Getting married to a man you never loved was the worse thing ever me and my current husband Alexander were good friends back in the days and we used to call each other wife and husband while my Darling Alexander took it serious he told my family that when he was done with school he will come get married to me anyway am here today .we have two beautiful twin boys  I was drunk after the wedding and boom I was too fertile .

"Don't you like spending time with your husband ? Its weekend " Sandra commented 

"Madam!!! You want me to go back ?" I asked her putting my bottle of hunters gold on the table .

She looked at me and wondered why she would asked me that when she knew I never loved my husband .

" Hazel you want another woman to come and take your man ?" She asked 

"Okay Sandy its like you want me to leave because these kinds of talk I think am leaving " 

Before I could stand up Tommy showed up .

He pecked my lips .

Tommy was the man I loved and I wanted to get married to him 

"Hey sandy " he said looking at her 

She smiled and waved 

"You can join us " I suggested 

he took a seat next to me and we started drinking sandy left when she received a call from her husband .

After having the time of my life with tommy I even slept over his house .

I went home the next day around 11am .

"Madam mwaiseni (madam you are welcome) " the maid greeted .

" Bashi mpundu balikwisa ( where is the father to the twins )" I asked her

"Nabaya Ku church ( he went to church )" she answered .

"Naba mpundu (with the twins) " 

She nodded 

I went to sleep because hubby was so rich that working wasn't in me .

They walked in after 2hours .

The twins were 4years old .

" Mummy " they gave me a hug 

" Hey my babies '' 

Alex walked away .

He changed into his shorts and left the room .

The maid called that the food was ready .

"Ba uncle mailo balemilolela bachilala pa sit ( uncle didn't sleep yesterday he was waiting for you he slept in the living in )"

"Okay "

I hate entertaining the maid because that's not my thing .

After eating our lunch in silence .

I followed him in his office .

"You should find a woman who will love you and stop waiting for me " 

"You are my wife " he commented with his eyes fixed on the laptop 

" Alexander and stop waiting for me " 

"You are my wife " he commented with his eyes fixed on the laptop 

" Alexander you know that I don't love you but why do you act like you do ?" I asked him 

"You don't get it do you ? I have loved you since we were kids yes you don't love me am sure you will never love me but I still respect you you blessed me with two boys " 

"Just find someone because I will never love you " I said banging the door .

Some people say am hush on him what can I do I don't love him is it by force ? 

He drove out an hour later with the twins he loved his kids so  much .

I showered that went go see Tommy .

I left when it was becoming late .

"Ba mpundu balikwisa ( where are the twins)" I asked her 

" Ku room yabo (in their rooms)" she answered 

I walked in their room and he was reading to them .

I walked out of the room.

I changed into my pajamas and slept .

We have never had sex since our wedding night .

When I woke up in the morning he had already left for work .

I bathed the twins got the ready for school I dropped  them and went to the mall to get the a few things for school .

Sandra called that she was at the mall so we decided to link up even though it was early .

"Married people " I said laughing

"Leave me please " 

"What are you doing here this early " I asked her 

" I need to buy hubby a birthday present you know on Friday its his birthday " she said 

"Let me help you " I told her .

We went in wool Worth and looked at good things later also went to Mr price .

"Isn't that Alexander with that lady " she asked 

I looked at them and they were all smiley 

"Yeah that's him" I answered

She is pretty Alex has choice oh no offence " Sandy said looking at me

"He looks happy " I said 

"Who wouldn't? when you have  ungrateful wife " she said 

"Am ungrateful " I asked her 

"Yes the way you treat that man ..am happy for him " she said 

"Happy about what ?" 

She clicked her tongue 

Anyway he took my advice and found someone that was really good .

They left without saying hi or will he come back?.

Anyway who care if he says hi or not .


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