Part 9 every tear is a waterfall

Godfrey walked back in and he handed me a few R200 notes.. Me: Thank you sir. Godfrey: its a pleasure.let me go before im late. Me: okay see you soon. He walked away. Our orders came and we started eating Addy: he doesnt look that old you know. Me: Ha.e Addy that man was my dad's friend so it makes him old.kanti keng? Addy: i was only complementing..cant you see he is yummy. Me: No maarn Addy find guys your age im warning you. Addy: Roomie just look nje.he gave us alot of cash and its way too much for the food we ordered.i mean we can even buy grocery that will last us 2months. Mxm that man is loaded im telling you.just allow me to make him my blesser. Me: i said no roomie..besides he will think we staged all tgis to milk him of his money..all i want is to find ny family.that man looks like a good man so please. Addy: okay fine.. When we finished eating we paid and left....On our ride back home we were quiet. The tiredness was kicking in. We were now walking to the flats. Hope: hey Bontle.. I turned around to see who it was.but Addy continued walking leaving me with Hope. Me: oh hey Hope Hope: whats with your friend? Me: I think she is tired. We are from Santon this moment. Hope: oh okay i understand. Me: i should also really tired. Hope: we should really get together sometime Me: we should... Hope: Okay i will contact i gotta go Me: okay. I went to the flat.i found Addy peacefully sleeping on the bed..cant blame her.she must really be tired...i looked at her for a little while.she is really beautiful.i dont know why she fell for a jerk like Tebogo...he doesnt deserve her just as Ru doesnt deserve me. We are just innocent girl who happened to fall for wrong people.. while in my thoughts Ru called.. Me: talk Ru: we need to talk.please come to my room Me: i not in the mood Ru: please sweetheart we really need to talk. Me: 4minutes. Ru: i will make it quick. I didnt know what he wanted so i went to his room. Me: start talking you have 3minutes left. Instead of talking he started kissing me..i wont lie i kissed him back but he tried to undress me and thats when i took a step back. Me: what are you doing? Ru: babe we bound to do this sometime... Me: im not ready to engage in such Ru: and when i go out there and seek for help from someone you act childish...who is supossed to give me pleasure if you dont..dont you think i suffer from erection..this thing hurts when its like this... He was only wearing his boxers so he took it off exposing his naked self..i covered my eyes with my hand. Ru: do you think i enjoy this huh? Me: i expect you to understand that im not ready. Ru: you are fucken 19 years old and you are telling me shit like you are not ready..why did you get in a relationship with me if you are not ready? You know what leave Me: what? Ru: i said leave my and i are done.this is not.going done trying to stick to something thats not worth it. Me: but i love you Ru: i love you too but sometimes love is not enough Me: we can work something out baby just dont do this to me. Ru: i dont know Bontle...i will think about it I walked out crying my eyes out.i took a long shower and slept with a broken heart.. The week went by so fast and it was planned that i was to leave with Godfrey to meet my partenal family.... It was a saturday morning and i was with Godfrey...we drove the and when we got there we were invited with a smell of food and one could tell they will be delicious.There was an old man and old lady sitting outside on the shade. Godfrey: Greetings Old man: hello my children...Godfrey is this you? Godfrey: yes it is me.. Old man: you can sit down. There were chairs next to them so we sat down. Two women and a man appeared and sat down. Godfrey: As i sent a message that i will be coming here because i have someone who asked me to accompany her here.uhmmm This young lady here is Bontle..she is Gregory's daughter Old lady: What? Godfrey: yes..she says she has been searching for you all along and didnt have any trace of you until She found me. Old lady: young lady who are you? Me: I am your granddaughter..i grew up being told that you abondened me..i wanted to find you so that i can ask what wrong i did to you all..what sin i have commited to me ill treated in this world..i have been molestrated all my life and i even wished that one day you will come looking for me but no you left me to suffer in the hands of those whom should comfort it my fault that i lost both my it me who killed them? I grew up being told im an orphan..i never wore expansive clothes like other kids..i was made to wear left overs.i sometimes went to sleep with an empty never came for never thought of me.Do you think dad is resting in peace when he sees me like this? Old lady: we didnt know you were suffering Me: suffering? I