part 3 every tear is a waterfall

ADVICE. I walked out the door and answered my phone Me: mata Fortune: skeem Me: how are you? Her: im good just missing you hle Me: i miss you how is University of Limpopo? Her: its great..i heard there is alot of vibes around here Me: hey you better concerntrate on your school work or else you will fail. Her: i promise i will focus...i will get time when its not hectic and come for a visit. Me: okay...we will talk Her: i love you. Me: i love you too. She hung up and when i turned i found Tebza looking at me with an unpleasant look.and lucky me his cousin arrived....we ate and he said he will be back cause he is taking his cousin back home..honestly him and i have been dating for not so long and already he is talking about making not ready for such....i was already yawning so i got on bed and slept. Bontle. Life is so i am in my room and my roomie just decided to ditch me and spemd the weekend with her boyfriend...hmmm varsity never loved me.its already dark outside so i was attempting to go out and get something to eat but i hardly know the place and the gonna take my chances and see what i can get..i walked out and when i passed room 103 the guy i saw earlier in (my crush) was still the way i passed him..hai ke this person loves his phone.its like he is glued to it...i have no choice i will just have to ask him for help.. I knocked at the door. Him: come in. Mxm he said that without even raising his head to see who was knocking.i walked in. Me: Bontle and i just moved sort of hungry and havent bought utinsils for my room so can you please show me where i can get food around? He looked at me and he observed me for some time. Him: uhhhm its not safe out at this time..i can make you something to eat Me: no no no i dont want to be a burden. Him: no you are not... His place was more beautiful and neat. Him: by the way my name is Rufus pronounced as Rufas with an A though its a U he shouted from the kitchen.. See the flat we live in is one bedroomlounge

kitchen and bathroom.. Me: okay..nice name. Rufus: so which room do you stay at and who do you stay with? Me: 108 with Advice whom i just met. Rufus: i stay alone...cant afford to stay with anyone Me: why? Rufus: well firstly im freaky neat so dirt will be a problem to me..then i enjoy my own space. Me: thats nice for a guy to be very neat.. He gave me a plate of pizza and a drink.he gave me a smile..gosh this guy is the ish..i mean his smile just sends me to places.i really dont know how to describe him but he is just the it thing. Me: thank you. I started eating while getting to know each other and where we are from..and i realised we are from the same city just that i stay at a village and he stays at town..his father was a mayor and a business apparantly they are filthy rich and that explains why he lives alone. Me: are you always on your phone? Ru: *chuckles* not always..just that im bored and i dont have anyone to keep me company. Me: oh okay.. Some guy who looked a little bit like him walked in. Guy: Ru im going out with the gents wana join? Ru: no bro cant you see i got company? Guy: oh sorry i forgot my manners outside the CollenRu's big bro. Me: im Bontle. Collen: and the name explains the beauty i see. I smiled. Collen: okay dude i gotta go..see ya He left Me: you got a brother around? Ru: yes and he stays second floor room 30.. Me: you guys should just stay together.its a waste of money Ru: i need my own space and he needs his so thats how it is. Me: okay.. After eating i thanked him again.. He walked me to my room.and when we arrived we stood outside.i wasnt gonna let him come in to my empty room Ru: arent you gonna invite me in. Me: oh sorry i forgot my manners in your room. I said that imitating his bro.we laughed to it. Ru: im kidding i have to sleep now..its late..goodnight. Me: goodnight. He walked away and i got in and went straight to the bedroom and threw myself on the bed..i sure like him alot.i just slowly drifted to lala land without changing into my pjs.all i wanted was to sleep so that i can dream about my crush. Advice I didnt hear him get in but i felt his hands wrap around my body.. Tebza: are you asleep? I didnt answer..i was tired and needed to rest...he shook me and i ended up waking. Me: mmm kante keng? Tebza: im back babe Me: i can see that can i sleep. Tebza: kanjalo nje? (Just like that?) Me: im seriously tired.we will talk in the morning. Tebza: okay.. He took his hand off my tiny body and faced the other way..i was seriously not in the mood to play cat and mouse with him so i slept. The following day i woke up and he was sitting on the bed going through my phone.i stretched myself and yawned thinking that he will will panic but he didnt. Tebza: who is my better half? Me: huh? Tebza: dont act stupit with me..who is he? Me: good morning.not that i have to explain myself to you..but its not a he..and why are you going through my phone? Tebza: do you see 'a fool' written on my forehead? Im not a kid Advice..he is your boyfriend isnt he? Me: iyo..believe going to bath. I went to take a bath but he followed me and i went back to the bedroom.. Tebza: you dont walk away when im talking to you dammit Me: what do you want me to say cause when im telling you that its my friend Fortune you wont believe whatever and let me have my peace.. The next thing i saw was my phone thrown towards my direction and i was quick to move and it hit the wall and scattered all over.i had no courage to talk...maybe i pushed him to do that..i picked the pieces of my phone and put it together..i was using samsung galaxy neo..its small so it didnt break..just a small crack on the screen....i put it on the bed with tears threatening to fall and i walked to the bathroom.. Tebza: im sorry love..just that im jelous.i love you and dont want to lose you.. He was sniffing which made me believe that he was crying.i looked up at him and he indeed he had tears.. Me: its sorry i pushed you. He hugged me and went out..i took a bath.

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