part 7 every tear is a waterfall

Bontle Modibe's PA called me back and said he agreed to meet me and to my luck he is at Johannesburg which is and advantage to me because travelling back home was going to be a struggle..i will be meeting him tomorrow and i hope he has what i need. A knock cane through the door and when i opened it was Tebza Me: what do you want? Tebza: i need to talk to her. Me: she doesnt want to talk to you after what you have done to her..real men dont beat up are a sick need help not Advice Tebza: im going to getting all the professional help i need.please just let me talk to her Me: Go away before i call for help. I banged the door infront of him and i locked.Thank God she was sleeping because i know she would have agreed to talk to him.i really wanted to see my boo so i walked out and went to check up on him.his door was lockedmusic was playing on the inside... but then i remembered i have his key..i went back to get it..when i unlocked i got the shock of my life..he was on the couch facing up and a girl was on top of him riding him.i stood there not knowing wether to cry

music was playing on the inside... but then i remembered i have his key..i went back to get it..when i unlocked i got the shock of my life..he was on the couch facing up and a girl was on top of him riding him.i stood there not knowing wether to cryscream or run..the only thing i managed to say out was his name Me: Rufus They both heard me and stoped what they were doing and looked at me. Ru: Me: i have the other key you gave me remember?. I threw the key at him and ran out the building..i didnt want Addy to see me like was already dark outside and that didnt bother me at that time..all i wanted was to find a place where i will eyes were flooded with tears and i couldnt clearly see the road..i bumped into someone and u fell. Guy: im so sorry.. Me: *sobbing* its...its okay. Guy: are you okay? You dont sound fine..Are you crying? Me: im fine. I stood up with his help and i walked away..i found a park a sat there... Guy: I couldnt continue with were i was going not knowing if you are fine Me: are you following me? What do you want from me? Guy: i want you to be okay Me: im fine as i said Guy: im Hope by the way Me: im Bontle. From being total strangers to talking about life and telling him all the hidden things i have never said to anyone...from my childhood years up until now.. Hope: so you had to endure all by yourself? Me: yes and all i can say is that it taught me how to be strong and how to handle situations. Hope:thats too much for a 19 year old. Me: *chuckle* and how old are you? Hope: you already forgot? I said im 25 Me: and i thought you were fooling around. Hope: i wouldnt. Can i have your that we can jogging time has passed and i have an early day tomorrow at work Me: okay. I gave him the numbers and we walked my surprise he was living nearby.we said our goodbyes and i went up to my room.when i got in i found Ru sitting with Addy...they were in total silence. Ru: Where are you coming from? .i passed them i went straight to take a bath..When i was done i was lazy to lotion so i wore my pjs and took my phone and i found a missed call.since i didnt have airtime i made a callback and the person called. Me: hello Hope: hey its hope Me: hope who? Hope: the guy you were with dummy Me: i was with no one Hope: ouch that hurts Me: stop being a drama arrive safe? Hope: hence im calling..means i did..hey can i take you out for lunch tomorrow? Me: hmmm i will think about it Hope: better...have a great night. Me: night. I hanged up..after all the heartache i experienced today at the end some stranger managed to make me feel better..he made me feel like i belonged..i slept with a smile on my face. Advice I may not know what happened between Tle tle and Ru but i know there is trouble in paradise..but i dont want to interfere in their issues.i have my own demos to battle..The fact that i love Tebza regardless what he puts me through is a disease itself. No one understands how i feel for him.its not like i forced myself to love him.its just feelings that comes naturally nje. Its been a long day let me go sleep.. . . I was in this unknown place.I was carrying my backpack which had books..i was walking alone.suddenly a certain stops next to me..something was just off.something in me said i should run but i couldnt understand why but i ran...two guys were chasing me.i was scared and crying.they caught up with me.they carried me to the car and put me in the boot...i was screaming and kicking but no one rescued me.i got tired of screaming.i was running out of breath..i was loosing my mind.then someone opened the boot and carried me in this other house that was locates in some woods...they tied me up to a chair and sealed my mouth with a rape.suddenly some guy walked in and they called him boss.i couldnt see his face because it was dark...he switched on the light but i couldnt see his face because he gave me his back. When he was about to turn my alarm started making noise. I opened my eyes and realised that it was only a dream.i was sweating and Bontle was not in the room. What was that dream all about?

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