Helvetica sans-serif; font-size: 14px; text-align: center;">Im Boikano Molefe…. a medium compectionkinda girl with short hair. The second and last child of king David Molefe and Jeniffer from Botswana.i have never really had friends cause when you are from royalty you are not allowed to associate with commoners..even though i always wanted to experience a normal life for once..its really a bore to home studied and all that shit..but lucky me im 18 years old and im doing my matric…atleast i will get to experience life the following year when i go to so eager for the year to end but it feels like it dragging.and oh i have an annoyinginsecure and overprotective brother thee Mark Molefe the heir to my father’s throne..he is 2years older than me and he so annoys brother is way tall and handsome.whenever we go shopping girls throw themselves at him and yoh hai nigga is full of himself with so much self confidence.see he is wild ever since he went to varsity and everyone knows and thats what worries tata.he thinks he will ruin the family reputation.

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