I have loved her and everyday she would go and sleep with another man and I would watch her .

Maybe she was right I needed to find someone .

"Am so happy that you are back in Lusaka " I said 

" Mr married man " she said 

Sandra and Hazel came out of Mr price 

"Hey you " Sandra gave me a hug.

"Its been long how is everything " I said 

"Everything is nice Noah's birthday is this Friday I know you know cause you are best friends but I want to surprise him please come " 

" I will surely be there this is Anita Anita meet Sandra and Hazel " I said 

She greeted them.

 We left them and I went back to work .

I knocked of very late .

When I got home the twins were already sleeping .I hated getting home late without kissing them goodnight or reading them a bed time story .

When I got to our bedroom Hazel was watching twist of fate .

I passed her without saying anything if I talk to her she never answers .

I took a shower and ate my dinner .

You know its crazy how we act I loved hazel even though I knew she  was in love with another man .

The days went by so fast and it was finally Noah's birthday party Anita accepted to come with me to the party I couldn't go with Hazel ...

I started flirting with her even when my wife was there she didn't care about me why would I be the husband of the year .

" I think we should get out of here " Anita suggested

"I agree" ....

We walked out of the party and went to her house you know what I felt a bit nervous cause I never wanted to cheat on Hazel

She kissed me and we did bad manners .

 I woke up she wasn't next to me .

She walked in with a tray of food .

"Morning sleepy head " 

"Morning beautiful "  

Anita was also married and she was working here I know we both committed adultery .

"So won't your wife be upset that you are spending a night here ?" She asked as we ate

"As if she cares " I said eating my food .

"She will care " she said 

"Anita don't ruin the moment I know we both committed adultery .

"So won't your wife be upset that you are spending a night here ?" She asked as we ate

"As if she cares " I said eating my food .

"She will care " she said 

"Anita don't ruin the moment when are you leaving ?" I asked 

"Tomorrow " she said 

"Thanks for a great weekend " I said with a smile .

I haven't had sex with anyone for years the only time I had sex was with my wife on our wedding night 

"I thought you will be back for good ?" I asked 

"I am but not now " she added .

We continued chatting around 6pm I decided to go back home since I had a wife who  would care abit lol .. Am joking

I got home and she was busy on her phone .

She saw me and put her phone away .

I went in the bedroom changed into something comfy and walked out of the room .

I went into the study and began to work 

After an hour the maid called that food was ready I asked her to bring the food to the study .

I ate the food and continued working when I was done I checked the time and I knew by that time Hazel was fast asleep .

To the bathroom took my night bath and got into my Pajamas .

She was busy on her phone she barely talked to me and sometimes I always wished  my wife would welcome me prepare food and make breakfast don't get me wrong a maid can do anything but a husband also need to be taken care of like cooking ironing clothes  and welcoming the husband after a long day at work all those cute things.

I woke up and she was still asleep I bathed got my clothes from the closet got dressed into a grey suit white shirt black tie and black smart shoes .

Got my Chanel blue for men . I got my phone and took few mirror selfies .and I walked out .

My phone rung and it was Sandra .

SANDRA -morning married man before you say anything hear me out I need you to pack some few clothes and I will explain later 

ALEXANDER- am scared

SANDRA - just  pack I will come at your work place during lunch break .

She hung up .

I got my small travelling bag she sent a text " what you will wearing for work mainly " 

I packed my suits and some casual clothes .

I walked out and the maid already prepared breakfast 

"Boss muleya ukutali (you are going somewhere far )?" She asked with a smile 

"Amukwai " I said adding sugar to my tea .

"Ba madam bashili naba lala (the madam is still sleep )?" She asked 

"Amukwai " 


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