part 40 every tear is a waterfall

Addy I kept on shouting and cursing at Will because he was making me angry...what kind of a coward man is he to fuck up our marriage and then fall into a coma for this long. Ma: How dare you curse at my son like this? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that will make him wake up? Me: no amount of tears i cried made him wake up.No amount of curses i cursed make him wake up...He is a coward and a selfish man i ever came across.if he thinks im gonna waste my life coming here everyday to check up on him the he is wrong..Mbalenhle needs a mother.she needs my attention.Will can slip in this coma for as long as he not gonna abonden my motherly duties because of him. I stood up but when i tried to get my hand out of hishe held on tight..i tried again to get my hand out of his grip but he still held on tight. Me: Let go of me dammit. Suddenly it clicked that he is awake.I turned and looked at him. Me: I know that you are awake Will.its better you open your eyes or else i will smack you so hard that hmmm i dont know. I was so happy deep down to know that he is awake.i dont even know why he was playing hard to get at a time like this. He opened his eyes slowly and i kept a straight face. Ma: My goodness you are son. She ran to him and started kissed him all over his face...ewww like really. Me: Can you let go of my hand now? Will: Not even a welcome back kiss on the cheek..i mean all those tears you cried where for real now werent they? I pouted and still managed to keep a straight face. Will I have been awake for almost 5months but i didnt want my wife to know.i just couldnt manage to face her at my state...i had to get my health fixed first...for starters i couldnt walk so i had to attend physiotherapist...i had to pop out alot of money for all of this to happen.for my doctors to keep shut about this..Though it wasnt nice hear my wife cry everyday during this period.She even promised that she will forgive me for that i have done at some point just if i wake up..What bothered me more was not being able to be there when my daughter was born..being unable to hold her in my arms.she is my first child for crying out loud.Right now when my wife got more angry and threatened to leave me i just couldnt take it anymore.i couldnt let her leave me...its just about time i stop being a coward and dance the the tune of my own music... Me: Please dont leave.. Ma: She can have me son. Me: Mom if i said i wanted you i would have said so but right now i want my wife next to me. Addy: What do you want Me: Please come sit down on the bed next to me. She sat down and her phone rang. Her: hello.....what?....when? Her eyes were filled with tears.She dropped her phone Me: What is it? What is wrong? Its like she zoned out of this world..i took her phone and answered. Me: Hello Voice: They came here with guns and took her..i didnt know what to do but i called the police. Me: Who took who? Voice: Three men came here with guns and took Mbali.. I hanged up and got out pf the bed. Me: I will be damned to sit here and let motherfuckers take my daughter. Addy: What are you doing? You are not strong enough to be out of just woke up Me: im strong enough trust me. I got my clothes and walked to the door. Me: Are you coming or you are gonna stand there? Addy: Are you discharging yourself? Me: Do i look like i have a choice..give me the car keys if you wana stay there and follow rules while my daughter is kidnapped. I walked away with them following me.I saw Addy's car so i got to it and she opened and gave me the keys. Me: i prefer you drive... Addy: She got in the driver's side while i got in the passanger's side and mom went to her car..Addy started driving.She was speeding and in no time we were at our place.There were police cars outside...I got out of the car and rushed inside.. Me: Where is my daughter? P man: We are doing all we can to find her Mr Langa Me: Your best? You are fucken telling me you are doing your besg? You should be out there looking for my daughter but you are here saying you are doing your best..How many times has your services failed alot of people? How many missing children did you find that were reported? P man:calm down sir we are doing our best. I sat on the couch amd it suddenly sank to me that i did a report on Lu and what i found out was unpleasing..i remember warning my wife to stay away bust she did. Me: This is your fucken fault Addy. She looked at me shocked. Addy: What? How is it my fault when i was at the hospital checking up on you? How is it my fault that it was your stubborn ass that i had to leave my motherly duties to check up on you on that hospital bed? Tell he how is it my fault. She was now crying..i could tell the hurt from her voice. P man: This is no time to be pointing fingers..we need to work together to find your child Me: I dont need your help..i will find my daughter please leave my house.. I was angry..i just want to deal with my little brother my own way.. I went up the stairs and started calling my crew and letting them know on what has been happening..I also called our IT guy to track down Lu and see what kind of people he is working for or working with..I changed the clothes and wore a black jean and a black vest with slippers..I walked down the stairs and everyone was gone except for my wife who was crying on the couch. Me: Lu has her Addy: what? Me: i tried to warn you against him but you never listened..he kidnap children and sells them.sometimes to barren families or to outside coutries so that they groom them to be prostitudes or used as porn acters. Her: would i have found comfort in him if you stayed home and stayed true to your vows? That hit home so i kept quiet. Her: exactly. She walked away up the stairs. My phone rang and i answered. Me: Talk to me Sthe: Its Lungisa and he is at some warehouse with his goons.they are actually too little for us so no need to worry about being out seems like he is gonna sell your princess to some rich family back in Limpopo. Me: Location? He gave me the location. Me: Meet me there with the guys in 15 minutes. Sthe: Sure. I honestly was pissed off at the fact that Lungisa will do such to me because of MaryJane.the same whom i have no interest in..That girl seduced way back when we were still in highschool..when i tapped it she became obsessed with me so she cane running after me with every chance she got even when i told her i wasnt interested in her.i never even knew that Lungisa was busy asking her out for that matter..i never cheated on my wife hence i said before i just pushed her away to protect her but who would believe me anyway.. I walked out of the house and got in my car and drive off...i headed exactly to the warehouse and the crew was already there...shooting took place..No one can ever injure us with the way we are ruthless when we are holding this toys.. We got access to get inside since all the cowards outside were down..we got in and my eyes landed on Lungisa who was holding my to him was two body guards and on the couch was sitting a woman and a man who