was suffocating in my own room.i was drowning in my own dont understand..i 19 years old girl lives to tell a tale of how life was cruel in the hands of abondened refused me.many girls would have commited suicide but as for me i remained strong...i knew God has a purpose for me... I was crying so hard i could take it any more..this people infront of me look like they live the holier than thou life yet they left me to suffer. Old man: We didnt know what to do back then.we were angry and bitter of our son's sudden death....your mother was his weakness.please forgive us my child..we will try to mend where.we can.we will fix... Me: fix? Whats there to fix? My heart is already shattered and it may never live broke hurt me. Lady: please my child forgive us. Godfrey: Please Bontle forgive them.they are family. Looking at them i knew they meant their sorry...yes i cant hold on to the anger that i have towards them. Me: I know its not going to be easy but we will walk it through.i forgive you..and i would like to have a bind with you... They came and hugged me.the even introduced me to my aunts and uncle.the ones that came and sat with was the elder one who is aunt Mary followed by Uncle Danny who was followed by my late father then the last born whom is aunt Tracy.. We sat there and got to know each other better..later on they dished us food and around 1 in the afternoon we bid our farewell and they said we will communicate using phones.They even insisted on taking my account number...... Godfrey: nice people dont you think? Me: They are i can see...they even look rich Godfrey: perks of having children who went to school and attained knowledge. Me: okay. Godfrey: since we checked out of the hotel amd its still early imma drive back. Me: im okay with it... 2months later. I was getting along with my partenal family and i was to visit them during the upcoming holidays since im not allowed to go back home..They even sende money sometimes to see myself through..Ru and i were okay and growing to be in love and we havent done anything yet..Bomtle being naughty she started flirting with Godfrey and they get along very seriously not gonna judge her shem..its not my place to do so...Every weekend she visits his house..They take pics and do everything partners was one friday night and she was away so Ru came to our room. I was wearing a towel and nothing inside because i was from the bathroom. Me: Hey what are you doing here? Ru: do i need a reason to visit my girlfriend? Me: oh sorry just that you didnt tell you were coming.. He came closer to me and started kissing me..he started touching me in sensitive places. Me: Ru stop. Ru: We wont do anything i promise. Ru is a man of his words.every promises he makes he abides by it..even though he did cheat a couple of times and i forgave him...he took off his pants and was left with his boxers.. Me: no Ru wear your pants. Ru: i wont do anything to you babe..dont you trust me? Me: i do but Addy might walk in Ru: we both know she wont be back here... He started kissing me and when he tried to make me lie on the bed i refused...he pushed me by force and spread my legs apart...i started crying Me: Please stop..Dont do this please. He was too strong for me...he took off his boxers with one hand and the help of his legs...he forced his way in my kittie a couple of time with no luck...i was crying but he wouldnt stop...he lastly succeeded and thrusted in and out until he finished what he was doing...i was crying and my voice was now faint...he wore his clothes and left...My boyfriend raped me. Addy I stole Godfrey's numbers in Bontle's phone and we have been communicating since then..he was a naughty guy but serious when it came to work stuff...him and i were having fun together. He didnt even think twice before spending money on me..thats because my sex game is tops.i make him moarn my name until he can no longer take it...i make him cry...I just show him just glad he is not married but just in a relationship with some boring lady who is into suits and all that shit.The only problem is that Godfrey is a jelous type of guy..he doesnt want me to engage in talks with other men.thata how most men arethey dont want to was a friday night and i was in his house..were just done doing what we love most and my phone rang. Godfrey: dont answer it Me: but its Bontle Godfrey: late kanje? I flashed the phone on his face so he can see its Bontle Me: see Godfrey: okay Me: hello Bontle: ca....can you back? Me: Whats wrong? Bontle: im just bored Me: Go see your bae..mina i cant come back now...maybe tomorrow. Bontle: *sniffing* oh okay. Me: okay bye.. I hung up..she is crying im sure..maybe he cheated again..thats his style vele.. Admin Cee I tried to make it long

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