part 6 the signs of a crazy baby mamma

After giving him his phone he just turned and left..He had that intimidating look on him..But who would blame him? He told me to have my limits since he got a girlfriend.What was i even thinking answering his phone last night and to even give Val his phone to answer.. Val: girl whats wrong? You are so distant Me: The same guy i gave up my virginity to last yesterday didnt even greet me. Val: Honestly speaking that guy of yours is bad news..He is rude and heartless nje.Tell you what just ignore him and see if he will even hard to get...just dont be too willing and throwing yourself at him. Me: If you were also like that then i would really know that it works. Val: trying to help and you are being an ass. Me: Im just stating facts but anyway i will try. * * It hurts being inlove with someone who is in love with someone else..I have spent all my life seeking for attention but never got any.Its only now that Joe is giving it to me and im screwing up big time... I sulked big time the whole day and later on went home sad..we used the taxi and Val was being talkative as ever and i didnt even intertain her...When we got to our crib it was a little walking distance.. Val: Rene come on now you cant sulk all day...Where ever he is im sure he is in a happy mood and you gonna let him ruin your day. Me: You just dont get it do you? I love him and yes i screwed up.He is the only person who is giving me attention after my brother. Val: Im giving you attention. Me: Its not the same Valerie..I love him and he makes sense to me. Val: Now i regret introducing you to him..He is just making you a cry baby.He is making you weak.. Me: I dont care..all i know is i love him and i want to be with him.thats how bad he matters to me. I walked faster leaving her behind.i got home and went to my room and just forced myself to sleep. JOESEPH After preparing everything the cake being delivered i went home to bath.I got to the bathroom and took a quick shower...i then wore a black jean with a long sleeve black shirt along with jordan sneakers.I went to the lounge.i found mom and dad arguing..Its always a fight when these two are in one place.Mom was even crying. Me: Dad sorry to disturb..can i have that phone. Dad: We have a family meeting tonight at 8 so you better be home by then. Me: Ohhkay.. He handed me the plastic. I wonder what its about I just went back to my room and wrapped the phone with a present wrapper and put it inside a gift bag.I walked out heading to Rene's house. I found Hailey and Rose walking in aswel. Me: Hey did the plan go accordingly? Rose: Yes.anything for you lover boy. She blowed me a kiss.mxm this girl thinks i will fall for her kanti im not even close to having a single feeling for her.. Hailey: The teacher said he will give her a punishment that will make her stay behind for a little longer so its already 6 so im sure she is on her way back. Me: Then we better walk in before she sees us. Rose: You should have called me to come and help you with the decoration Me: Her gran helped out. A few of our classmates came and we were all gathered in the sitting room waiting for Rene to arrive..We switched off the lights just so we surprise her. RENE. I walked home in a slow pace...My birthday just got ruined by my friend..i would have expected it to be Joe not Hailey..I got home around 6 and i was damn tired.lights were off and it was kind of scaring me.What if my gran is not okay.what if something happened to her.What if her sickness got bad and she couldnt do anything..Alot of things were running on my mind...I increased my pace and i just budged in.i switched on the lights 'SURPRISE!!!!!' The loud noise somehow frightened me but when i saw the familiar faces along with gran my heart was at ease.All this for me.the room was beautifully decorated.The cake on the table with my name on it.It was all too much..It was like i was in a dream..In my life i have never had anything like this.I havent been celebrating my birthday..I noticed Hailey and she gave me a wink..At some point i knew she got me i trouble at school because of this...It was all for a good cause.Tears rolled downno matter how amazing this is there is just some people missing here and those are my parents. I wanted to run to my room but all these people are here for me.They came to wish me well in life Joe: Come now birthday girl take a seat. Yes im still angry at him but i cant show him infront of all these people expecially Rose knowing how much she wants to get her claws on my man...Hailey gave a speech and handed me a gift which was a watch with a bracelet written bff then a locket shaped love and when opened its my picture on the