part 2 a walk to remember

Days went by so fast.i wrote my exams and i was glad cause i wrote them my brother was coming home which meant he will be taking me with him.. I woke up early and took a long shower..i wore a blue bum short and a white shirt...wore my jordans then made my way to eat parents didnt know that obut'Mark wa kgutla (is coming back) so i wanted it to be a surprise. Me: morning family Parents: morning Dad: Boikano we are free today we can go to that shopping. Me: you mean the one i wanted as in 3months back? No papa i dont need clothes anymore Dad: i know we kept you waiting for a long time and we are sorry Me: its okay cool Mom: why the sudden change of heart? Me: i have self control this days mommy dear. I...... There he was standing at the dining room tall and handsome as always..his smile revealed his dimple..i stood up and ran to him.he hugged me very tight. Him: i missed you babe Me: not as much as i missed you.look at you you are becoming mascular. Him: joined the gym...morning royal highnessess Them: morning son. Him: it feels good to be home.too bad im not staying. Mom: what do you mean by that son? Him: im here to fetch Boikano.she will be spending her june holidays with me queen mother. Dad: thats not happening.. Him: uhm i wasnt asking dad.i was letting you know.atleast be glad im even telling you. Dad: im the head of this family and my word stands Him: if you only took 1 day just 1day and made time for her to go buy her what she needed maybe your word will be taken but poor child had to call me crying her lungs out.. dad this child need your love but all you both do is run up and down with meetings.we have to grow on our own. Mom: we are creating a legacy for you..mpney is needed Him: we dont need your money..all we want is your love and i understand why i was home schooled and why she is ho.e schooled.its you guys avoiding parents meeting and all that just couldnt create a time for us. Dad: i didnt know you felt that way Me: its true daddy you are giving us tough love Dad: okay its fine you can leave with her but please take good care of her. Him: *smirk* i will pops i will. Mom: tata are you going to let them blackmail you like that? I really dont know whats wrong with this family ai nxla... I ran to my room and packed everything i will need..Mark drove us back to his flat..its 2hours drive but with a wreckless driver like Mark it was an hour drive..we got to his flat and i got off the car. Me: do you really wanna kill me? Him: stop being a drama queen babe.... Some girl came out of the flat wearing clothes that reveal alot on her body. Her: babe i have been calling you but you didnt answer.where have you been? Him: i went home.what are you doing here? Her: im your girlfriend what kind of a question is that? And who is this trash you are with She looked at me up and down with a disguisted i give a fuck. Him: *angry* if you fucken dare call her that...bitch i will show you hell to live with Me: babe strong language hle Him: sorry babe..lets go inside. Her: babe? Mark are you cheating on me? Him: get lost.. He held my hand and we got inside..perks of being a yonger sister.he will always choose family over hoes.inside i was smiling Him: since its still early let me take you out. Me: i could never say no to that... Him: come let me show you your room. He took me to a very neat room i took a shower first and wore above knee designer black dress with stilettos and took a clutch bag...i found him waiting for me wearing all black with brown timbers. Him: looking wow sis Me: thanks dont look bad yourself Him: now lets took alot of time in there hey Me: im a lady brother..i gotta take my time. Him: women though. See Mark also takes his time just that i never complain to him.. We went to town and we ate at M&B then did clothes shopping.then later on he said we are going to a really not a party type but he insisted..we got back to his flat and i freshened up..I wore black boyfriend jeans with a black top matching with Mark then i also wore my brown timbers. Him: i swear if you dont come out of that room i will break down this door and dra..... Me: *opening the door* ready now lets go... Him: you are wearing matching clothes with me Kano Me: so? I want your bitches to jackie chan me.*giggling* Him: you such a drama you know that?.lets go.. We went out and he drove us to the was so cool and not ghetto. Me: i smell royalty in here Him: you mad.just that this is the most expensive club so not everyone comes here. We went to the vip section were there were 6 guys of his age and 7girls.yoh niggas are cute.he greeted them all.some of the girls were giving me nasty looks. Him: babe are my friends.this is johnkagisoOmo lemolindokuhleBrian and Dan..and the ladies areLebolesegojennyonthabisitsekellyfaith and christina. Guys this is Boikano. Them: hi Me: nice to meet you. He took a sit and since it was full i sat on his lap... Lindo: hmmm so Mark my man you found yourself another one? Mark: this one im gonna marry.*smirk* Kelly: same old line you use on every girl. Mark: and you happen to be one of them.but unfortunately this one is gonna meet the rents. Me: babe i need a drink. Him: you mean juice right? Me: yeah i dont mind. He called the waiter and told him that he will be drinking the usual and a 100% juice for me.all along this Lindokuhle guy was stealing glances ant me.i felt uncomfortable.he was so hot..but not hotter than Mark And somehow Mark noticed Him: Lindo stop starring at my are making her uncomfortable Lindo: there is something about her..she is different and i wonder what it is.and i think i have seen her before. Me: you are mistaken dont know me at all.. I couldnt let him realise that Mark is my brother. We stood up and hit the dance floor.i needed to use the ladies and after i did my thing and was about to go out Kelly and Onthabisitse came in Kelly: you better stay away from him Me: who are you reffering to by 'him'? Nthabi: Mark.he is kelly's. He is only gonna use you and go back to her like he always does. Me: well that will be his choice hey. Anyway i would love to stay and listen to you but babe is waiting for me. Kelly: gold digging bitch. Me: heela bathong did u just call me a gold digger? Actually a bitch? They clearly dont know who i am.i walked out nxla i aint goin to intertain them cause i should be the one calling them that. Mark: what took you so long? Me: nothing you know us girls..let me go back to ait can continue dancing i will be okay Him: okay... Back at the VIP section Lindo followed me...

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