part 40 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

RENE I felt like he took a knife and stabbed on my heart a million times without remorse.It felt as if he was betraying me because i need him now more than ever. Me: When are you leaving? Leo: I was supposed to leave today but i couldnt miss picking up Ora from tye hospital so thats why i decided to leave tomorrow. Me: I really dont want you to go Leo: I will come back babe do worry. Me: I will miss you. Leo: Come see me off tomorrow since Patrick said he hired a stay in nanny to help you with Ora. Me: He said that? Leo: Yes and apparantly she will be coming later today. Me: Thats amazing.She will be of great help Leo: So will you come? Me: Yes i will.Wouldnt want to miss seeing you. Leo: If it was possible i would spend the day with you. Me: Dont leave.Just stay here with me.You will leave later on. Leo: This is another man's house Rene we cant do as we please.. Me: We can ask him if its okay to take Ora with to your house so we can spend time together. Leo: That is much better. He held my hand and we went to talk to Joe's dad. Pat: She is still fragile though she is strong..I understand you want to spend time together before you leave but dont worry we will call you if she starts being trouble.Besides in a doctor..Just go and have fun.But please dont come back pregnantyou are my daughter now so that mean you are my responsibility. Me: I promise i wont. I went to kiss Ora goodbye and we left. Me: You know ever since Hail said she is coming she never made it here. Leo: Did you call to ask why? Me: That a great idea. I called Hail: Hey Me: Hi..Where exactly are you? Hail: Been busy lately with Philip.You know how he gets..But its confirmed that i will be coming this week i promise. Me: You better not do me like last time. Hail: Girl i was on my way but had to turn back because of Philip.This guy will be the death of me. Me: Okay girl we will discuss this tomorrow when you get here then Hail: Okay. I hanged up.I wasnt gonna tell her that i have a child It will be a surprise. Leo: You see now you know why. Me: Yeah and all thanks to you. Leo: The pleasure is mine.Anyway lets get to have fun today. Me: I plan to do just that. Leo: We are gonna take alot of pictures and videos.Laugh alot and make love alot of times I laughed when he said that.Is it safe to sleep together a month after birth? I suddenly became uncomfortable. Leo: Whats wrong now? Did i say something bad? Me: No but is it safe to sleep together? I know i didnt have stitches but is it safe? Leo: It is.i googled everything. I laughed Me: you are weird. Leo: You dont plan to starve me forever are you? Me: I didnt say i plan to mus. Leo: Good.Now what was i saying? He continued planning out our day.. Leo: Now lets cook and when we are done we will watch movies. Me: Whats on the menu. Leo: Braai papbeef and some gravy. Me: How about i make a special salad instead? Leo: Hmmm that would be nice. Me: But it tastes better when its stored in the fridge overnight. Leo: As long as its made by you it will taste better whenever. Me: You just saying nje. Leo: Lets get down to it. Me: Imma need certain ingredients so we have to pass by the shops first. Leo: Lets go then woman.. He took his wallet and car keys... LEON It was really gonna be hard without her.She still looks so innocent just like the first day i met her crying.When i told her im leaving and she shed tears i knew that she loves me just like i love her.She doesnt look like the type that fakes being hurt.Hers is real. Rene: You should stop stealing stares at me.I have a daughter to raise so dont cause an accident. I smiled. Me: You mean we have a daughter to raise right? Besides im the one who named her afterall. Rene: Yeah exactly that. I parked at romans pizza and we went to pic and pay..When we passed by american swiss she started blushing. Me: And then? Rene: I can just imagine myself someday wearing a diamond ring. Me: So you do think about marriage? Rene: Which lady doesnt? I wana settle down someday. Me: Lets get in and check them out. We got in and a lady introduced herself and asked what we would like. Me: Can we please see diamond rings. She showed us alot of them and Rene said she doesnt like any.Then there was this other beautiful one which even fit her tiny finger. Rene: This is beautiful.i like it Me: Maybe one day when i think of marriage i will buy it for you.Now lets go. We walked out to pic n pay.She was busy with picking ingredients. Me: I have to make an important call i will be back. Rene: Dont take forever phela. Me: I wont. I went back to purchase the not gonna proposeIts just a promise ring that i will always love her.This is also part of marking whats mine so that fuck boys can stay away.


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