looked frightened.. Lu: well well well.look who decided to join the party. Me: Give me my daughter before i blow up your brains. Lu: Go ahead and lets see if you will ever see your daughter. He dropped what he was holding and it wasnt my was a doll inside a blanket. He laughed with an evil laugh ever.some part of me almost cried. All i want is my daughter no this stupid games he is playing... I matched to him and started hitting him with no mercy.What pissed me more is that he still managed to laugh with all the punches he was guys were holding the guards at gun point.i guess they knew they were out numbered..I got up. Me: Where is she? Lu: Where you will never find her nigga. I took out my gun and shot his right leg.The woman screemed so loud my ears were ringing. Lu also let out a scream. Lu: Wtf...shit. Me: Where is she? Lu: fuck you I shot his left leg and this time he screemed so loud even tears were escaping from his eyes. Me: I dont give a fuck that you are my little brother.I can kill you any given time of the day when it comes to my better start talking or im gonna make your death slow and painful.. Lu: I dont know where she is okay i dont know.ahhhhhh Me: dont fucken test me..give me my daughter. Lu: i told you i dont know... I put my leg where i shot him on his right leg and i pressed so hard that he screemed out louder than the woman Woman: Honey please take me home.We will have to adopt a child we are involved in feuds we dont know of. Me: No one leaves until i get my aint fucken leaving this place.. hours later.. I have seemed to have lost hope somehow..Lungisa says my daughter was taken by one of his guys who is now dead outside and he doesnt know where he took her.thisis just some fucked up shit..its all fucked up...i ended up just going home but asking my guys to search this whole town until they get my daughter... As for Lungisa we dropped him at the hospital gate and left.we also let go of the couple that wanted to buy my daughter 6months later. Addy I havent found my daughter..i gave up schooli actually gave up on everything including life.Will was there with me every step of the way even though i never spoke a word to him...all i wanted was my child..The law has once again failed us..My Mbali was gone amd i was never to see her again.She will be turning a year today....I somehow blame Will for all this.I blame him for putting me through it all.He was supposed to be my rescuehe was supposed to be my knight in shinning amour.he was supposed to be my Prince charming...Why has life once again brought pain to my life..wasnt it enough? Havent i endured it all? Will: Honey we have to go now Me: Where are we going? Will: Dont tell me you forgot? We have therapy Me: Oh. Not that i had a problem with going..i just feel like its npt working at all.we have been attending this therapy but nothing changeshe was supposed to be my knight in shinning amour.he was supposed to be my Prince charming...Why has life once again brought pain to my life..wasnt it enough? Havent i endured it all? Will: Honey we have to go now Me: Where are we going? Will: Dont tell me you forgot? We have therapy Me: Oh. Not that i had a problem with going..i just feel like its npt working at all.we have been attending this therapy but nothing changesi still feel empty..My child is still not back. We got at the hospital parking lot and we got out of the car..We walked towards the hospital entrance and we bumped into a familiar lady who was holding a child.The lady was wearing a scarf on her hair covering also her face a little.she was wearing sunglasses...Will was so focused on his phone he didnt see her. Me: Why didnt you tell me that friend of yours we once bumped into at the university had a child? Yes that was the first time in 6months i uttered a statement to him. Will: Who...who are you talking about? Me: You said something like MJ. Will stood there for almost two mimutes and his eyes widened and he ran outside.he ran so fast that i also ran after him but couldnt catch up..but she was already gone.Her car was already at the gate. Me: What is it. Will: Its her...She has our child. Me: What? Will: I will explain later. He took his phone and called someone...i heard him giving the number plates of the car.. Will: Come lets go home Me: We are no long attending therapy? Will: Not today. On our way Will explained to me what happened between him and Mj and how obssessed she was with him that its possible for her to take Mbali. Once again my husband's past hurts me like this. When we got home he received a call and he didnt even say a word he drove out. Me: Where are we going. Will: You will see. He drove for a couple of minutes until we got to a small yet beautiful house...he got out and i also did. His friend Sthe's car also pulled up and he was with their other 4friends they got out and we went to the door..Will knocked and the same Mj opened.She was shocked to see us and tried to close the door on our faces but will pushed her..we got in the house and the first thing i did was look at the little girl who looks exactly like me but has her father's light was no secret that she is Mbali Me: What kind of a woman are you? Have you no shame. A voice coming from another room spoke Voice: Hee Mj who are you talking to? Didnt i tell you not to bring people here? She appered from a room.My heart sank..tears filled my eyes.. I felt like i was own sister Linda was conspiring with MJ to steal my daughter..What have i done to deserve all this. This is what i have faced in life..this is the pain i have endured in life.This is my story and i am Advice Langa. Bontle During this 6months i have achieved alot if i may say..i moved with my son to our own apartment which is paid by Rufus and his parents give me the R5000 allowance they promised..They are just heaven sent..i managed to enrol in a singing competition that takes place around..The price was a million take home and 2million for any charity of your choice..To be honest my motivation was the life i have lived all my life..being an orphan has taught me alot..It has taught me to appreciate all the little help i get and the love shown to me even by strange people as long as they are not taking advantage of me...Yes i won the competition and i was somehow glad that i have become a helping hand to children who dont have anywhere to sleep and nothing to eat...I have built a 2bedroomkitche nbathroom and living room for myself..and with what i have left i will save some to go back to school the following year..i will also invest some of the money.Yes i still work at shoprite just until i go back to school the following year since i cant just sit at home and do nothing.Rufus and i have agreed on being friends so we are working on our friendship.My family are coming around after they heard of the money.Addy and i communicate all the time and im glad she found her child. In life situations will not always remain the same.God watches over his own..i was glad to share my story with you all. I am Bontle an this was my journey

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