - Nana Alex and Noah 

She became quite

SANDY - Babes are you there 

HAZEL - Boi do you know that Alex is a married man who shouldn't be found with Nana

SANDY - what's wrong with him being with Nana ain't you with Tommy

HAZEL - I can't deal with you right now 

She hung up .

"You are in trouble " sandy teased

"As if she cares" I said taking a sip 

Hazel called back to ask where we were .

After a few minutes she pulled up .

She took a seat next to me.

"Hey hubby " she said looking at me 

Everyone looked at her shocked .

We started eating our food and had small talks.

"Can you drop me ?" Nana asked 

"Sure "

I dropped Nana at school went home .

Hazel was watching Tv when I walked in I went straight to the boys room .

"Dad guess what "Ethan said .

He had his mother's features sometimes you would think he was a  girl

And Nathan was a mixture of me and his mother though he had dimples .

" Tell me buddy " I said sitting on their bedroom.mat 

"We are going for the school trip " they both jumped up and down 

"You are leaving me ?" I asked with a sad face .

"No daddy we are coming back on Sunday " Nathan said hugging me .

I smiled 

My boys completed me even though their mother never cared about me .


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