part 6 a walk to remember

I didnt wana argue with him so i sat down as i watched them leave.i wish i had a car.. minutes after they left Lindo walked in. Lindo: missed me? Me: and where have you been? Lindo: at my flat why Me: thought you also went out. Lindo: couldnt leave my girl behind.i came to cuddle you to sleep Me: does Mark know you are here? Lindo: he called and said we should go out and i said i have an upcoming test to study for. Me: nice excuse hey.. Lindo: yeah i somehow figured that he wouldnt take u along since you have been alot of trouble. Me: as if im the only 1 to blame... We went to my room to avoid Mark walking in on us unexpectedly.... We lay on my bed talking about random things.telling each other about our childhood was almost midnight and i was refusing for him to leave since he didnt come with the car even though he doesnt stay far. Lindo: if your brother finds me here im dead meat Me: you will leave early in the morning.he wont see you..i always lock my door. Him: are you sure? Me: yeah im sure...let me lock up. I went to lock the door When i got in bed we started kissing..the atmosphere was heating up...i was feeling intense on my kitty..i could feel his shaft here and there..i was so shocked when he took my hand and placed it on his shaft..yoh my babe had it big..i kept rubbing my hand on it while he took off my jumpsuit...he placed his hand inside my panty and started rubbing my clit..i felt something i never felt 'pleasure' i took off his pants n shirt....our hands did magic all over each other until he tried to insert his finger in my lil kitty. Me: whoahh Him: its only 1 babe Me: okay.. It felt so good i didnt want him to stop..i moarned as his finger moved in and out faster until i realised some liquid.. Him: did that hurt? Me: no it didnt.....did i just break my virginity? Him: whoah so you are a virgin. Me: dah i think i just said did i? Him: nop u didnt...wana try? Me: lol what a question you asked. Him: im kidding..i knew u were a virgin the moment met you..just wanted to hear from you..anyway im willing to wait until you are ready to let go of your virginity. Me: thank you.. We kissed and slept....we where woken up by noise in the house around 6am..loud musicpeople'voices...i made my way to the lounge locking Lindo in my room.found my brother and his friends wasted..they were even smoking cigars..perks of being rich kids..perfect opportunity for Lindo to leave using the kitchen door....i went to my room and he was already awake and dressed..walked him out and my brother and his friends didnt see him..we kissed and he left.i got back and and took a dressed in a black bf jean and black and white croppie and black and white airmax..applied my lip stick then made my way out...the gents went 'wow' on me and the ladies had jelousy written all over them. Mark: and where are you going all dressed up lil one? Me: out Mark: where? Me: complex Mark: with? Me: no one u know.. Mark: come tell me about him so that when he breaks your heart i can whip his ass. Me: bye... I went to kiss his forehead then left..he cant leave me the whole night and come back making noise and expect me to be okay with it..some where even shagging in the bathroom.mxm Mark: Princess come back are grounded. Me: BYE... I walked a distance then called Lindo to pick me up..he came and we went to eat breakfast at complex then after that we went to his flat...we started kissing and this time he was more romantic and i felt the need for him to enter me.. Me: i want us to try *whispering* Lindo: are u sure Me: yes...cant take this toture any more... He opened the drawer and took out a condom..mind u we were naked..he played with my clit using his hand and then he started rubbing his lil Lindo in my cookie..he tried entering me for more than 3 times and when he tried again he went in.i felt the walls of my inside breaking..i let out a scream and tears couldnt stop coming was painful....i held on my mouth trying not to grab unwanted attention... When he finally cum he took off the condom and he suggested we shower..we did just that and then got dressed...we lay on his bed and he was talking..i couldnt hear a single word he said cause i was thinking about what we did and the blood that came out.. Lindo: are you okay? Me:..... Lindo: BOIKANO Me: hey....hey im here Lindo: are you are very distant Me: yes im okay..was it normal for blood to come out? Lindo: *smilling* yes love it is normal.. Me: okay... When time went on i became relaxed and opened up to him...cant believe i found myself a boyfriend on the first week of visiting my brother and worse he even broke my virginity..we did the deed again twice and i was getting used to it even though it did hurt. Me: its getting late now..please take me back Lindo: okay..lets go.. He drove me back and parked at a little distance so that my brother doesnt see us...i got out of the car and went to his side and kissed him then said when i took 4 steps he said something and i stopped. Me: what? Lindo: walk show that you got chowed.. I laughed and gave him the middle finger and catwalked... I got to the flat and i didnt mind checking on Mark cause im sure he is sleeping the alcohol away..i went to my room to fantasise about what happened today..

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