part 8 every tear is a waterfall

Bontle came back in the room from the bathroom. Me: Roomie can we talk? Her: yeah why not. She sat down.her eyes were swollen indicating that either she didnt sleep enough or she has been crying Me: i know we agreed on not talking about relationships but im worried about you.. Her: he is cheating on me. Her voice was breaking. Her: i found him with another girl making out in his room. He didnt even come after me. Who knows if he continued fucking her? Me: oh my. ..are we talking about the same Ru? The sweet and humble guy who looks innocent? Her: i also cant believe what i witnessed.. Me: i didnt know he was like what are you gonna do? Her: i dont i know why you keep going back to Tebza..regardless what or how much he hurts youyou keep on loving him..just like how i love Ru..he has hurt me beyond but i love him still. Me: i get you girl. Her: what hurts me the most is that i dont want to loose him..i have grown to love him...he is the reason i look foward to every single day..he has set me free from my past that i was bound to.he made me realise that just because life was painful in my past doesnt mean i will be hurt now..then he goes and do this. Me: dont beat yourself hard on this...all will be well. Her: i hope i have to meet someone at jhb..can you please accompany me?..after classes Me: i will if its after classes. Her: thank get ready before we are late for classes. We got ready and when i was done she had already made breakfast.we ate and left for school. Bontle Sleeping was very difficult for me..the guy i love has turned out to hurt me expecially at the time whereas i need him the most.the harsh words i indured from my aunt took me back to the time i was still young..the beating she gave me and the harsh words..looking back at that journey of life my heart shutters completely...Where is mom when i need a shoulder to cry on.where is my father when i need someone to run ti when people throw harsh words at me.. Why did God have to make me an orphan to leave me to suffer like this. I have no one to call my own and i have no home to run to.Yes im grown and i should probarbly get used to the pain but no every time it feels like its new to me. There is no such thing as getting use to pain..The people that are supposed to comfort me are the ones that rub the pain deep in my wounds.... Well Addy and i spoke in the morning and we were cool..i was wrong to judge her in the first place...first love does this to some...we went to class and everything was okay..when classes were out we took a bus to gauteng from Pretoria central at the nearest Gautarain bus stop which is less than 5 min walk from our flat the ride to bosman station was less than 10 min

the ride to bosman station was less than 10 min from there for the first time in my life we landed our tiny feets in a luxurious train in Gautrain to Santon.we so loved the experience therewhoever came up with the idea of Gautrain thumbs up to them!! When we got there we walked to News Café since the ride to Sandton was very sweet nd short and thats where he said we should meet. Godfrey: my goodness you really are your mother's are just a reflection of her.i only last saw you when you were a mere child. Me: nice to meet you Mr.Modibe. Godfrey: no please adress me as Godfrey.. Me: sorry..this here is my friend and roommate Advice. Godfrey: pleasure to meet you Advice. Addy: thank you sir. Godfrey: So tell me child what you would like me to do for you? Me: you are the only person who can help me.i have gone through so many things that i cant even say without breaking.. Tears were starting to build up in my eyes thinking about my past.infact not past just about my life... Me: i need to know my partenal family.. Godfrey: What? Me: yes i have to..i need to. Godfrey: i dont think that is a good idea Me: what do you mean? Godfrey: I was there when your parents were buried..i was there when your partenal family denied you..i dont think its really healthy for you.. Me: trust me i can handle rejection.i have lived with it all my life Godfrey: What if they dont treat you in a good way..i wont forgive myself if such happens.. Me: nothing wrong will happen.. Godfrey: Well they are back home.though so i will only wait for your school holidays then i will go back home with you. Me:Im not allowed to come back home. Godfrey: And why is that? Me: The reason why i want to get away from that family.i have endured only allowed to come back home end of the year. Godfrey: my goodness.okay we will go there on a weekend..we will stay in a hotel.after that we will come back. Me: thank you so much. Godfrey: i will get your number from my PA and we will keep in touch..i will ask her to also give you my number. Me: okay thank you sir.. Godfrey: i have a dinner meeting so you girls can order and i will leave you with the money to pay..just order anything and i will be money is in my car.. He walked out..we decided to order onion rings and buffalo wings and drinks. . .

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