How could he leave without a word and he didn't even text or call me to let me know .

I tried calling him but his phone was off .

"You look upset what happened you argued with Tommy ?''Sandy asked as I got to her house .

It was 5pm but I had nowhere to go to .

"Naah its Alex he didn't even tell me he was leaving I had to hear it from the maid " I said 

"Why do you care ?" She asked

"I don't its just that his mother likes unexpected visits and I don't want to look surprised " I said 

"You won't sweetheart " she said 

We chatted abit and I went home Tommy had some classes he was lecturing and I was so bored .

The twins were a fold of Alexander they preferred their father not me .

Am barely around them so I get it .

The days moved so fast that Alex hasnt been home for two weeks now and I wanted to know where he had gone to .

"Hey babe " I said entering his house .

He pecked my lips .

"I missed you " I said

"I missed you more how is hubby" he said 

"I don't know he travelled " I said 

"Oh " he mumbled 

He went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of juice .

My phone vibrated and it was a text  from Sandy inviting me for dinner .

"Who was that ?" He asked 

"Sandy she just invited me for dinner " I said 

"Are you going ?" He asked 

"Yes if I say no her hormones will not treat me right for a week " I said laughing 

"The way I can't wait for you to get pregnant " he said kissing my belly .

I giggled 

After having an awesome time I went home took a shower got my look black dress and wore my slippers .

Got my car keys and drove to Sandy's house and what was surprising Alexander's car was parked .

I got out of the car and went to knock the maid opened for me and I heard people laughing .

I walked into the Livingroom everyone was  there having fun .

"Hey babes " sandy said 

"Hey guys " I said 

"My hot girlfriend how are you ?" Noah said 

"Am fine how are you " I answered taking a seat .

"Am fine mama" 

The maid walked in a told us the food was ready .

Before we could walk In the dining room lady walked in she was gorgeous and the way Alexander was looking at her made my blood boil

she was gorgeous and the way Alexander was looking at her made my blood boil he was drooling over her .

He greeted her all flirty and she responded he never said hi to me he never told me he was back and now he is flirting with the  girl

"Nana meet Hazel Hazel meet Nana my cousin " Noah introduced us .

"Nice to meet you " she said looking at Alexander .

We walked to the dining room and we sat Nana sat next to Alexander while Noah sat next to his wife and I was alone .

Thats disrespectful .

We started eating I would steal glances at Alexander his attention was to the girl he didn't look at me .

"Let me help you clear the table " I told Sandy 

"Thank you "

Nana was busy chatting with Alexander she would rub his hand in a flirty way .

"Are you okay ?" 

"Why did you invite your inlaw when it was a couples dinner " I said 

''Couple? The only couple is me and Noah I don't know about you " she said 

We took the plates to the kitchen .

"He is still my husband even though " I said

"Its the first time I have heard you actually call Alex your husband " she said 

"Whatever" I said 

"You told me that you mentioned to Alex that he can find a girl what if he falls in love with Nana won't that be amazing ?" She asked looking at me 

"It would be " 

"And you will be able to file for divorce like you dreamed of" she said walking out of the kitchen .

We joined everyone ..

"I have to get going I need to rest " Alexander said 

"Can you drop me off " Nana asked 

"I can drop you " I said 

"No need I will drop her off '' Alexander suggested .

He just wanted to sleep with a her why wouldn't he left me drop her off .

After he left with Nana I went straight home and to my surprise he wasn't yet back .

I checked the time and it was close to 9:30 pm

I changed into my Pajamas and slept .


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