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I was running so fast without looking was so hard on was like i was never meant to be happy in life.i thought meeting him would bring me peace of mind.i thought he was my knight in shinning amour.but no he has turned to be a beastsomeone i never thought he would be.his handsome face and his well built body is the opposite of his inner self.everyone sees him as a great person but that is not who he is behind close doors..he was running after me holding a knife trying to finish me off after he stabbed be 2times on my pregnant belly…i was shouting and screaming for help but no one dared to rescue me…just then someone took away the misery i was going through by waking me up..
Will: wake up its only a dream.
He held me into his arms..The monster that i am afraid to leave because i know he will come after me.
Life is a long walk with so many hurtful thorns i walk was never butter on the bread for me.i have endure words such as dumbdevil and all an orphan without both only living with my grandparents along with my aunt and her two children.they are from my mother’s side as i was told that my father’s parents abondened me after my father’s life has a huge scar that can never be taken grandparents and my best friend Advice are my only pillar that i can rest my head on and never stress about matters of this world..
My name is Advice and im a 22 years old lady…allow me to share with you my story of how life has been for me along with my friend Bontle who is also 22 years old.We are best friends but both with life that has too much burden for girls our age to carry..

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