part 39 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

TANISHA Its clearly visible that Joe is still into Rene and im not gonna let that happen on my watch.Joe is mine and there is no way im gonna let that bitch have him.We have survived this before and i know we will survive it now.All i need is to come up with a plan to eliminate her for good.I may be young but my mind is very mature.It wont take me months to get rid of her. Its been a week since i came back home and Joe has been acting off.He doesnt call me or text.Im the one who always does that.His excuse is his daughter.I mean it doesnt take him all day at the hospital.My gut tells me that its that Rene bitch getting her claws on my man.Now its time i go ahead with my plan. RENE Its not gonna be an easy road to walk upon with Leon and Joe on each other's throats but this is one road im willing to take.Its about me this time. Its about my happiness.I have to stop pleasing other people and focus on me.My child would want to grow up to a happy home.She would want to see me happy all the time.Im glad i made peace with Joe because i dont want to someday look at Oratile and hate her.He is somehow part of her and thats the honest truth.Lord knows i would be more happy if my happily ever after was with Joe but then destiny had other plans in store for us all.Leon is a great guy and i know he will treat me with love and respect. Leon: Are you okay. I smiled at him Me: Im more than happy.This is what i want

to be happy.I have spent most of my life in pain and sorrow watching my gran fall sick every now and then.After her funeral i was glad because God gave her peace.He ended all her suffering even though it was through death.But little did i know that my aunt will abuse me both physically and emotionally.But it is through her deeds that i met you.Even though im not happy to say this but it is also through Joe that we met.If he didnt hurt me that day we would never have met..Im happy with you Leon.. He looked at me all puzzled. Leon: Where is all this coming from? Me: From the bottom of my heart Leon: you know it and i really think you know it that i will be yours and i love you.Firstly i have done all i did because i love you.The love in my heart i will never forget or throw away.. The way this guy talks i swear he is selling me dreams. Leo: Are you ready? Me: More than ready Today we are taking Ora home.Its been a week with us making ups and downs going to see her at the hospital and she was fully okay hence we are taking her home.Im in a car with Leon while Joe is with his father.Joe is officially not talking to me because apparantly he cant accept my relationship with Leon because he is still inlove with me which is something i will not intertain.Im happy with this handsome man of mine.He is matured and not in this for games.Im a mother now so running up and down in relationships is something im not gonna look for. When we got to the hospital Joe's dad fixed all paper work while we were busy with Ora. Joe:She will be riding with us. Me: Im not gonna argue with you Joe.She will be with me. Leo: Its fine Rene he can take her with.We will meet at the house. Joe: Dude do you always have to be around? I mean right now it seem as if you are in a relationship with all of us.Give us some family time. Rene: He is family so he aint going anywhere.You better deal with it. His dad came and said we were done..We took Ora and she was riding with Joe while i was with Leon.When we got to the house we waited for them to arrive and when they did i took her and went to her nursery room.I breastfed her which was hard and painful because she was sucking my poor breast.Today is the second day and im still not used to it. Joe: I can never get too tired for this. Me: You such a pervet. I gave him a serious look Joe: I wonder if she feels what i felt when i sucked them. Me: Go away Joe... He still stood there and i got up and went to sit with his dad and Leo and he came after me. Leo: Can we talk.I have to leave. Me: Okay follow me. We went to my room with Ora in my arms.He took her and sat on my bed.Yes Joe's dad blessed our relationship because Joe told him that he has a girlfriend so there was no use blocking my happiness aswel.Besides he even realised that Leon is a matured young man with good intentions..I took my phone and i took pictures of them.I took my selfie stick and took pics of us together.We looked like a little perfect family. Leo: I love them.They are beautiful. Me:I love them too. Leo: I love both of you Me: We love you more. A knock disturbed our talking. Me: Come in. Joe opened the door and when he saw Leo holding Ora his expression changed. Joe: I came to take Ora Leo stood up and handed him Ora and sat on the bed again.Joe walked out and closed the door. Leo: That boy has issues. Me: Too much issues. Leo: Come sit next to me. I did as said.He held my hands Leo: Uhm babe this is not gonna be easy. Me: You are scaring me.What is it? Leo: There is a business deal i have to purchase for one of my businesses. Me: You have businesses? Leo: Yes.A man has got to keep busy.Im not planning on working at the mines forever. Me: That is nice. Leo: I wish you say nice after i tell you what i want to say. Me: Keng? Leo: The deal is in overseas so i have to go there for a month or two or even three. My eyes popped. Me: What? Thats too much and that is far. Leo: Its really a good deal.If i dont go then i will never get another one like it. Me: There is no saying no to this is there? Leo: I will skype you everyday..I will call you all the time. I frowned. Leo: And i will leave my house in your care..Whenever you need an escape you will go there.My cleaner will be going there to clean every two days in the week. Me: I dont want you to go.I dont feel good about it. Leo: Babe i will come back.I promise. Tears fell.Him and i dont even have a month together together but he is already leaving.What will become of me? He wiped my tears and we hugged. JOE When i saw Leon holding Ora while she slept in his arms i became jelous.My reason for going there was to make peace but i changed my mind when i saw him with my daughter..This guy wants to take everything away from me. I took Ora and stood outside the room listening to them.I really thought they will bad mouth me but instead they said things that were music to my ears.He will be miles away while i warm my way into her heart.


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