part 9 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

NISHA Me: Im what? Dad: You heard me right..There is no way im letting you get away with it. Me: You cannot do this. Dad: Okay then lets do this..Tell us why you wanted to take your life? I felt a lump on my throat.How am i gonna explain this one out? Dad: START TALKING DAMMIT!!! *shouting* Me: My boyfriend is inlove with another girl. Dad: What? So all this stupid act is because of a boy? Are you stupid Tanisha? Where did you get this stupidity from? Leon: Can there just be peace. He said that walking in the ward. Leon: Hey kiddo... Me: Hey Leo Leon: I missed you so much. Me: i missed you too. Leon: So doctors when can my patient go home. I know he said that just you crack their heads.You see my parents are somehow scared of Leon in a way..He always knows how to make them stop being controlling. Dad: Dont play that card with us Leo. Leon: What? You are the doctors here not parents aint you? They kept quiet. Leon: What does one have to do to be explained the situation around here? Im asking when my patient can come home docs.. Mom: Since she seems okay she can leave.But suggest we keep her here until tomorrow just so she can see a phsychologist. I gave him the puppy looks so that he can bail me out of this Leon: Nop Im sure my little sister here will not allow to talk to a stranger She will confide in me and tell me exactly what the problem seems to be and we will deal wit it togethere. Mom: Since you say so. Leon: Now doctors if we are done here you may be excused i need to have a private moment with my sister. Both my parents were now fuming with anger.I know my brother can be funny and all but to pull this act on them was just out of this world. Leon: Go change into your clothes so we can leave. Me: So we are not gonna wait for the to discharge me? Leon: Your parents will attend to that so can you stop wasting my time and go change. Ohhhhkay now my brother has changed to be rude towards me.It all spelled that he was angry at me. I got up and went to change into my clothes..When i was done we just up and left. He drove us stright home...i went to my room and it was cleaned..there was no longer blood.I took my phone and went to join Leo who was in his room busy with his laptop. Me: Can we talk? Leon: Its can we please talk? And go back to the door and knock first before throwing yourself in like its your boyfriend' room. Yoh this guy was all salts on me.I walked to the door then knocked until he said i can come in. Me: Can we please talk? Leo: Yes..come sit on the bed. I went and sat Me: Are you somehow angry at me? Leo: Since when do you date Annie? Yes Leo calls me Annie Me: I only started dating few weeks back Leo: And already you want to kill yourself for the dickhead? Leo can sometimes be more of dad than mom. Me: I love him Leo. Leo: Love him my left foot.Wtf do you think wena? What is it that we are not doing for you? What is it that you dont get here at home that you go out seeking love in wrong places? You are still a child amd you think its okay for you to date at the age of 15? Girls your age are focused on school and you are busy chasing boys.What has got into you? Do you think you will end up being a biomedical engineer while you are busy chasing after dicks at your age? Let me tell you something here little girlLife doesnt work like that.It wont throw ice creams at you whenever you want.Boys will just fuck you up and leave you with a broken heart.and guess what he will go for the next available skirt and going about it as if you never existed in his life.Do you think when you are dead that mother fucker will stop eating or dating? News flash Annie he will go about it like you were nothing leaving us your family who happens to love you so much to hurt and cry for you..I swear when i heard that all this was for a boy i regreted rushing you to the hospital.i should have left your selfish ass to die Annie.Now get the fuck out of my room before i fuck you up and kill you for good now akere you have a death wish. * I cant explain how i feel at the moment.Leo's words just hit home.He was right.Joe's life doesnt revolve around me and even if i die he will not care at all..His life revolves around his Rene and it always will.all i am or was is a side chick who never got the message clear enough to accept that he is or was not mine at all. RENE. I was still puzzled as to where gran was.i swear my gran better be alive.What will become of me if she is no more.It is evidently clear that my other relatives gave no shit about me because i dont even know them.It was always me and gran.I swear gran better be alive else i will die aswel. Hailey: Calm down sure its nothing big at all. A nurse walked in as we were busy thinking as to who to ask about all this. Nurse: Excuse meHow may i help you? Me: We are looking for my grandma who was at that bed when i left her this afternoon. Nurse: Oh you must be the famous grand daughter she was talking about.. Me: Yes can i see her? Nurse: Unfortunatly she passed on two hours back but she asked me to hand this to you. My ears became deaf at an instant.She was talking but i couldnt hear a single word.her lips were moving i could make out what she was saying. Me: No you must be mistaken....Not her please. I cried out so loud that im sure alot heard me in this hospital..I cried so painfully..I have never cried like this in my life...I have never know pain until now..It felt like my heart was being taken out of my chest...It was just hard to digest.The nurses tried to hush me but i couldnt.i was beyond hurt i swear...Hailey was now also sobbing.My cry was just painful...The nurse gave Hailey's mom pain killers for me....Her hand was on my shoulder trying to walk me out.. She didnt take me to my place but to their home.I was to share a room with Hailey. I got there and went straight to her room since i know my way there...i threw myself on the bed and cried my eyes the time i was calm my head was pounding..i took my phone and called Hailey. Her: Im only in the lounge babe. Me: Pain killers from your mom. Her: Coming right now.. I then called Joe. Joe: Naledi moratsana ya'ithobileng. I giggled a little bit but ended up crying Me: Hey. Joe: Okay whats wrong now. Me: She is gone Joe.gran passed on. He let out a loud sigh. Me: I feel lost.I somehow feel like this is the beginning of my heartache.Where do i go from here? Who do i run to? Joe: Where are you? You cant be alone at a time like this. Me: Hailey's place and tomorrow i have to be at home.apparantly the family will be here. Joe: I thought you had no other family. Me: So i also though. Joe: I will be there on friday love so that i can attend the funeral. Me: Okay.. Joe: i will keep in you. Me: I love you. I hung up..that soothed my heart a bit.Hailey walked in with a plate of food and a glass of water with pills. Hailey: At your servive mam..Eat before so that you dont drink pills on an empty stomach. Me: im not hungry. Hailey: Just a little bite babe... I was not gonna argue with her about this so i took a few bites and then drank the pills... I got inside the blankets and cried myself to sleep..

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