part 4 a walk to remember

Boikano's POV the following morning i was woken up by a bang on my door. Me: keep it down..dont you know how to knock? Mark: outcomes of drinking Me: you can come in.. He walked in wearing black shorts

black vest revealing a tattoo and never thought he had and black timbers. Him: what were you thinking? Drinking at your age Me: im sorry..i was bored. Him: i will let you walk away with that going to campus.if you need anything call me okay Me: okay i will call..i didnt know you had a tattoo. Him: wanna see what its written? Me: yes please. My jaw dropped immediately i saw it.. 'Kano n mark ka jen n David' My bother sure loves his was written in a beautiful font..ncoooo what a loving brother i have. Him: like it? Me: i love it..i also wanna get a tattoo and have your name on it. Him: your future husband will have it removed little sis..besides i dont want mom and dad saying im a bad influence to you. Me: *giving him a puppy look* please obut'Mark please i really need a tattoo too. Him: i will think about it and get back to you such a nuincence. He kisses my forehead and left. I got out of bed and cleaned the flat.did his clothes which were dirty then made myself a simple breakfast.a knock came through and when i opened i was met by Lindo. Me: morning Him: morning.. Me: Mark is at campus. Him: im actually here to see you Boikano Me: talk im listening Lindokuhle. Him: have dinner with me Kano. Me: no can do. Him: please. Me: what do you want from me. Him: i want you..i want to be in a relationship with you Me: relationship Him: yes relationship.i cant hide the way i feel about you.its like love at first sight..i never felt about this for anyone in my life. Me: you know my brother will kill you if he heard you talk like that right Him: dying for pouring out my heart to you will not be a problem.. Me: as much as i would like to go out with you my brother will never allow it..and secondly i dont do players. Him: you can sneak out..and im not a player. Me: hahaha my brother always say that and trust me ke seja bantwana..uhm sneak out i will try but im not promising.. Just when he was about to turn around and leave my brother walked in. Mark: i forgot my........What are you doing here with my baby sis nja? Lindo: Was looking for you and she told me you aint around so i was about to leave. Mark: i got lectures..will see you later i just came to fetch my notes. They walked out together.its gonna be a long boring day..i went back to my room and scrolled through my phone..i posted a picture of me with my brother with the caption of 'daddy's blessings' and within 10minutes i had almost 1k..i wonder if people dont have lives to live..its not like we are celebrities or not gonna lock myself inside forever..let me take a walk...i wore a black bumshort and a lime green vest with black converse chucks..i took my phone and walked out. Guard: miss your brother said you shouldnt go far Me: yeah im just going across the street..will be back within 10minutes.. Arggggg Mark though.he fusses like dad. I walked across the street and i just felt the need to go have a look at his campus...i walked a little distance and when i got there i had to pull up a lie to the guards and they allowed me in..i spotted Mark's car where he parked it...the place was so huge.i walked around until i bumped in to some girls and they were starring at me...the came to me. Girl1: hi are you not thee Boikano Molefe? Me: ........ Girl2: it must be her...look how beautiful she is even in person..she even has Mark's eyes. Girl3: wow girl im a what are you doing here without guards... Me: do i really look like Boikano or whoever you are talking about cause i dont know her.. Girl1: come on girl we can see you are BOIKANO MOLEFE *screeming* She grabbed alot of attention and many students came rushing to me...geez im not a president's only from i regret coming here cause i cant get my way out of this croud..i felt hands wrapping around my waist.. Mark: show is over now give my little sister space to breath...look how ya'll are all over her like she is rihanna.... He pulled me by my hand and people made space so we can pass..we walked to his car and he drove to the flat in silent mode..when we got inside he stood at the kitchen counter and looked at me. Me: you might as well spill it out. Mark: what were you thinking? What were you doing there? You wanna get me in shit with the rents? Im starting to think bringing you here was a are such a headache Boikano a headache... He stormed out in anger and drove away.yoh im really becoming a problem to him now.mxm I fell asleep and when i woke up it was around 20:00 and my phone was ringing... Me: talk to me. Lindo: im on my way me outside in 10minutes. I ran to brush my teeth.then fixed my face....i carefully opened my door and went to check at Mark and he was sleeping..i carefully went out the door and lucky me the guards were sleeping..i found Lindo outside the gate.i used the small gate and went out..we sat outside at a little distance talking about life..getting to know each other. Him: so is it safe to say we are dating? Me: maybe.. We kissed and it felt awesome..time flew and it was 02:00 when i noticed police cars making its way to the flat... Me: oh shit im in trouble Lindo: oh no... Me: let me go.we will talk. Lindo: want me to come with you? Me: no it will make things worse. I perked his lips and ran to the flat..when i got there i was met by Mark's worried face.. Mark: where have you been? He spoke to the police and they left.. Mark: i was about to call mom and dad Me: im sorry i worried you Im in deep shit

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