other half and her picture on the other half.and so did gran and she gave me that phone she gave me in the morning..Then when it was Joe's turn i wondered what he was gonna say. Joe: When i first met you i somehow knew that you will one day be mine..It was hard getting through to you but you somehow let me in.You allowed me to break that high wall you built in order to not let anyone in..I know the past few days i havent been my best but i am a better person now and i want to change my wrongs. He handed me a box which was a bit bigger than the one my gran gave ne. Joe: Im tired of always waiting for you yo steal gran's phone so that i can call that in there is a matching phone with mine. Everyone cheered and i was so happy.i mean his phone is expensive and beautiful... I took out the phone and gran's phone and waved it in the air. Me: I guess you and gran think alike. Gran: We do now dont we. Everyone laughed Me: Thank you all so much for all this.I mean i hardly celebrate my birthdays so this is just something big for me..Grandma i just hope Joe is not taking my place in your heart since it seem like you are growing fond of each other..Im your only grandchild remember that. They all laughed. Joe: Jelous much. Me: Anyway lets all have fun and enjoy. They sang for me and i cut the cake.Joe was taking a video all along and later on around 8 people were gone only Joe and gran said she was tired so she went to bed. Joe: So did you enjoy. Me: What do you think? Joe: Yoh whats with the sudden mood change? Me: O sfebe Joe Joe: What? Me: I called you last night and a girl answered.She was even mean. Joe: Babe i can explain Me: Explain what exactly? You wana lie to me once more? Joe: Babe i was at home last night.i forgot my phone at town. Me: With who? Is it her?. Joe: It was only because i went to end things.when i left i forgot my phone. Me: Dont lie to me Joe. Joe: Im not.i came by your place last night.I stood at the gate for hour and you didnt come out so i left. It suddenly clicked in.The person who was at the gate last night..He cant be lying about this because i told no one about this. Me: Was it you? There was someone at the gate last night and i got scared and went back inside Joe: It was me....I was feeling bad about not being able to see you. Me: So you and her are over? Joe: Yes babe im done with her.Im all yours. Me: Promise. Joe: I promise you babe. His phone rang and he answered. Joe: almost there...okay . Me: You have to go? Joe: Yes we have a family meeting. Me: Okay..thanks for everything. Joe: I will call you on your gran's phone..please do charge your phones.. Me: Okay then i will wait for your call. He baby kissed me and left. JOESEPH I ran home and found everyone including Philip.I just sat down and looked at them. Dad: Okay since we are all here then i can talk. Mom: you dont have to do this..We can work it out. Dad: Shut up and let me talk. Phil: Dont talk to mom like that. Dad: whatever..anyway your mother and i are filing for a divorce. Me: What? Why? Dad: Do you want me to explain to your kids why or you will do that? Mom just kept quiet with tears rolling down her face. Phil: I knew you were a coward.why are you running away from this marriage? Dad: Well im not gonna lie to them and let them blame me for sins that i never committed...I cannot continue to stay in a loveless marriage.Your mother has been cheating on me for a long time I have tried to keep quiet about it but she doesnt stop..Its even hard because she is doing this with my best friend who is also a lawyer.Everyone is laughing behind my back because of her.My reputation and dignity are stepped on because of i am divorcing her and im moving to Phalaborwa.i got a job there at Maphutha Malatji Hospital.. I was shocked and hurt.How could mom do this to dad.How could she tear the family apart like this..Dad is a doctor and mom is a lawyer.. My question is what will happen to us? What will happen to our family. Me: What will happen to us.. Dad: We have decided that i will take you with me and your brother. Phil: Im not going anywhere with you..Who do you expect mom to stay behind with? I dont care what she did.she is also a human being and needs to be loved with her mistakes.And wena Joe you are not going anywhere Dad: Well then you can stay behind.But dont expect me to leave him behind.Where i go he will go. Me: but? Dad No taking you with me..They will influence you in a life of infidelity and i wont allow that. Mom: My son is not going anywhere. Me: Isnt this my choice to make? Mom: Keep quiet wena.what do you know about choices when you are still young?. Dad: Dont talk to my son like that.

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