part 9 a walk to remember

The following day i woke up to a bright beautiful morning expecially knowing that my bf's parents know me..atleast i didnt hear her shouting at him about him bringing alot of girls home.well this is not home so imma have to wake up and do just lucky cause the maids taught me alot..i got up the brushed my teeth and washed my face..i cleaned the yard and then washed the dishes...when i was done they were still not awake so i cleaned the house except for the rooms cause they were sleeping.Then i went around looking for the nearest tuckshop to buy bread and eggsbacon

baconrussians and vianas..wanted to make english breakfast for them..after a long time of wondering around i found the shop and bought the things then went back...they were still asleep so i made them breakfast...just when i was done Nathi entered. Nathi: mmm ku nunga kam'nandi apha Me: mmm thanks..where is mom and Lindo Nathi: still in bed but they will wake up cause your food smells good .im sure they can smell it. We shared a laugh. Ma: morning my kids. Us: morning ma Ma: it smells good in here.. Nathi: Boikano is making breakfast for us Ma: okay ke come Nathi lets sit outside in the garden Me: i will bring the food when im done we will eat outside together. Ma: okay. They went outside. Lindo: it smells good in here..lets see what we have. He wanted to pick a bacon but i took the plate before he did Me: behave yourself Lindokuhle Him: but babe i just wanted to taste Me: go join the rest in the garden i will bring the food now now. Him: not before i get my morning kiss.i didnt even hear you get out of bed. Me: because you sleep dead silly.. Him: did you call your brother? Me: yes i called him when we arrived yesterday and i told him i will call him today.i made a lie that the parents are away on a business trip. Him: you come kiss me. Me: ha.e babe you will get us killed by your mom. Him: okay princess... He went out and i took the food outside..they couldnt stop praising my food...people around here are nosey..they kept looking at us as if they see something different .or maybe its because they dont know me.mxm. Lindo: dont mind them..and oh i was taking to my cousin zamo and she said i should bring you over to her place.she wanys to get to know you. Me: but im okay with hanging out with you nje Lindo: babe you will get bored by me i tell you..i just want you to know some of my family members. Ma: thats true. Me: okay. The day went on just fine..i took a bath in the afternoon and then wore a yellow summer dress with flop flops i just wanted to be simple..Lindo did the same and he wore a yellow shirt and black shorts with flip flops ...his mother left for work in the morning and his Nathi was at relative's place.when we were done we walked out...on the way people were looking at us..some would smile and some would give a rude who cares..some girl stopped and started talking to Lindo. Girl: you didnt tell me you will be coming back babe. Lindo: hi Vuyiseka Vuyi: you hardly come home.dont you ever miss me. Who is she? Lindo: This is my Boikano.. Vuyi: hi Boikano. Me: hello Vuyi: is she your friend. Me: No im not his his girlfriend.babe can we go? My feet are killing me already..i dont even know why we are walking Lindo: come on love we are exercising Vuyi: it because she has an english accent?. So just because im not at the university you are in you go there and cheat with varsity bimbos...she is a gold digger cant you see? Me: Gosh lady are you still here..firstly im not a bimbo judging from how im a 10 to him and you are a 0..and secondly im not at varsity im in matric..and lastly i got all the gold i need so being a gold digger is out of the picture..before i lose my mind Lindo lets leave. Vuyi: hehe this trash doesnt know me ..this is my home village so you just dont show up here and talk to me in a rude manner... She took off her shoes in attempt to get in a fight with me. Lindo: Vuyi stop this are grabbing attention cant you see? Vuyi: i wana show this trash what im made of. She came my way and Lindo tried to stop her but she pushed him away forcefully causing him to almost fall but he didnt.yoh this girl clearly has powers.i just stokd there and looked at her coming towards me. Vuyi: you bitch. She gave me a very hot slap .my cheek was burning.i was fuming with anger but who am i to fight at an area im not familiar with. Lindo pushed her off and she fell.he grabbed my hand we marched away..she cursed us but it didnt matter..i was crying and Lindo didnt know how to make me stop.we got to Zamo's place and he explained to her what happend.she told him i will be okay he can leave..she spoke to me and even made jokes making me stop crying and laugh..i guess being funny runs in this family. Zamo: are you good? Me: yes im good. Zamo: so whats going on between you and Lindo cause he didnt tell me a thing Me: we are dating.. Zamo: you look alike with my boyfriend..he is Lindo's friend..Mark. Me: you are dating Mark Molefe? Zamo: yes..he even got me a phone so that we can always talk. Me: no wonder your face looks familiar.He always told me about this one girl he os down to earth for.he showed me your pictures. Zamo: you know him? I showed her my pics with Mark in my phone along with our parents.just the Zamo's phone was Mark. Zamo: hey love Mark:....... Zamo: im okay and you? Mark:.... Zamo: you wont believe who im with here? Me: *whispering* he doesnt know im here..dont rat me out. Mark:......

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